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How You Can Support Record Stores On Discogs

Part crowdsourced database and part online marketplace, Discogs has become a go-to option for independent sellers and passionate collectors looking to connect.

Independent sellers, whether they are hobbyists, record stores, or warehouse operations, can create their own store profiles and upload inventory using the information in the Database. With over 15 million releases cataloged, it’s easy for stores to find the right versions to list for sale in the Marketplace. It’s also easy for buyers to use features like their Wantlist to track down those physical pieces of music they desire most. 

No matter where you are, you can support independent record stores around the world with just a few clicks. The new Discogs Record Store Directory is a global guide to independent record stores – and in the midst of Independent Record Store Month, more shops are joining the directory each week. As a supporter of independent record stores, you can view different store profiles, visit their Discogs shops, and explore information that will help you plan some in-store trips. 

Growing your collection and showing your support isn’t exclusive to Independent Record Store Month. Below is a breakdown of how Discogs – and you – support record shops each and every day.

You Can Find New Record Stores Through Discogs

If you use the Discogs Record Store Directory, you can search for stores by location and which formats they specialize in. Once you find a store’s listing, you can view the genres they carry, see their hours of operation, and learn more about the store by reading descriptions written in their own words. 

If you are shopping in the Marketplace, you will see sellers with the Certified Independent Record Store badge. This means that the store has been verified as a physical record shop selling on Discogs. Each time you purchase items from a seller that displays this badge, you know you are directly supporting an independent record store.

Tip: Keep an eye out for the Certified Independent Record Store badge in the Marketplace. You’ll see a turquoise icon to the right of a seller’s username if they’re a physical shop selling on Discogs!

Your Purchases and Contributions Keep Stores Informed

Your buying habits influence what stores choose to carry. If certain artists or albums are popular on Discogs, the Database will reflect that information. This info may inspire a record store to carry these sought-after titles in their shop. 

Discogs’ contributor community submits useful information about artists, labels, and pressing details. Without these contributions, the Database would not be able to provide stores with the information they need to efficiently list their inventory. That means that every submission you contribute has a substantial impact on independent record stores and collectors that use Discogs.

“In our days, that there are so many editions and variations of the same edition, Discogs has been of great help as many contributors from all over the globe are constantly keeping an eye on the listings and offer their help to manage and correct all possible variation details. This has been of tremendous help as even labels’ sites are not always offering detailed information on all available editions. This is helping us all to manage our collections and, of course, us dealers to manage our inventory and offer better services to our customers.”

– Yiannis Kaleidosmoker – Sound Effect Records

Your Discogs Orders Help Stores Price Items

Every time you buy vinyl on Discogs, you help record stores develop their pricing. Each release page in the Database includes the lowest, median, and highest prices paid for that particular item. Anyone can also access the most recent sales history of that particular release. 

Even if a record store doesn’t sell on Discogs, there’s a good chance they use the Database to help them price items in their physical shop.

“Before Discogs, we depended on completed eBay sales numbers and book pricing and other internet sources for random and sometimes straight-up bonkers sales history on pricing. Discogs has become a reliable and indelible source – particularly with sales history tied to listings with condition and item notes – for an accurate feel of the market price on any given item.”

– Rick Sinkiewicz – Redscroll Records

You Can Connect With Record Stores Around the World

Stores have the ability to reach a global audience when they sell on Discogs and this is the epitome of a win-win situation. Instead of having stock sit on their shelves, record stores can add these items to their Discogs shops.

If you’ve come up empty-handed at your local shops, you now have the opportunity to buy those items while still supporting an independent record store.

“The global marketplace allows us to introduce and provide our products to music fans in many countries and regions, and it’s beyond the scope of domestic (Japanese) demand.”

– Masataka Ohta – Face Records

Your Online Purchases Can Provide Stability During Trying Times

The popularity of vinyl and the love for record stores aren’t always enough to keep a brick-and-mortar afloat. A Discogs shop enhances a store’s online presence and you can provide them with support by making purchases.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still visible in the rearview mirror, many stores have been able to thrive over the last couple of years by selling online. Between the beginning of 2020 and 2022, over 41,000 new sellers appeared in the Discogs Marketplace.

“Having Discogs as a way to sell while we were closed during Covid was invaluable. The increase in internet buying through that troubling time helped us to continue paying bills even without the ability to sell in person, and I am honestly not sure we would have made it through without the marketplace to keep money flowing into the business.”

– Jonny Moser – Clock Tower Records

Discogs Shops Are Easy to Maintain

Building and maintaining a website can be a strain for small businesses. As a Discogs user, you can inspire shops to join the Marketplace and take advantage of all the data. You can also enjoy a streamlined shopping experience that includes recommendations for new music discoveries and various filter options that help you track down those records you want most. 

The seller dashboard makes it easy to list items, set shipping policies, and communicate with buyers. Discogs also has a small but dedicated Seller Success Team that is more than happy to hop on a video call or exchange emails with any stores in need of assistance.

“There is more information upfront, meaning as a store we would need to submit all the info that is already existing in the Discogs database.”

Brewerytown Beats