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Yoko Ono SylSkunky

13 de julho de 2021
editado 10 months ago
I've been listening to Yoko Ono for 40 years (Double Fantasy) and I'm still discovering certain aspects of her work that I passed by. Recently, it was the ONOMIX double cd that blew me away. Since then I collect her remix 12" and the good surprises are numerous. Yoko Ono is unique and fascinating.
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Yoko Ono musicdiana

28 de março de 2022
Same here the club stuff and remixes are great stuff from Yoko Ono ....

Yoko Ono SylSkunky

5 de dezembro de 2021
I'm just a french guy who use google translate )))

Yoko Ono quirkwork

18 de novembro de 2021
Why do you say "his" when referring to Yoko? I hope to god you don't think yoko is a guy!!


9 de dezembro de 2020
editado about 1 year ago
Endless love to this genius! Those who hate her don't accept the archetype of woman she represents, fierce, strong, proud and smart. She's the only one that really protected the image of John. Her music is fantastic!

Yoko Ono modisc

19 de outubro de 2020
Yoko Ono is a genius !!! she was already in the press in the 1950's before John Lennon was even doing music !! and a member of the Fluxus movement... I Love Yoko !!!

Yoko Ono as reviewed by maxal

25 de julho de 2020
editado about 1 year ago
YOKO ONO is a brilliant artist, musician, advocate for peace, humanitarian etc etc. It is interesting how she can attract such fiercely opposed views: of loving and loathing. Thankfully, the below (Discogs thread) doesn't reflect too much of the negative side.

The polarisation in ONO appreciation is not only revealing on the basis of the simple truism of people having different taste in music and art. The weird thing revealed (sort of funny, but also disturbing) is some are guilty of POLICING, dictating the limits of what they think good art (music) should be - that there is only one opinion, their own. Implying if a work of art is not liked on a personal basis it is not valid, which of course displays a profound ignorance: given people like different things and when there are clearly so many other people who do appreciate the art in question. + surely music . . . rock, punk . . . is all about freedom?

Such narrow and singular approach to the appreciation of art and music is a blindness, death to art. Art, amongst many things, is about varieties of expression, the exploration of the infinite human soul and resulting expression. A good civilisation allows the cultivation of variety in art (a fascist state, as example, dictates, kills the creative voice as reflected in some of the negative opinions). When some are spewing certain shallow statements, they are stating more about themselves than the object they pretend to represent.

Yoko Ono is a genius with her exploration and expression of her own soul, of humanity, hope, life and politics. There are many (including John Lennon of course) who know this of Yoko and love her work for it. John Lennon was attracted to Yoko because of her deep awareness and success in the art world. Yes, setting aside the beautiful aspects of which there are many, there are odd things in Yoko’s work, some very odd things, some difficult things, I’m not going to go into details here. The point is, including the odd and the sometimes ugly, Ono’s art is part of a more COMPLETE picture of reality, a bigger vision than many other artists choose or dare embrace.

Some assume 'taste' in art / music is a gift or simply a part of an individual’s identity, that it can elevate their character. “I have good taste”: there is a measure of bland pretentiousness in such a claim to ‘taste’. “I don’t like that”: in reality is not a boast, it is a setting of parameters, it is a clear declaration that that person lacks the ability to appreciate the piece, it is an ignorance.

[Negative criticism is useful, but some of the below, for example, is not proper negative critique.] Thank you YOKO for your wonderful art, some of the most beautiful, soul-searching and personal expression to exist on this earth.
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Yoko Ono gary4

28 de julho de 2020
Nice one, maxai.

It doesn't take much to bring out the inner despot, as we can see happening right now on a global scale.

By the way, I find that these good people help considerably to counter the BS that threatens to engulf us all



And of course


All good clean fun, tee hee


Yoko Ono Crijevo

10 de dezembro de 2017
Her finest music work seems to be evident in the music of those she inspired. As for Yoko, well, hail to the godmother of outoftune.

Yoko Ono johannheyss

25 de maio de 2017
My hero. Yoko's the best. Her music is so important to me! With her I learned to be myself always, no matter what people think. A true force of nature, one of the greatest artists ever.

Yoko Ono pezolaga

24 de outubro de 2016
Although this is a bootleg. This record should appear in the list of Yoko Ono albums. I found it by chance here in Discogs:

Yoko Ono jai23

15 de novembro de 2014
Love her, never mind the ignorant comments from the "dad rock" element
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Yoko Ono poneromusikologist

16 de março de 2015
Sick and tired of status quo shmucks who praise Lennon but can't identify with him enough to think of why he appreciated Ono's work.
They're the same camp who would complain about Neil Young's voice if he was female and Avant-Garde.
Ono is an important progenitor of FREE ROCK and her "PLASTIC ONO BAND" is excellent as is the majority of her catalogue.

Yoko Ono BalooDP

23 de outubro de 2014
One of the worst voices ever be on a pop record. The only hit she ever came close to having was "Walking on Thin Ice" because Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles used to spin the record back in the day.
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Yoko Ono Mart_the_tart

10 de novembro de 2015
Good job she never did "pop" music then as her contribution to rock music is outstanding

Yoko Ono alexschiavi

2 de dezembro de 2013
Yoko Ono is for sure one of the greatest avant garde (unknown??) musicians. I think that she is like a Japanese-American Stockhausen! Yoko Ono is a music and art genius!

Yoko Ono dionisisth

27 de agosto de 2013
If it hadn't been for Lennon,no one would know she even existed.
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Yoko Ono satanicholas

6 de março de 2021
also you could just as easily say: if it hadn't been for McCartney no one would even know Lennon existed

Yoko Ono satanicholas

6 de março de 2021
editado about 1 year ago
counter point: if it wasn't for yoko ono no one would still care about lennon, discuss

Yoko Ono cgsines

18 de fevereiro de 2018
she was well known as an artist before they knew each other

Yoko Ono Mart_the_tart

10 de novembro de 2015
Do be so ignorant. She had many an exhibition in top gallaries before meeting Lennon. Also she was one of the main contributors to the the Fluxus movement so she WAS well known in intelligent circles.

Yoko Ono satkomuni

26 de março de 2014
If it hadn't been for Lennon,no one would know she even existed.

Innit! And thank God that happened, because she is just as brilliant. We're blessed to have had both of them.