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August 29, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
referencing Work It Out (Remix), 12", RTTT51

Old school HHFD at their best! From the first Indian woop, this song pumps with classic early 90's rave sounds.

Air raid sirens are lightly layered under hip house raps with a positive message. A clever Zsa Zsa Gabor sample highlights the bridges between verses and the chorus. The songs title comes from an interesting, if somewhat rough, use of a Tears For Fears song.

The two mixes differ greatly. The Brotherhood Mix is more in line with HHFD's harder rave sound. Reminiscent of "Total Confusion", this take is mean, nasty, and truly noisy. With a very pronounced classic breakbeat driving the track, you're sure to have everyone's attention.

The Love Party Mix has a breakbeat, too, but really its placed in the background under a more steady house beat. This mix features a more melodic approach, complete with a beautiful piano. It bounces along quite nicely, filling the dance floor with absolute certainty.