Got Me Puzzled5:00
Dhutty Jancrow5:16

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    Cover of Got Me Puzzled, 2003-05-12, VinylGot Me Puzzled
    12", 45 RPM
    2000 Black – 2020 BLACKUK2003UK2003
    Cover of Got Me Puzzled, 2003, VinylGot Me Puzzled
    12", 45 RPM, White Label
    2000 Black – 2020 BLACKUK2003UK2003
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    • shadesofjae's avatar
      It's now INDEED 2020 (check the label #) and the world STILL ain't ready for this.......
      • spaghetti-legs's avatar
        Edited 8 years ago
        found a copy of this in the dollar bin today. keep digging, friends
        • dylaf's avatar
          Being a fan of Dego's solo projects and early collaborations going riiiiiiiiiiiiight back when, I found it a not so smooth transition into the more soulful moments- I'm a soul man through & through, but Dego's beats when he gets nasty are a different type of soul all together & one barely rivalled (pony Dub-steppahs- listen). With Kaidi Tatham, here and as Silhouette Brown, you just can't let go of or deny the almost invisible, subtle draw these tracks hold over you- softly powerful soul and utterly original.
          • Standard_And_Grooves's avatar
            Edited 17 years ago
            One of the best records Kaidi and Dego produced together. It's all about 'Got Me Puzzled' a magic, hoovering track with Face and DTX singing a tiny hookline over a broken but still grooving beat. There was always a full length vocal version announced, which never saw official release.

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