Erasmo Carlos

Real Name:Erasmo Esteves

Erasmo Carlos / Erasmo Esteves was a Brazilian singer, musician and songwriter born on June 5, 1941 in Rio de Janeiro - died on November 22, 2022. A core member of the Jovem Guarda ("Young Guard") scene of 1960s Brazilian pop-rock, Erasmo often appeared on television, in magazines and feature films with fellow teen idols Roberto Carlos and Wanderléa.

His collaboration with singer Roberto Carlos is certainly the most successful in the history of Brazilian pop music, both in terms of sales and in terms of re-recordings, made by artists from all over Brazil. With Roberto Carlos, Erasmo wrote over 500 songs. Please use Roberto E Erasmo Carlos for writing and arranging credits with Roberto Carlos. , Wikipedia , Wikipedia , Imdb , Facebook , YouTube , X
In Groups:Renato E Seus Blue Caps, Roberto E Erasmo Carlos, Snakes (9)
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