Astrix - as reviewed by Neutral.

February 13, 2019
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Best Psytrance album so far. This is a game changing in the history of the scene.
Everytime i listen to it, it surprises me and i get astonished by the maestria of Astrix.
The transitions are unpredictable and the album in general doesn't fall in weird and unecessary manipulations and breaks.

Astrix - clockwork30

October 26, 2018
edited 7 months ago
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I agree with Antic here. There are better Full On album out there, this one is mainly getting famous because of Marketing, Commercial Appeal and Production. Apart form that nothing ground breaking or new here. Mainstream and far from being a jewel.

Astrix - as reviewed by alibot

January 15, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
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Agree with positive reviews about this album - an absolute psytrance treasure chest. Many many years of blissful listening will be experienced from these tracks. Amazing stuff and timeless release from one of psychedelic music's godfathers!!!! ..... So I've now listened to around 10 times, and was compelled to come back and add to my review. This album in my belief will certainly take its place as one of the top psytrance releases of all times. I certainly understand why there has been a 7 year hiatus between Astrix's previous release and this one. Even if I had an entire lifetime I would not be able to create such a meticulous, cohesive and stunning 9 tracks. It's the kind of music that never becomes background, it compels you to listen and each listening takes you deeper and deeper. Thanks Avi Shmailov - a crown jewel in the psychedelic music genre.

Astrix - He.Art MusicalManiac

December 30, 2016
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Nothing more to say a great album and a jewel of psytrance. Seriously represents everything from the psytrance ... psychedelia, depth, surround sound, in short psytrance. Highly recommended for any lover of the genre.

Astrix - as reviewed by antic

October 6, 2016
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Wasn't really grabbed by the samples but some reviews I've read and several weeks in top spot on Psyshop's TOP100 list convinced me to purchase it... Should've trusted my instincts, though :(

I mean it's fine, prog-influenced full-on with jumpy & swing bass-lines, triplets, serviceable melodies, tribal chants, acid lines, lots of breaks & build-ups, etc. ...but there's so much nothing in there! There are stretches of emptiness, when literally nothing is going on, as if he accidentally muted some tracks on the mixer / sequencer... It's also pretty sparse and bare bones musically, i.e. the chord progressions are very predictable & overused and you can usually tell the change from miles away. Many of the samples we've heard on numerous world / chill CDs already and number of them is really annoying (i.e. countdown in Spanish or aeroplane sound engine as a build up - really?!?!), changes in tempo / measures get on the nerves and constant fading / filtering in / out of certain elements quickly gets tiresome...

If you're looking for something similar - a prog-influenced melodic full-on - but better, try U-Recken's "Flames of Equilibrium" that even if not perfect is miles ahead in style and execution.

3/5 on a good day.

Astrix - Neutral.

February 13, 2019
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Like seriously. I never seen a more outrageous review like this one before. I don't think a better Psytrance album exists (even the one you mentionned) or will exist anytime soon.

Astrix - He.Art Jaol

October 5, 2016
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Artcore was a milestone in psytrance, now He.Art is crushing it. Pure gems in sounds, nice and deep vibes, a wonderful voyage! This guy is above everything made in trance. Simply the best producer ever in trance music! This is a must have in your collection even if you are not fond of psychedelic trance.

Astrix - He.Art becky79

March 19, 2016
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Truly a Masterpiece - High Qualitiy Sounds - every Track is a own story - Thanks!!!