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November 3, 2015
referencing Inner Instincts, CD, Album, NLC30042
"It is all from my baby" samples the vocal from the disco classic "Is it all over my face" by Loose Joints


June 28, 2013
edited over 5 years ago
referencing Inner Instincts, 2xLP, Album, NLC004

A1: House /Techno. Draws obviously from both Chicago and Detroit but even more obviously from 808 State. Vintage sounding with beautiful warm synths, fine vocal samples and 808 bassline line. But seriously this is a Pacific 808 reboot. Blindingly good one though. [GOLDTEN]
A2: House/Techno. (insert blasphemic outburst here). He's at it again with the Pacific 808 reboot on the intro and outro. While many of the qualities of the A1 are put to good use again here it feels more leaden and hard work for both yourself( and Brian). Decent at other times but in the shadow of A1 (and Pacific 808) it pales. [SEVEN]
B1: House. A bit too upfront and filtered to be the deep house track that lies in it's DNA. There's no doubt a fine groove at work here and it holds your attention subtley and impressively. The sound of DJ Sneak meets moodymann. [NINE]
B2: House. Again the upbeat funkiness battles with the more laidback deep house sound. Another damn fine groove teased out with class. The straight 4/4 breakdown is it's only black spot. Sneak vs moodymann round two with Derrick carter as the ref. [NINE]
C1: Deep Jazzy House. Gorgeous deep house chordy and a little jazz synth work on top. The straight 4/4 that slightly marred B2 returns and really is at odds with both the musicality and groove of the track, also given that the track ends abruptly further nags at you that elements in this piece were incorrectlt used. [EIGHT]
C2: House/Techno. Distinct Detroit/KMS sound to this peppy number. Immense vintage synths and light noodley synth work. Nicely layered and paced this is a bit of a puzzler. This should be nothing short of outstanding. Maybe despite the range of sounds it just doesn't go big enough, maybe i'm in a funny humour. One I'll have to come back to but for now...[NINE]
D1: House. Laidback spacejazz. Nice vintage piano lead with some light spacey synthwork on top. Lovely groove. Sit back and enjoy. [NINE]
D2: House. Big pumping vintage sounding, electric piano lead with retro female vocal samples. Lush chordy synth gives a nice groove. Probably could go bigger to be a true stonker and there's another one of those dead 4/4 passages before comes back with a wallop. A re-edit and this would be a bomb. [NINE]


March 10, 2011
referencing Inner Instincts, 2xLP, Album, NLC004

Have to say that It Is All From My Baby makes this LP! I still rock that track to this day.


December 22, 2007
referencing Inner Instincts, 2xLP, Album, NLC004

...Representing that which we have come to associate with detroit but which was conceived in Chicago: a guiltless embrace of machine language. We know deep down that House music is contradictory and childish. It tends to romanticize acoustical language, the drum, and the spoken word. This naivety is what Techno sought to challenge. The profoundness of early Chicago house pioneer, Larry Heard, lies in his radical insight into language as a radical anomaly. In his music, the otherworldly is returned to what by habit has been naturalized. His house music was other-worldly from inception. This is Chicago.

Most of us don't realize how much of a debt techno owes to Chicago. Inner Instincts is such a reminder.

For mixing and transitioning from the banal to the extreme. In the vein of moodyman and theo parrish.