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Loud Sounds Dopa Part I 34:35
Loud Sounds Dopa Part II 35:46

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May 17, 2012
referencing Loud Sounds Dopa / Live In U.S.A., CD, Album, Ltd, Num, EDP-003
Artist C.C.C.C. Title "Loud Sounds Dopa / Live In U.S.A."
Tracks "Live Sounds Dopa #1"; "Live Sounds Dopa #2".
It doesn't pay to prejudge a record now does it? I assumed this would be a shouting, screaming Thrash album, but instead it's more akin to the Pure Noise fraternity - copious amounts of cacophonous noise heaped into fuzz-melded masses. It's a fused, mad, amalgam of migraine-inducing ear-scorch. The various members clearly attempt to inject some degree of structure into the track, with out-of-control synthetics, but overall it's an elephantine ear-blisterer which pushes everything into the red, offering no asylum from it's insanity. Subtle? As an 'A' bomb solution to a domestic argument. And it has a kind of isolating effect in that it takes away every other auditory reference point even at a modest level of volume. Over a short stretch - say a single - this might have a lot more appeal, and the distance between one level of soundmass and the next would not be so long.
If you like raw noise then this may appeal to you. It's Industrial by default - it sounds like the factory where tornados are made - no - it sounds like it comes from the environment where hurricanes are tested! Imagine being in Dresden when we Brits decided to flatten it (hey, war, y'know, forgive and forget) in a bubble of physical safety, able to witness the destruction with all your senses, but without the risk of physical harm. Or Berlin at the end of the war, with the Russians blasting away at the city with thousands of tons of explosives every hour. Or, as this is a Japanese recording of a Japanese band, think what it would have been like to be a first person witness to just one bomb, dropped as the decisive moment in WWII, and indeed the 20th Century. Being in that bubble, beyond harm, but witness to that moment when mankind's dubious innocence was forever raped of it's (long gone) maidenhead. I detest the liberal attitudes of this society we live in - the guilt of the gutless who would have us enslaved by any wannabee oppressor. What's done is done, there's no turning back the clock. But there is accountability. And with the sound of the Hiroshima bomb still ringing in their ears, the Japanese are helping us experience what it was like to be taught such a hard lesson. And maybe we all deserve to experience C.C.C.C.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.