Fathers Of Sound ‎– Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 3

The release came with a choice of three different coloured flowers on the clam-shell box, with Red, White & Green available, there was also a choice of finish on the clam-shell with one being a Matt finish with the flower embossed, the other being a Satin Gloss finish with a flat flower.


Black Magic Freedom (On And On Strong Vocal Mix) 8:53
Maydie Myles You Got Me Forever (KLP Jam) 5:36
Beverlei Brown On And On (Happy Clappers Full Fat Mix) 6:12
Naked Music N.Y. City* I'll Take You There Part 2 (Tee's Master Mix) 4:49
Booom!* Keep Pushin' (Original Mix) 5:57
Sandy B Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish Around The World Remix) 7:35
Joi Cardwell You Got To Party (Gomi's Lair Club Dub Dub) 4:56
H²O* Featuring Billie Nobody's Business (Bees Wax Dub) 6:42
Furry Phreaks Soothe (Vocal Mix) 6:04
Thelma Houston I Need Somebody Tonight (Dave's Fierce Dub) 4:04
Persuasion The Bone (Latin Power Dub) 2:55
Inner City Your Love (Serial Diva Paris Is Burning Mix) 6:22
Sarah Washington Heaven (F.O.S. Vocal Mix) 7:25
Love Solution U Got To Live In Peace (Velvet Mix) 4:47
Mila Show Your Feelings Inside (Studio 32 Dub) 5:31
Sabrina Pope* We Got The Love (Unreleased FOS Mix) 5:31
Love Tribe Stand Up (Alcatraz Robs The Bank Mix) 5:46
Surreal Happiness (F.O.S. Remix) 8:08
Justine Be Sexy (F.O.S. Sexy Dub) 6:53
Hustlers Convention Final (Orange Park Vocal Mix) 8:16
Michelle Wilson Never Ending Source Of Love (Ivan Deep Dub) 4:46
Judy Albanese Take Me Over (F.O.S. Renaissance Dub) 5:45
Plux Over And Over (Angel Moraes Vocal Mix) 4:59
Gigi D'Agostino Sweetly (Ipotetic Version) 5:01
Blade (4) & Liam J. Nabb & Simone Fabbrioni* Talking About Power (Groove Rider Mix) 5:52
Cine City Are You Sure Joe? 4:41
Andrea Mendez Bring Me Love (Mark Picchiotti Mad Boy Dub) 9:04
Kamasutra After Tea Dub 8:48
Sharon S Gimme Your Love (F.O.S. Guitar Dub) 5:17
Francois Kevorkian* Moov (Angel Moraes 'Hot And Spicy' Remix) 6:54
Sol Brothers Believe In Me (Full Throttle Mix) 6:23
T-Move Experience Time (Alex Neri Planet Dub) 5:45
Miss Bliss Best Thing (F.O.S. Obsessive Remix) 7:00
Natural Born Grooves Universal Love (Club Vocal) 6:45
Patrick And Julie* Dominate Roll Track 4:56


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May 6, 2019
referencing Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 3, 3xCD, Ltd, Mixed, Whi, RenMix3CD
CD3 Track 4, accordingly to the vinyl I own is actually the Dreaming Time Mix not the After Tea Dub https://www.discogs.com/Kamasutra-Storm-In-My-Soul/release/135443


July 5, 2017
referencing Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 3, 3xCD, Ltd, Mixed, Whi, RenMix3CD

I think this is one of the most underrated Renaissance albums there is. It's just a mix of good old fashion house music which is mixed well. Back in the day I would have hated this album because I was all about prog house and prog trance, but now that I'm older my taste in edm has changed so now I can really enjoy listening to this. I can do without some of the diva vocals but they're not to bad, all in all a fine comp from a once great label.


January 26, 2016
edited over 3 years ago
referencing Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 3, 3xCD, Ltd, Mixed, Whi, RenMix3CD
Great to 'come up' to. Never got the chance to hear FOS in a club, but I imagine they sounded great warming up before someone like John Digweed. That Andrea Mendez dub is just amazing, one of the best House tracks ever made.


October 29, 2014
referencing Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 3, 3xCD, Ltd, Mixed, Whi, RenMix3CD
I agree with all the below comments. The mix collection 3 on the whole is a very fine affair, lots of deep house, US style diva-ish vocals but most are in dub form and not full songs, tough tribal rhythms ala Angel Moraes styles, european grooves (euro doesn't have to mean cheesey) and slightly trancey progressive house but obvious boring, ploddy prog it ain't. For the time it was very cool and sexy. As with all old mixes it has a few tracks that haven't dated well but in 2014 is still worth a listen to hear where house music has been. These cds pre-date tech house and you can certainly hear that starting to emerge in these tracks, big basslines, sexy and hypnotic grooves and the sparse energy of techno. I think CD3 is my fave and still sounds very current. This will continue to be one of my fave DJ mix compilations and every so often I pull it out and give it a spin. Far better than boring, soul-less and funk-less minimal.
Fathers Of Sound also did an amazing remix of Simply Red's - Money's Too Tight to Mention, check it out.


September 22, 2012
edited over 7 years ago
referencing Renaissance - The Mix Collection Part 3, 3xCass, Mixed, Box, RENMIX3MC
You can hear the pops and scratches from the record on Disc 3 Track 6, Classic. It's great cause they were probably mixing it live, unlike most mix CD's that came out later. I love it.


December 8, 2009
edited over 8 years ago
referencing Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 3, 3xCD, Ltd, Mixed, Whi, RenMix3CD
This third "Mix Collection" is the most "vocal house-oriented" of the four Renaissance releases. However, is a perfect representative of the house music preferred by the dancing crowds in the middle 90's. Music a-la house divas, warm synths, lots of organic percussion, sexy voices and chunky melodies, all of them make a perfect journey to the less "progressive" side of progressive house.

House music may have changed a lot during the years, but this album doesn't sound dated at all, in fact it sounds a lot "fresher" that the first two Renaissance Mix Collections, and... even the fourth. And of course, there are lots of underground tunes, as it's usual in the series.

People who have enjoyed the housey side of the first Mix Collection will definitely find a similar sound here, but even if you have darker preferences, this album will set the mood for you. All in all, this is a solid record that doesn´t dissappoint.


June 19, 2003
referencing Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 3, 3xCD, Ltd, Mixed, Whi, RenMix3CD

This was a brave diversion from the proggy/trancey stuff I was expecting, but, I've got to admit, even though i was a bit against this kind of gentler, vocal housey stuff, it's actually very good. Each CD builds to a euphoric finale. Tingles down the spine stuff. Doesn't everyboby like that feeling?