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Toolbox Records
Paris, IDF, France

Since 1998 we distribute records worldwide. We do mainly electronic dancefloor (or not) crazy music.
Genre: Experimental, Reggae
Formats: Vinyl
Operations: Buying, Selling
Independent Record Store
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Store Hours

Monday Closed

Tuesday 12:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Wednesday Closed

Thursday Closed

Friday 12:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Since 1998 toolbox distribute records worldwide. Hard music is our style..hard to sell or hard to listen. Hard to produce as well ^^
We defend the unwritten culture we'll be banned of when it will become mainstream... and will defend it again when no more mainstream :)
We dig for an impossible fadeway.
We are the shadow on the wall.
And we have a website so we do not put a lot on discogs. sorry for that :-/

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