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May 11, 2019
referencing Hey! Hey! Can U Relate, 12", TP, WAP 4R
The tracks on this version are the Deep Space Mix (vocal version of the Sunshine Dub that appears on the Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove compilation), Funky Mix (unreleased but appears on the Ozone white label), and the Sunshine Dub, which appears on the standard retail version of the Warp 12". The version on the retail Warp 12" is actually from the same plate as this test pressing, though the R on the run-out groove has been scratched out.


September 30, 2018
edited 5 months ago
referencing Hey! Hey! Can U Relate, 12", WAP 4
The 2nd version with the white border on the label was a mid 1990's(circa 1995) repress of 500 copies that to the best of my knowledge was made exclusively for Watts Music distribution in the USA in stock purple Warp sleeves. Watts were a massive import distributor at the time. When this record was released in 1990(Warp version) it was never properly distributed in the USA and thus most shops including mine did not have it the first time round. My brother(Frankie Bones)& I were one of the few dj's in USA who had this record. Rob Gordon's Sunshine dub was massive with us, One of our faves from 1990. Bones's copy was bought in the UK and my two copies were given to me by UK dj Andy Caroll. Then down south DJ Icey was playing it for a long time creating so much demand in the Southern US market years later that Watts were able to get Warp to repress 500. I must say I'm surprised this record is still flying under the radar with all the hype on old school from this era. Sunshine Dub is pure nasty hypnotic acid breakbeats.


December 13, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
referencing Hey! Hey! Can U Relate?, 12", Promo, DJ FON T18
Killer breakbeat / uptempo UK rap record that dropped in 1989 on FON but was picked up by Outer Rhythm/WARP. This was an early underground rave jam and holds up well. Luke Vibert does a great remix on the WARP 10 year compilation - can you relate?
-- Does anyone know what mixes are on the original 4 song FON pressing with red label? Is i the same as the Ozone pressing (also with 4 mixes). I'm assuming the remix (on the b-side) on the WARP promo is exclusive to that pressing.