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Record Store Day 2023

Record Store Day is synonymous with exclusive new music, limited-edition variants, and special reissues. The annual celebration inspires music fans like you to find these coveted records in shops. This year’s event is on Saturday, April 22, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Make the most of Record Store Day 2023 by discovering new RSD…

Popular RSD 2023 Releases
More Trending RSD 2023 Releases
RSD Exclusives, Reissues, and More

What is
Record Store Day?

Record Store Day is an annual event featuring limited-edition vinyl releases from popular artists and labels. Availability will vary greatly depending on where you live or shop. Your favorite record store — whether it’s the local brick-and-mortar or your go-to shop on Discogs — will request titles, but that doesn’t guarantee the store will get enough for everyone who wants one.

The very nature of Record Store Day creates exclusivity. Since every item is a limited edition, the demand is going to be a lot higher than the supply.

Depending on the release, the value will appreciate over time. However, the initial drop price on the day of the event is typically standard for what you would pay for a special format (like a picture disc), a box set (especially those collectors’ versions), colored vinyl, or a deluxe reissue. The cost tends to be more expensive for titles with fewer copies or more goodies.

Check out Record Store Day for more information about the 16th annual event on April 22, 2023. Discogs is not affiliated with the RSD organization but we agree with their mission of bringing more people into record stores.

Coveted RSD Releases
Death Grips Government Plates vinyl cover leaning against a shelf filled with other vinyl records


Most Expensive Record Store Day Releases of All Time

The priciest RSD releases sold on Discogs include special collector’s box sets and rare singles.

Tyler, the Creator vinyl cover leaning against a shelf filled with other vinyl records


Most Wanted Record Store Day Releases of All Time

The ranking is determined by how many collectors added the records to their Wantlists.

preview of the certified independent record store badge on a discogs seller profile

Shop record stores on Discogs

Look for this badge to find record stores that sell online with Discogs. You can buy records from independent shops even if you’re thousands of miles away – and each purchase directly supports the record stores you order from. When browsing for the RSD releases you want in the Discogs Marketplace, you’ll see the Certified Independent Record Store badge to the right of the sellers’ usernames.

New to record collecting?

Discogs was developed by collectors, for collectors. No matter where you are in your collecting journey, Discogs has everything you need to build your collection and connect with the music you love. By signing up for a free Discogs account, you can purchase items from independent sellers, build a wantlist of the records you need, and catalog your collection to discover how much it’s worth!

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