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Vinyl Decision
Taipei City, Taiwan

Vinyl Decision is a Record Shop/Café/Bar Nestled in the Heart of Taipei City, Taiwan
Genre: Blues, Country, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Pop, Punk, R&B, Reggae, Rock, Soul, Soundtracks
Formats: Vinyl
Operations: Selling
Independent Record Store
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Store Hours

Monday 12:00 PM to 22:00

Tuesday 12:00 PM to 22:00

Wednesday 12:00 PM to 22:00

Thursday 12:00 PM to 22:00

Friday 12:00 PM to 22:00

Saturday 12:00 PM to 22:00

Sunday 12:00 PM to 22:00

Specializing in high-quality (high-priced!!) vinyl from a variety of genres. VD has been open for over 10 years and is the love-child of long term expat, Mark Thomas. As much a bar & listening lounge as a record shop, VD was opened as a cool place that people could come and relax & listen to records (& as an escape hole for Mark from his four kids at home!) Approximately 20,000 LPs are carefully curated and compiled - Mark regularly travels to Japan to personally acquire pressings (and for other aforementioned reasons!) Oh, and VD also stocks the finest Tequila in Asia! Come say Hi & stay a while!

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