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The Story of Discogs

Discogs is the world’s most comprehensive recorded music database, marketplace, and community. Millions of consumers visit Discogs every month to catalog and value their Collections, create Wantlists, share ratings, and purchase physical copies of their favorite music from the Marketplace.

The Largest
music database

At Discogs’ core is the Database, a trusted source for information on artist discographies, physical music formats, detailed pressing data, item value, and more. The Discogs Database is created and maintained by a global community of passionate contributors and is celebrated as a wealth of music knowledge available on the web.

In the Database

1 Million

1 Million

1 Million
Master Releases

1 Million

Source: Discogs

A Global Music Marketplace

Millions of music fans from every country on Earth rely on Discogs to research, discover, sell, and purchase sought-after physical music. Buyers and sellers use the Marketplace across borders, connecting collectors with coveted albums as they support their favorite record stores, artists, and labels.

In the Marketplace

1 Million
Vinyl Records

1 Million

1 Million

Collectible Formats

Source: Discogs

The No. 1 online destination for music buyers and devoted collectors around the world


Connect With A Passionate Music Community

Discogs captures the attention of millions of music fans every month as a top 10 music and media website and top 500 most-visited online destination. Music lovers, collectors, and sellers are all on Discogs. And the best part? They keep coming back for more.

Monthly Traffic

0 Million
Registered Users *

1 Million
Visitors **

New Visitors **

Returning Visitors **


Tap Into A meaningfully engaged Audience

The most dedicated community of music fans are on Discogs, and they consume content and information differently than on other websites. The Discogs audience digs deeper — spending more time exploring the knowledge in the Database and searching wider for new music in the Marketplace — and is more likely to stick around and visit again.

Average visits

1 Million
Page Views / Month

1 %
Bounce Rate

Compared to 47% Internet Avg.

1 Min
Per Visit

Compared to 3 Min. Internet Avg.

1 Pages
Per Visit

Compared to 2.6 pages Internet Avg.

Source: Google Analyatics, 2022

See all walks of life, all around the world

Discogs’ community of avid record collectors is composed of much more than stereotypical aging rockers and audiophiles. Every age-group is represented in Discogs’ audience, and the youngest and oldest generations are its fastest-growing segments. Discogs serves a diverse group of music fans and collectors who all seek to connect deeply with their favorite artists, genres, and recorded music.


18-34 y/o

35-54 y/o

55+ y/o





N. America


APAC + Other


Discogs has been cited more than 300K times on Wikipedia

Music Industry


Who listens to your music is crucial. When you share your message is just as important. Discogs is where your brand can deepen your relationship with fans.

Discogs audience metrics show the level of engagement with artists’ pages and releases extends well beyond a new release announcement or drop date. Fans keep coming back to Discogs during notable moments in the lives of their favorite artists, such as birthdays, press events, and album anniversaries. Optimizing your campaign to include these notable moments throughout the year continuously engages music fans, resulting in powerful sales and traffic increases.

Audience album Engagement events

Engagement after album announcement

Engagement after album release

Engagement after artist birthday

Engagement after album anniversary

Source: Discogs
(Data based on average traffic lift in 2021 for 16 popular artists: ABBA, Billie Eilish, Black Sabbath, Daft Punk, Diplo, Doja Cat, Ed Sheeran, George Harrison, Ghost, Halsey, Justice, Kendrick Lamar, Khruangbin, MF DOOM, Taylor Swift, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Actual lift varies based on artist popularity and audience share.)

“Discogs has become a vital resource for record collectors and the music industry.”

– The New York Times –


Partnership Opportunities

Year Round

CD Bins

Record Stores

Discogs’ Record Stores destination helps music fans discover independent shops worldwide, support local record stores, and connect with stores selling in the Marketplace. Engage your brand with a dedicated audience of music lovers who are excited about vinyl.

person pulling vinyl record sleeve out of a shelf


Discogs Digs helps fans on a journey of music discovery. Align your brand with music and gear recommendations to take the listening experience to the next level, including popular new albums, artist spotlights, audio products, and vinyl maintenance how-tos.


A picture of an orange record spinning on a record player.


Digs offers a variety of listening suggestions, from essential additions for the collection to trending new releases, reissues, and rarities. Your artist, project, or product can join the Discogs conversation about music discovery.

A moody close up of a record player arm.


Influence the quality of music lovers’ stereo systems. Help Discogs create a suite of gear recommendations, educational guides, and maintenance tips within Digs that will help the audience build the perfect audio setup to match their lifestyles.

discogs independent record store directory preview with store profile

Independent Record Store Month

Independent Record Store Month is a celebration of record stores and a platform to strengthen the connection between fans, shops, and your brand. Your participation in this program will directly support small businesses around the world.

A stack of vinyl record sleeves

Record Store Day

Record stores have a tremendous impact on the vinyl community. Celebrate Record Store Day by helping music fans discover trending releases, connect with individual sellers worldwide, and support local record stores.

“Discogs is an endless source of musical inspiration”

– vinyl collector & seller on discogs –



Connect your campaigns to a passionate audience.

Discogs offers a range of advertising, editorial, and sponsorship, and solutions that deliver results for global brands and the music industry. Solutions include Segmentation and Targeting, Display Advertising, and Sponsored Editorial Content, and Artist Alerts and Partner Messaging.

Display Advertising

Reach the millions worldwide visiting Discogs daily with optimized display advertising campaigns. Using animated or static creative across our stack of products, Discogs can customize your advertising approach with contextual targeting across multiple devices and platforms, increasing your brand’s awareness among the Discogs Community.

Example of Display ads on the release page for Neon Bible by Arcade Fire

Artist Alerts and Partner Messaging

Artist Alerts are unique to Discogs and a powerful tool for record labels and artists. When an artist drops new releases or shares new content, connect directly to fans and deliver highly contextual, text-based direct messages to active Discogs users who already have that artist’s music in their Collection or Wantlist.

A screenshot of an example email that fans receive with they are signed up for Artist Alerts.

Storytelling is the most powerful communication tool for any brand. Engage with Discogs visitors by tapping into their excitement for music discovery with customized editorial content. The soul of Discogs is the authentic voice that music fans trust when seeking out the music they care most about.

A desktop screenshot of an article featuring Discogs Sponsored Content opportunities. The Article title reads "Hearing Daft Punk's Trong" Legacy Soundtrack Through a Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

Segmentation and Targeting

Find the consumers you are seeking with Discogs data and targeting. Tailor your campaigns by customizing segments around music genres or artist affinity targeting while also incorporating behavior, content, or audience targeting to exceed your campaign goals.

Discogs offering of Audience Segmentation and Targeting using Black Sabbath as an Example


Discogs Partnerships