Dow Jones And The Industrials ‎– Can't Stand The Midwest 1979-1981



Hoosier Hysteria
What's The Difference? 1:58
It Ain't Good Enough 2:22
Set Yourself On Fire 2:05
Malfunction 5:20
Dude In The Direction Field 2:18
Rocking Farmers 2:36
Hold That Coed 1:48
USA 3:10
1981 7-inch EP
Can't Stand The Midwest 1:27
Let's Go Steady 3:24
Indeterminism 3:48
Mental Disease 1:52
Straight A Students 2:17
Latent Psychosis 3:07
Never Too Stoned To Disco 5:31
Damage 2:25
Don’t Complain About Muzak 3:01
Ladies With Appliances 2:25
Remember Your Manners 2:33
USA (Demo) 2:10
Bite It Off 3:29
Me Generation 3:24
Ralph Crowe 0:54
Live At Third Base, Indianapolis, Indiana, Sept. 28, 1980
American Fat 3:33
Bobby Brite 2:29
Theme From Bluegill 4:11
Mental Disease 2:52
Louie Louie 2:40
Latent Psychois 2:55
DVD: Live At Third Base, September 28, 1980 - FV73
Ode To John Bonham
Surf's Up
Set Yourself On Fire
Louie Louie
Bobby Brite
American Fat
Let's Go Steady
Theme From Bluegill
It Ain't Good Enough
Can't Stand The Midwest
Latent Psychosis
Dude In The Direction Field
Mental Disease
Rocking Farmers
Hold That Coed
What's The Difference