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Sasha & John DigweedRenaissance: The Mix Collection

Label:6 x 6 Records – RenMix 1CD, 6 x 6 Records – RENMIX 1 CD, Renaissance – RenMix 1CD, Renaissance – RENMIX 1 CD
Series:Renaissance: The Mix Collection
3 x CD, Mixed, Mayking - Made In England
Style:Progressive House, Progressive Trance, House, Trance


1-01LeftfieldSong Of Life (Lemon Interupt Mix)
RemixLemon Interupt
Written-By, Producer, Mixed ByLeftfield
1-02LeftfieldSong Of Life (Dub For Life Mix)
Written-By, Producer, Mixed ByLeftfield
1-03LeftfieldSong Of Life (Steppin' Razor Mix)
RemixSteppin' Razor
Written-By, Producer, Mixed ByLeftfield
1-04Bedrock Featuring Carol LeemingFor What You Dream Of (Full On Renaissance Mix)
Vocals [Uncredited], Featuring [Uncredited]Carol Leeming
Written ByDigweed/Muir/Leeming
Written-ByLeeming*, Digweeed/Muir*
1-05Rhythm InventionChronoclasm
ProducerRhythm Invention
Written BySimpson/Hall/Brown
Written-ByHall (4), Simpson*, Brown*
1-06Disco Evangelists*De Niro (The Spaceflight Remix)
ProducerAsh*, Holmes*
Remix [Uncredited]The Disco Evangelists
Written ByHolmes/Beedle/Edwards
Written-ByBeedle*, Holmes*, Edwards*
1-07Memphisto*State Of Mind (Quiet Mix)
1-08Moonchild (3)V.O.A.T (Original Mix)
Written BySimmons/Harrison
Written-By, ProducerHarrison*, Simmons*
1-09aSunscreemPerfect Motion (Simple Dub Mix)
Remix [Uncredited]Heller & Farley
Written-By, Producer, Mixed BySunscream*
1-09bSunscreemPerfect Motion (Boys Own Mix)
Remix [Uncredited]Heller & Farley
Written-By, Producer, Mixed BySunscream*
1-10River OceanLove & Happiness (Junior Boys Own Super Dub)
Remix [Uncredited]X-Press 2
Written ByIndia/"Little" Louie Vega
Written-ByIndia, "Little" Louie Vega*
1-11That Kid ChrisKeep On (Pressin' On) (Didn't I Show Ya Luv?)
Written-By, ProducerThat Kid Chris Staropoli*
ProducerDodici*, Neri*, Baroni*, Mr. Muzak
1-12bInner City'Til We Meet Again (Brothers In Rhythm Perkappella)
Written BySaunderson/Grey
Written-BySaunderson*, Grey*
1-13BumpHouse Stompin' (The Martian Invasion)
Written ByAuerbach/Travell/Baker
Written-ByBaker*, Auerbach*, Travell*
1-14F. Machine*Child Bride (Feedback Max Mix)
RemixFeedback Max
Written ByFellowes/Motion
Written-ByMotion*, Fellowes*
1-15M-People*Renaissance (John Digweed's Full On Mix)
RemixJohn Digweed
Written ByPickering/Heard
Written-ByPickering*, Heard*
2-01aTomitaA Space Ship Lands Emitting Silvery Light 1:45
2-01bFlukeSlid (PDF Mix)
Written-By, ProducerFluke
2-02Funk MachineLet's Get This Party Started (Party Mix)
Written ByDario T/Squiggley P/M Conte
Written-ByDario T*, M Conte*, Squiggley P*
2-03FlukeSlid (Scat And Sax Frenzy)
Remix [Uncredited]Justin Robertson
Written-By, ProducerFluke
2-04CorradoTrust (Pink Mix)
2-05Dj MBG*Trance Wave 1 (Oriental Psycho Estmix)
2-06HysterixTalk To Me (Sasha's Full Master Mix)
Written ByBelgrave/Black/Quinn
Written-ByBlack*, Quinn (17), Belgrave*
2-08aVirtualmismoMismoplastico (Dirtysyncomix)
Written ByHornbostel/Marvin
Written-By, ProducerHornbostel*, Marvin*
2-08bVirtualmismoMismoplastico (Rubber Mix)
Written ByHornbostel/Marvin
Written-By, ProducerHornbostel*, Marvin*
2-09VirtualmismoMismoplastico (Original Remix)
Written ByHornbostel/Marvin
Written-By, ProducerHornbostel*, Marvin*
2-10Fishbone BeatAlways (Psychedelic Martini Remix)
ProducerSabadin*, Ems*, Zen (3)
Written BySabadin/Zennaro
Written-BySabadin*, Zennaro*
2-11State Of Grace*Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix)
Written ByDavis/Oakenfold/Wyzgowski
Written-ByOakenfold*, Davis*, Wyzgowski*
2-12Secret LifeShe Holds The Key (H.A.L.F. I'm A Believer Mix)
ProducerGleadall*, Secret Life
Written ByBryant/Throup
Written-ByThroup*, Bryant*
2-13Funtopia Featuring Jimi PoloDo You Wanna Know (Gut Drum Mix)
Featuring [Uncredited], Vocals [Uncredited]Jimi Polo
RemixGut Drum, Deighton*
Remix [Uncredited]Paul Brogden
Written ByScheller/Tye
Written-ByTye*, Scheller*
2-14V.F.R.Tranceillusion (Original Mix)
Written ByHornbostel/Marvin
Written-By, ProducerHornbostel*, Marvin*
2-15Kym MazelleWas That All It Was (Def Mix)
ProducerMarshall Jefferson
Remix [Uncredited]David Morales
Written ByConlon/Ursy/Jr./Butler
Written-ByButler*, Ursy/Jr.*, Conlon*
3-01M-People*How Can I Love You More (QAT Mix)
ProducerM-People*, Heard*
Remix [Uncredited]Sasha, Tom Frederikse
Written ByPickering/Heard
Written-ByPickering*, Heard*
3-02MobyGo (Nightime Mix)
3-03JacoShow Some Love (Original Dub)
Written-By, ProducerJaco
3-04SpookyLittle Bullet (High Velocity Mix)
Written ByForbes/May
Written-ByMay*, Forbes*
3-05SublimeSublime Theme (Dub)
ProducerGypsy (4), Brown*
Written ByBrown/Drinnan
Written-ByDrinnan*, Brown*
3-06Shawn ChristopherAnother Sleepless Night (Bassman Mix)
Remix [Uncredited]David Morales
Written ByWilson/Amos
Written-ByWilson*, Amos*
3-07Unity 3The Age Of Love Suite (Trance Dub + Fantasy Dub)
3-08EMFThey're Here (D-Ream Dream)
ProducerDench*, Atkin*, Jazzaed*
3-09Solar Plexus (4)Solar Plexus
Written-By, Mixed By, ProducerJay Relf
3-10HavanaEthnic Prayer (Euro Mix)
ProducerGypsy (4), Miller*, Scott*
Written ByScott/Miller/Drinnan
Written-ByDrinnan*, Miller*, Scott*
3-112 Bad MiceBombscare
Written ByPlayford/O'Keefe/Colebrooke
Written-ByPlayford*, O'Keefe*, Colebrooke*
3-12Age Of LoveThe Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix)
Remix [Uncredited]Jam & Spoon
Written BySanchioni/Cherchia
Written-BySanchioni*, Cherchia*
3-13My Friend Sam Featuring Viola WillsIt's My Pleasure (Club Mix)
Featuring, Vocals [Uncredited]Viola Wills
ProducerQuin*, Hevia*
Written ByWills/Hevia/Quin
Written-ByQuin*, Hevia*, Wills*
3-14Lemon InteruptDirty
Written BySmith/Hyde/Emerson
Written-By, ProducerEmerson*, Hyde*, Smith*

Companies, etc.



Released in a multi-fold Digipak, with most early copies having a transparent tracing paper type outer slip sleeve.

This version HAS 'Made In England' screen printed on the CDs.

There are two other similar versions that DO NOT have 'Made In England' screen printed on the CDs, one manufactured by 'Mayking/MPO' and another by 'Disctronics'.

Studio mixed rather than live, featuring various overdubbed effects throughout the mix.

Cat# appears as: "RenMix 1CD" (sleeve) / "RENMIX 1 CD" (CDs).
1-01 to 1-03: Written, produced & mixed by Leftfield. Licensed from Hard Hands.
1-04: Written by Digweed/Muir/Leeming. Produced by Digweed. Licensed from Stress Records.
1-05: Written by Simpson/Hall/Brown. Produced by Rhythm Invention. Licensed from Warp Records.
1-06: Written by Holmes/Beedle/Edwards. Produced by Ash/Holmes/ Co-produced by Edwards. Licensed from EMI Records.
1-07: Written by Ambrosio. Produced by Memphisto (sic). Licensed from Many Edizioni Musicali Srl.
1-08: Written & produced by Simmons/Harrison. Licensed from Bluebird Records.
1-09a and 1-09b: Written, produced & mixed by Sunscream (sic). Licensed from Sony Musical Entertainment (UK) Ltd.
1-10: Written by India/"Little" Louie Vega for Masters At Work Productions Inc. Licensed from Chrysalis Records Ltd.
1-11: Written & produced by That Kid Chris Staropoli for Blade To Rhythm Music Productions. Licensed from Digital Dungeon Records.
1-12a: Written by Vangelis. Produced by Dodici/Neri/Baroni/Mr. Muzak. Licensed from Dig It International.
1-12b: Written by Saunderson/Grey. Produced by Saunderson. Licensed from Virgin Records.
1-13: Written by Auerbach/Travell/Baker. Produced by Bump. Licensed from Goodboy Records.
1-14: Written by Fellowes/Motion. Produced by Fernley. Licensed from One Off Recordings.
1-15: Written by Pickering/Heard. Produced by M-People. Licensed from BMG Records (UK) Ltd.

2-01a: [uncredited.]
2-01b: Written & produced by Fluke. Licensed from Virgin Records.
2-02: Written by Dario T/Squiggley P/M Conte. Licensed from Flying Records Productions.
2-03: Written & produced by Fluke. Licensed from Virgin Records.
2-04: Written by Astuti. Produced by Anziano for Nonsense Productions. Licensed from Disco Magic Srl.
2-05: Written by Canepa. Licensed from MBG International Records.
2-06: Written by Belgrave/Black/Quinn. Produced by Hysterix. Licensed from BMG Records (UK) Ltd.
2-07: Written by Annadin. Produced by Valentine. Licensed from Big Fish Music Ltd.
2-08a to 2-09: Written & produced by Hornbostel/Marvin. Licensed from Expanded Music. [2.08b: uncredited, but same track.]
2-10: Written by Sabadin/Zennaro. Produced by Sabadin/Zen/Ems. Licensed from Energy Productions Srl.
2-11: Written by Davis/Oakenfold/Wyzgowski. Produced by Oakenfold/Osbourne. Licensed from Perfecto Records.
2-12: Written by Bryant/Throup. Produced by Gleadall/Secret Life. Licensed from Pulse-8 Records.
2-13: Written by Scheller/Tye. Produced by Scheller. Remixed by Deighton. Licensed from Primavera Records.
2-14: Written & produced by Hornbostel/Marvin. Licensed from Expanded Music.
2-15: Written by Conlon/Ursy/Jr./Butler. Produced by Marshall Jefferson. Licensed from EMI Music.

3-01: Written by Pickering/Heard. Produced by M-People/Heard. Licensed from BMG Records (UK) Ltd.
3-02: Written by Hall. Produced by Moby. Licensed from Instinct Records.
3-03: Written & produced by Jaco. Licensed from Warp Records.
3-04: Written by Forbes/May. Produced by Spooky. Licensed from Guerilla.
3-05: Written by Brown/Drinnan. Produced by Brown/Gypsy. Licensed from 23rd Precinct Recordings Ltd.
3-06: Written by Wilson/Amos. Licensed from BMG Records (UK) Ltd.
3-07: Written by Franciosa for Nonsense Productions. Licensed from Novamute.
3-08: Written EMF. Produced by Jazzaed for Strychnine Productions/Dench/Atkin. Licensed from EMI Records Ltd.
3-09: Written, mixed & produced by Jay Relf/ Licensed from Entity Records.
3-10: Written by Scott/Miller/Drinnan. Produced by Scott/Miller/Gypsy. Licensed from 23rd Precinct Recordings Ltd.
3-11: Written by Playford/O'Keefe/Colebrooke. Produced by Playford. Licensed from Moving Shadow Record Company.
3-12: Written by Sanchioni/Cherchia. Produced by Samyn. Mixed by Jam El Mar & Marc Spoon. Licensed from React Records.
3-13: Written by Wills/Hevia/Quin. Produced by Hevia/Quin. Licensed from Network Records.
3-14: Written & produced by Smith/Hyde/Emerson. Licensed from Junior Boys Own.
Project co-ordinator - Neil Rushton for Network (with loads of help from Judy).

Special thanks from Network to Geoff Oakes for making Renaissance happen and being a mate, Mark and Adam at Renaissance for being so helpful, Dominic Green at Baseroom for coming up with the original idea and getting things rolling, Sasha and Diggers for doing such a great job, Seven and Dobbs at 7pm for helping making things happen, all the record labels (majors and indies) who gave us their tracks and trusted we wouldn’t ruin them! Dave, Roger and everyone else at 3MV for being the ultimate "M C Law" and clearing all the tracks - never has one person been so patient!

From Geoff Oakes & Renaissance:
My lasting gratitude to Sasha & John Digweed, who as both friends & DJ’s have given us such good memories.
Very special thanks to: Mark Wheaton, Joanna, Neil & all at Network, Ian Ossia, Dominic Green & M-People.
Thanks to: Nick Gundill, Karl Aussia & Lesslie, Adam Poole, Richard Benson, The Face, Mix-Mag, Chris Howe, Dave Seaman, Jeremy Healy, Alistair Whitehead, Nigel Dawson, Nicky Holloway, Bedrock, The Chuff Chuff Boys, Mike Pickering, De-Construction, A+M, The Conservatory - Derby, The Que Club, Venue 44, Seven & Dobbs, Francesca & Jenny Renamo, The Welsh Lads, Halo, Lamb Clothing - Nottingham, (Stace Bass, Kimball, Dave, Ace, Jimmy, Scott - Orlando), Tuckey Print & all those familiar faces at Renaissance.

Mixing & additional production by Sasha for 7PM Management.

For further info about Renaissance & future events: 0782 514573 or 0782 514603.
Marketed by Network: 021 766 7311. Distribution by Sony Music Operations order desk: 0296 399151.
This compilation ℗ & © Network Records 1994. Made in England.

Sleeve notes: Richard Benson, The Face, 1994.
"We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams… …We are the movers and shakers. Of the world forever, it seems.
– Arthur O’Shaungenssy, Ode".
Tracks not mentioned on the release:
- 1-09a: Sunscreem "Perfect Motion (Simple Dub Mix)".
- 2-01a: Tomita "A Space Ship Lands Emitting Silvery Light".
- 2-08b: Virtualmismo "Mismoplastico (Rubber Mix)".

Track errors:
- Nearly all tracks do not have the Featuring or Vocals credits, and some Remix credits (hence "Uncredited"), which are taken from the individual releases.
- 1-05: title appears as "Chronoclasm", but is also the same as the "Chronoclasm (Nick Simpson's Portable Mix)" version (on the 12").
- 1-06: title appears as "De Niro (Spaceflight Remix)", rather than the correct "De Niro (The Spaceflight Remix)" on original releases.
- 1-11: title appears as "Keep On Pressin' On (Didn't I Show You Luv Mix)", rather than the correct "Keep On (Pressin' On) (Didn't I Show Ya Luv?)" on original releases.
- 1-13: title appears as "House Stompin' (Big Bump Mix)", but is the same as the "House Stompin' (The Martian Invasion)" mix on the 12" release.
- 1-15: title appears as "Renaissance (John Digweeds Full On Mix)", rather than the correct "Renaissance (John Digweed's Full On Mix)" on original releases.
- 2-01b & 2-03: title appears as "Slide", rather than the correct "Slid".
- 2-03: title appears as "Slid (Scat And Frenzy)", rather than the correct "Slid (Scat And Sax Frenzy)" or "Slid (The Scat And Sax Frenzy Mix) on original releases.
- 2-05: title appears as "Trance 1 (Oriental Psycho Estmix)", rather than the correct "Trance Wave 1 (Oriental Psycho Estmix)" or "Trance Wave One (Oriental Psyco Estmix)" on original releases.
- 2-06: a writing credit appears for a "Quinn", but is likely wrong.
- 2-13: remix artist Paul Brogden doesn't appear in the credits, only Justin Deighton and Gut Drum.
- 3-05: wrongly credited to artist Havana, instead of the correct related artist "Sublime".
- 3-07: title appears as "Age Of Love (Trance Dub + Fantasy Mix)", rather than the correct "The Age Of Love Suite (Trance Dub + Fantasy Dub)".
- 3-12: title appears as "Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Mix)", rather than the correct "The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix)".

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 5 016846 235020
  • Barcode (String): 5016846235020
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 1, variant 1): RENMIX1CD-1 • MASTERED BY MAYKING
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 2, variant 1): RENMIX1CD2 • MASTERED BY MAYKING
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 3, variant 1): MAYKING RECORDS RENMIX1CD-3 10313471 01 %
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 1, variant 2): MAYKING RECORDS RENMIX1CD-1 10313441 01 &
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 2, variant 2): RENMIX1CD2 • . MASTERED . BY MAYKING
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 3, variant 2): MAYKING RECORDS RENMIX1CD-3 10313471 01 %

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
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Renaissance: The Mix Collection (2×Cassette, Mixed)RenaissanceRENMIX1MCUK1994
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Renaissance: The Mix Collection (3×CD, Mixed, Disctronics Pressing)6 x 6 Records, 6 x 6 Records, Renaissance, RenaissanceRenMix 1CD, RENMIX 1 CDUK1994
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Renaissance: The Mix Collection (3×CD, Mixed, Mayking/MPO Pressing)6 x 6 Records, 6 x 6 Records, Renaissance, RenaissanceRenMix 1CD, RENMIX 1 CDUK1994
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Renaissance: The Mix Collection (3×CD, Limited Edition, Mixed, Remastered, 10th Anniversary Edition)RenaissanceREN17CDLTDUK2004
  • tobymessy's avatar
    Edited one month ago
    An updated Review reflecting on almost 30 years since it’s first release …

    It’s F’cking Amazing!

    STILL THE BEST DJ mix, ever! Flawless in every way. The standard by which all other mixes are measured by - including my own 😆 - and fail. Period.

    Closely followed by John Digweed’s no 2

    Mix one is superb. Transitioning through the gears with the three leftfield mixes, into Bedrock then switching to dreamland building through Sunscreem, a brief reprise before vaulting over Vangelis and F’cking your ear lobes with the cosmic orgasm of F-machine, before a post coital dash of M people

    Of course, you have to remember back then - no mobile phones (hardly), no real internet: so access to information about what this was was hard to come by. It was passed on to me by my brother on the car stereo. I was like wow - what is this?! The packaging was unique. The lavish swirly sound to the production, and the impeccable tune selection. There was a mystique back then. You didn’t really know who Sasha was … you end up buying bootleg mixtapes in local music store. You begin to find other DJs. Different world… Anyway, a year later I had decks lol.

    And now we can record digitally on a laptop! So I don’t need to pitch and cue Leftfield, or Disco Evangelists live in about 2 seconds on an old tape deck. I can do it leisurely one step at a time - finally! C’mon - you’ve all tried to copy it all?… surely 😆

    Platitudes - ‘the great daddy of all DJ mix compilations… arguably one of the first - and best - DJ mix compilations to be released on CD…’ and currently in top 5 best DJ mixes of all time according to DJ Mag

    And I just picked up a virtually unplayed 2 cassette orig copy - WITH the tracing paper intact. Nostalgia or what?!

    • maxiqum123's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      always thought the first CD was made completely by Digweed and second completely by Sasha. Third probably made together. Leftfield tracks, Boys Own, Perfect Motion is more of a Digweed style. All these tracks on CD-1 was his major tunes. Sasha was a heavy known for using piano tracks a lot and all that Italo tracks is his kind of nature. Well, was. Digweed kinda ignored that stuff.

      The most memorable part is first three tracks mix on 1 and 2 CDs. I believe Song of Life was Digweed’s choice, he mentioned in interviews that it’s one of his favourite tracks. And slow-building through all that three tracks is I can’t help but his. And Sasha’s Fluke two tracks mixed with wild italo tune on a fantastic 4/4 groove is what I remembered the most. And Kym Mazelle’s David Morales remix is so cheesy))) Digweed would never)))

      Third mix is a huge variety of genres, they both kinda played trance. Bombscare is probably Sasha’s choice as well as Underworld’s “Dirty”.
      The only thing I don’t like about the CD-3 is I feel like My Friend Sam’s track kinda ruined it all. Like serious? You play Age of Love and then this bullshit? The final track also struggles because of that and that track would be a brilliant ending but it was already ruined. CD-1 and CD-2 are perfect.
      • drubber77's avatar
        • T I M E L E S S •
        • Nozzz's avatar
          I've recently been ripping my old CD collection into FLAC format having stupidly ripped to low bit-rate MP3 many years ago. And so I've been listening to my collection which is dominated by mix CDs, having been a huge clubber and house-head in my early 90's youth. House music really ruined my CD collection!

          90% of the mix CDs are barely worth the 10mins effort of ripping them. This one is different. It's a classic....a must-own if you're into that era/music. It's more than just a basic mix CD. It made Sasha and Digweed's names with their clever use of multiple versions of tracks, long mixes and call-back snippets from other tracks mixed in throughout the disk. The choice of tracks is very strong and helped to make the tracks themselves classics of dance.

          If you went to a house for a evening and found this in their CD rack, you knew you were in good company back then.
          • murrayzz1's avatar
            The definitive house collection of the 90s, which will never be bettered. We would always slap this on the minute we got in from clubbing, and it reliably did a great job of keeping the vibe going.
            • Pheenixx's avatar
              Edited one year ago
              Has anyone else ever noticed the terrible sound quality of the last track on disc 2? It'ss very ssibilant and exsstremely notisssceable. Sssame on the remastered version too.
              • tobymessy's avatar
                The best DJ mix, ever. Flawless in every way. The standard by which all other mixes are measured by - and fail. Period. Bloke below probably explains it better... ⬇️ Can I just add that the intro before fluke on second mix is Tomita - a space ship lands emitting silvery light. Cue rush to

                • SYSTEM-J's avatar
                  Edited 3 years ago
                  25 years old, 60 reviews on Discogs at the time of writing, safely esconsed in dance music legend... what could possibly be left to say about Renaissance: The Mix Collection? Well, let's put to bed the lingering myth that this was the first commercially released mix CD. A quick scan of Discogs would demonstrate it's not even the first commercial mix CD with Sasha's name on it! It was, however, the first major branded club compilation, and is responsible for all those Cream, Ministry Of Sound, Gatecrasher, Godskitchen et al compilations that used to overflow from the shelves of your local supermarket's CD section in the late 1990s.

                  A dubious legacy, you might think, and it may have been so if The Mix Collection's quality wasn't so obvious even 25 years after the fact. Sasha and Digweed's club sets had already been bootlegged to death by 1994 and it was clear that a mere turntable mix wasn't going to raise the stakes on what was already out there in every northern clubber's tape deck. What they did instead set a standard that almost none of the myriad imitators could match.

                  Think about it - how many mix CDs do you own that open with THREE mixes of the same track? Yet this is how they did it, way back in 1994. Throughout the three discs there are numerous blends, overlays and transitions that are still jaw-dropping in their creativity even now. Listening to the PDF Mix of Fluke's Slid blend over Let's Get This Party Started for minutes on end before Justin Robertson's Scat & Sax Frenzy Mix takes back over, you realise you're listening to a striking antecedent for all those fancy dan mash-up mixes of the early 2000s from Soulwax and co. Compare it to the mixing quality on any average rave tape from the early '90s and you realise just how great a leap forward this mix was when it was released, to the point that the vast majority of the mix CDs Renaissance were releasing 10 or 20 years later sounded frighteningly conventional by comparison.

                  But more than just the way it's mixed, what makes The Mix Collection such an enduring classic is the music on display. This really was a sweet spot in the evolution of British house music, where Italian piano drama, US vocal flamboyance and the breakbeaty influence of hardcore were bound together by the hard, trippy, banging sounds of first wave progressive house. So many of these records are absolute stone cold classics, from an era where absolutely anything could be chucked into a track provided you could make it loop. So you have cavernous dub basslines alongside gothic chimes, filthy breaks riding side by side with trancey choral pads, and soaring piano lines, gritty guitar licks and hedonistic sax freakouts all colliding in one kaleodoscopic mix. Sasha and Digweed selected the very finest cuts from the era of 1992-4 to sum up everything Renaissance was and had been, and in doing so created a timeless snapshot of a golden era of dance music, one that exists now only in ever-hazier halcyon memories and the delicate fraying folds of this classic collection.
                  • lubizianrecord's avatar
                    Respectable Renaissance club proudly released one of the best mix albums of all time.

                    Raving glorius peak British dance scene proved within this remarkable mix cd.

                    Historical one for all Sasha Digweed fans , it's their 1st duo recorded mix.

                    Flawless mixing , impeccable track selection and energy flow of this mix is mind blowing .
                    The mix that stood the test of time and always will.

                    Fantastic cd artwork for this 10th anniversary deluxe edition.

                    Confirm will blow your room session momment always happend to me everytime listening this dope mix !

                    A MUST FOR SASHA DIGWEED FANS .
                    • parafernalia's avatar
                      I wonder whether or not Sasha and Digweed pretended that they had mixed this live using vinyl with 2 or 3 decks. It's like a spontaneous club mix.
                      Brilliant cd btw! ♥