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June 5, 2016
referencing Cold Civil War, 7", Ltd, Yel, PPR076

I just got this album in the mail and awaited with anticipation for it. Knucklehead, for quite a few years now, has been my favorite melodic street punk band. They have that classic sound that some TKO bands like One Man Army had back in the day. I will tell you there will likely be a lot of Knucklehead reviews coming from this webpage now that I have been reminded just how much I really like them.

I am going to start this review on the b side of the single. Riots And Tears is a song about hockey. Shocking that a band from Canada would do a Hockey song! I am very happy that it is not a song about soccer violence or how tough their Firm is. I am a big fan of hockey and specifically the Vancover Canucks, so, selfishly, I enjoy a song talking about bringing the Stanley Cup back north and the return of the Winnipeg Jets. Some songs come off a little cheesey when bands sing about sports, but Knucklehead avoids that by the strength of their song writting ability. I would not say it is one of their stronger songs but is is still good and better then a lot of shit out there these days. So for the true hockey fans out there, grab a beer and rock Riots And Tears.

This single is worth its weight in gold for one song: Cold Civil War. Hands down one of the best songs I have heard in god knows when. Their sound is catchy and classic and their lyrics on this track are sharp and honed into a weapon. I find it funny how a band from Canada sums up how I personally feel about the state of politics and goverment in The United States for the last twelve years. I guess they may have the same problems up north as we do down here. I like that this band does not rest on typical lyrics. The end of the song is great, the singer really delivers the goods. In just two listens you will find yourself singing along to the chorus. I find it refreshing to hear a band capture how I feel so clearly.