Label:Not On Label – none
9 x CDr, Compilation, Unofficial Release
CDr, Compilation
251 x File, MP3, VBR
All Media, Compilation, Unofficial Release
Style:Post-Punk, Avantgarde, Art Rock, Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Lo-Fi, Experimental, Punk


CD1-1British Electronic Foundation*Rise Of The East
CD1-2Bush TetrasYou Can't Be Funky
CD1-3Heaven 17We're Going To Live (Edit)
CD1-4John FoxxEurope After The Rain
CD1-623 SkidooLast Words
CD1-8Gang Of FourWhat We All Want
CD1-9Rip Rig Panic*How Caged Bird
CD1-10Lora LogicWonderful Offer
CD1-11Mekons*St Patrick's Day
CD1-12Colin NewmanAlone
CD1-14Liquid LiquidZero Leg
CD1-15Massacre (2)Gate
CD1-16Family FodderFilm Music
CD1-17Goat That Went Om*The Pirate Song
CD1-18Dif JuzDiselt
CD1-19This HeatPaper Hats (Edit)
CD1-20TrioDanger Is
CD1-21Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkThe New Stone Age
CD1-22PigbagSunny Day (Edit)
CD1-23Public Image Ltd*Flowers Of Romance
CD1-24YMO*Light In Darkness
CD2-1The CureAll Cats Are Grey
CD2-2Passions*Alice's Song
CD2-3Depeche ModeAny Second Now (Voices)
CD2-4Durutti Column*The Missing Boy
CD2-5Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGloomy Sunday
CD2-6MX-80*Promise Of Love
CD2-7Talking HeadsOnce In A Lifetime (Edit)
CD2-8New OrderDoubts Even Here
CD2-9Pete ShelleyIt's Hard Enough Knowing (Edit)
CD2-10The Sound (2)Winning
CD2-12This HeatA New Kind Of Water
CD2-13Raincoats*Only Loved At Night
CD2-14Gary NumanDance
CD2-15Gist*Love At First Sight
CD2-16Psychedelic Furs*No Tears
CD2-17Gang Of FourParalysed
CD2-18Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkRomance Of The Telescope
CD2-19UltravoxRage In Eden
CD2-20WeekendNostalgia (Demo)
CD3-1Young Marble GiantsFinal Day
CD3-2Orange Juice (3)Poor Old Soul
CD3-3Martha & The Muffins*This Is The Ice Age
CD3-4Altered ImagesHappy Birthday
CD3-5The ChurchToo Fast For You
CD3-6Scritti PolittiThe Sweetest Girl
CD3-7Romeo VoidMyself To Myself
CD3-8BarracudasDon't Let Go
CD3-9The dB'sBlack And White
CD3-10Go-Go'sOur Lips Are Sealed
CD3-11MagazineThe Honeymoon Killers
CD3-12Suburbs*Spring Came
CD3-13Marine GirlsTonight
CD3-14Pretenders*Message Of Love
CD3-15NecessariesMore Real
CD3-16The Teardrop ExplodesFalling Down Around Me
CD3-17Squeeze (2)Is That Love
CD3-18The Go Betweens*Your Turn, My Turn
CD3-19Robyn HitchcockLove
CD3-20The StranglersGolden Brown
CD3-21RamonesIt's Not My Place
CD3-22XTCRespectable Street
CD3-23Pylon (4)Crazy
CD3-24Elvis CostelloStrict Time
CD3-25REM*Radio Free Europe
CD4-1Depeche ModeJust Can't Get Enough
CD4-2DevoWorking In A Coal Mine
CD4-3Deutsch Amerikanische FreundschaftDer Mussolini (Edit)
CD4-4Thomas DolbyEuropa & The Pirate Twins
CD4-5Associates*White Car In Germany (Edit)
CD4-6EurythmicsTake Me To Your Heart
CD4-7Heaven 17The Height Of The Fighting
CD4-8PlasticsDiamond Head
CD4-9YelloBostich (Edit)
CD4-10New MusikAreas
CD4-11Human League*The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Edit)
CD4-12Manuel Gottsching*E2 E4 (Excerpt)
CD4-13Duran DuranGirls On Film
CD4-14TuxedomoonIncubus (Blue Suit)
CD4-15Gary NumanStories
CD4-16The Blue NileI Love This Life
CD4-17Chris And Cosey*This Is Me
CD4-18MoevCracked Mirror (Edit)
CD4-19CybotronAlleys Of Your Mind
CD4-20The BugglesBlue Nylon
CD4-21Soft CellTainted Love
CD4-22Cars*Shake It Up (Edit)
CD4-23Classix Nouveaux623
CD4-24Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkSacred Heart
CD4-25KraftwerkComputer Love (Edit)
CD5-1The EmbarrassmentCelebrity Art Party
CD5-2MinutemenStraight Jacket
CD5-3The ReplacementsJohnny's Gonna Die
CD5-4Flesh Eaters*Pray Til You Sweat
CD5-5Black FlagLouie Louie
CD5-6Stiff Little FingersThe Only One
CD5-7Mx-80*Cover To Cover
CD5-8Meat PuppetsBig House
CD5-9Agent Orange (7)Too Young To Die
CD5-10The Saints (2)Paradise
CD5-11BuzzcocksI Look Alone
CD5-12Empire (7)All These Things
CD5-13Secret HateNew Routines-Suicide
CD5-14The GordonsCoalminers Song
CD5-15Virgin PrunesTwenty Tens
CD5-16The CrampsGreen Fuz
CD5-17Minor ThreatStraight Edge
CD5-18100 FlowersReject Yourself
CD5-19The UndertonesJulie Ocean
CD5-20Bad BrainsPay To Cum
CD5-21FlipperHa Ha Ha
CD5-22Mission Of BurmaFame And Fortune
CD5-23Gun Club*Goodbye Johnny
CD5-24Josef KCrazy To Exist
CD5-25Swimming Pool Q's*Rat Bait
CD5-26Dead KennedysNazi Punks Fuck Off
CD5-27Au PairsLove Song
CD5-28WipersWhen It's Over
CD5-29X (5)Adult Books
CD5-30ZoomersGive Your Heart
CD6-1The CleanBilly Two
CD6-2The FallLie Dream Of A Casino Soul
CD6-3Dow Jones & The Industrials*Ladies With Appliances
CD6-5Nervous GenderFat Cow
CD6-649 Americans*Love At First Sight
CD6-7PlasticlandOffice Skills
CD6-8The BeakersFour Steps Toward A Cultural Revolution
CD6-9FeltSomething Sends Me To Sleep
CD6-11Fall Of SaigonBlue Eyes
CD6-12The BlackoutsDead Man's Curve
CD6-13Scapa Flow (2)Somewhere
CD6-14Dancing Cigarettes*Mr. Morse
CD6-15Amoebas In ChaosDesigner Genes
CD6-16Tall DwarfsAll My Hollowness To You
CD6-17Monitor (3)Amphibious
CD6-18Dolphins (4)She Took A Long Cold Look
CD6-19Blue OrchidsBad Education
CD6-20Ben WattDeparture
CD6-22Voice FarmAM City
CD6-23Laughing Apple*Wouldn't You
CD6-24Social ClimbersHello Texas
CD6-25Der PlanDas Insekt
CD6-26Biting TonguesReflector
CD6-27Flux Of Pink IndiansSick Butchers
CD6-28Aztec CameraLost Outside The Tunnel
CD6-29Diagram Brothers*Bricks
CD6-30Human Switchboard*I Used To Believe In You
CD6-31Half Japanese*My Knowledge Was Wrong
CD6-32Television PersonalitiesThis Angry Silence
CD6-33Philosophic CollageToxic Poppies
CD6-34Violent FemmesWaiting For The Bus
CD6-35Thick PigeonSilhouettes
CD7-1Art BearsTruth
CD7-2The Birthday PartyCry
CD7-3Glenn BrancaStructure
CD7-4Klaus NomiThe Twist
CD7-5The ExWeapons For El Salvador
CD7-6Flying Lizards*Hands 2 Take
CD7-8New Age SteppersCrazy Dreams & High Ideas
CD7-9Lemon KittensKites
CD7-11Pere UbuLonesome Cowboy Dave
CD7-12The ResidentsWould We Be Alive
CD7-13Matt JohnsonThe River Flows East In Spring
CD7-14Eyeless In GazaThe Decoration
CD7-15Einstürzende NeubautenAbstieg & Zerfall
CD7-16Fire EnginesCandyskin
CD7-17Section 25Hit
CD7-18CrassBata Motel
CD7-19Liaisons DangereusesAperitif De La Mort
CD7-20Crash Course In ScienceFactory Forehead
CD7-21FoetusThank Heaven For Push Button Phones
CD7-22Cabaret VoltaireA Touch Of Evil
CD7-23Chrome (8)Planet Strike
CD7-24DNA (4)Blonde Red Head
CD7-25Clock DVA4 Hours
CD7-26Homosexuals*Nursery Chymes
CD7-27Wim Mertins*Multiple 12
CD7-28This HeatMakeshift Swahili
CD8-1Holger CzukayFragrance (Edit)
CD8-2Jerry HarrisonWorlds In Collision
CD8-3Comsat Angels*Restless
CD8-4Selecter*Their Dream Goes On
CD8-5Gun Club*Promise Me
CD8-6ESGYou're No Good
CD8-7Siouxsie & The BansheesInto The Light
CD8-8Laurie AndersonO Superman
CD8-9PhewFragment (Edit)
CD8-10Honeymoon Killers*Histoire A Suivre
CD8-11The Del-ByzanteensGirl's Imagination
CD8-12Was (Not Was)Oh, Mr Friction
CD8-13Brian Eno & David ByrneA Secret Life
CD8-14Echo & The BunnymenAll My Colours
CD8-15MaterialSquare Dance
CD8-16Ryuichi SakamotoKachakuchane (Edit)
CD8-17Grace JonesNightclubbing
CD8-18The SlitsEarthbeat (Peel Session) (Edit)
CD8-19Robert WyattBorn Again Cretin
CD8-20Delta 5Different Fur
CD9-1A Certain RatioWaterline
CD9-2New OrderChosen Time
CD9-3Fad GadgetMake Room (Edit)
CD9-4Fun Boy ThreeThe Lunatics
CD9-5David ByrneThe Red House
CD9-6The CreaturesBut Not Them
CD9-7Raybeats*Calhoun Surf
CD9-8Suburbs*Tired Of My Plans
CD9-9David Thomas (2)Crickets In The Flats
CD9-10Killing JokeButcher (Edit)
CD9-11JapanTalking Drum
CD9-12The B-52'sGive Me Back My Man (Remix) (Edit)
CD9-13Lizzy Mercier-Descloux*Room Mate
CD9-14The Beat (English)*Too Nice To Talk To
CD9-15Lounge LizardsDo The Wrong Thing
CD9-16INXSStay Young
CD9-18Talking HeadsHouses In Motion (Edit)
CD9-19BauhausOf Lillies And Remains (Edit)
CD9-20The SpecialsGhost Town (Edit)
CD9-21Tom Tom ClubGenius Of Love
CD9-22WireMidnight Bahnhof Cafe (Edit)
CD9-23Family FodderEmergency
CD9-24Raincoats*Shouting Out Loud
Briefcase Part 1
MP3 1-1Department SAge Concern
MP3 1-2Disturbed (3)Betrayed
MP3 1-3Doctor Mix & The RemixBrand New Cadillac
MP3 1-4Cancer*00010
MP3 1-5Blue Angels*Can't Blame Me
MP3 1-6Blah Blah BlahCentral Park
MP3 1-7Danse Society*Continent
MP3 1-8Electric GuitarsContinental Shelf
MP3 1-9BeranekCrystal Dream
MP3 1-10Decayes*Dance Hall
MP3 1-11Deutsche WertarbeitDeutscher Wald
MP3 1-12Discount ChiefsDifferent Light
MP3 1-13Christian DeathDogs
MP3 1-14Deep Freeze Mice*Dr. Z
MP3 1-15Dum Dum DumDum Dum Dum
MP3 1-16Essendon AirportEntrance Of The Gladiators
MP3 1-17ExkursFakten
MP3 1-18Essential LogicFanfare In The Garden
MP3 1-19Ceramic HelloGestures
MP3 1-20The Bangs*Getting Out Of Hand
MP3 1-21Dalek I Love You*Heartbeat
MP3 1-22Chameleons*Here Today (BBC)
MP3 1-23Avacados*I Never Knew
MP3 1-24Angelic UpstartsI Understand
MP3 1-25Chemicals Made From DirtIke
MP3 1-26AdaptorsIn The Slot
MP3 1-27Absolute Body ControlIs There An Exit
MP3 1-28BraqueJeannette
MP3 1-29Eight Eyed Spy*Lazy In Love
MP3 1-30Buzz*Life Ends
MP3 1-31Ejectors*Little Johnny
MP3 1-32BunnydrumsLittle Room
MP3 1-33Din A TestbildLogischer Gefrierpunkt
MP3 1-34DramatisLove Needs No Disguise
MP3 1-35Alternative TVMy Hand Is Still Wet
MP3 1-36Boom*Nancy Packs A Piece
MP3 1-37Black Sheep*Non Stop Fun Pop
MP3 1-38CardboardsOn The R To TZ
MP3 1-39Club TangoPerformance (Edit)
MP3 1-40Adam & The Ants*Prince Charming
MP3 1-41BlondieRapture (Edit)
MP3 1-42BlancmangeSad Day (Early)
MP3 1-43Commericals*Simon
MP3 1-44The Chefs (2)Someone I Know
MP3 1-45Drowning CrazeStorage Case
MP3 1-46Effigies*Strong Box
MP3 1-47Drinking ElectricitySubliminal
MP3 1-48Valerie Desperiez & Eric Abitol*Substance
MP3 1-49ConservativesSuburban Bitch
MP3 1-50APB (2)Talk To Me
MP3 1-51ABCTears Are Not Enough (Edit)
MP3 1-52A Flock Of SeagullsTelecommunication
MP3 1-53Lol CoxhillThe Calm
MP3 1-54Dark DayThe Exterminations 6
MP3 1-55The ClashThe Magnificent Dance
MP3 1-56Crispy AmbulanceThe Presence (Edit)
MP3 1-57Colours Out Of Time*The Waiting (BBC)
MP3 1-58FactrixThin Line
MP3 1-59Concrete (4)Uranium
MP3 1-60Babylon Dance Band*When I'm Home
MP3 1-61Bow Wow WowWhy Are Babies So Wise
MP3 1-62Aquila (5)Without A Care
MP3 1-63Doo-DooettesZombie
MP3 1-64Dara BirnbaumKojak-Wang
MP3 1-65B-MovieRemembrance Day
MP3 1-66CCCP-TVFear That Mindless
MP3 1-67Bouncing Czechs*1992 (Edit)
MP3 1-681000 OhmA.G.N.E.S.
Briefcase Part 2
MP3 2-1Jeunesse D'IvoireA Gi
MP3 2-2It's ImmaterialA Gigantic Raft (Edit)
MP3 2-3The JamAbsolute Beginners
MP3 2-4Klopferbande*Am Hauptfelsen
MP3 2-5Marine (2)Animal In My Head
MP3 2-6Joe JacksonBeat Crazy
MP3 2-7Gizmos*Biscuits & Gravy
MP3 2-8Front 242Body To Body
MP3 2-9JandekCan I See Your Clock
MP3 2-10JezebelChinese Dragon
MP3 2-11Mass (4)Cross Purposes
MP3 2-12Legal WeaponDaddy's Gone Mad
MP3 2-13Generation X (4)Dancing With Myself
MP3 2-14The LambrettasDecent Town
MP3 2-15Last Four Digits*Diddy Wah Diddy
MP3 2-16Instant MusicDo Not
MP3 2-17Kontakt Microfoon Orkest*Do The Residue
MP3 2-18LiliputEisiger Wind
MP3 2-19Haircut 100*Favourite Shirt
MP3 2-20Kitchen & The Plastic SpoonsFilmen
MP3 2-21Jad FairFish Can Talk
MP3 2-22Indoor LifeGilmore Of The Filmore
MP3 2-23Girls At Our BestGo For Gold
MP3 2-24Kid CreoleGoing Places
MP3 2-25MeteorsGraveyard Stomp
MP3 2-26JagataraHey Say! (Edit)
MP3 2-27GeisterfahrerHimmel Auf Erden
MP3 2-28The Fritz (4)Hostiches
MP3 2-29Malaria*How Do You Like My New Dog
MP3 2-30Gilbert* & Lewis*Hung Up To Dry Whilst Building An Arch
MP3 2-31IcehouseIcehouse (Edit)
MP3 2-32GleitzeitIch Komme Aus Der DDR
MP3 2-33GrauzoneIch Lieb Sie
MP3 2-34The MacsI'm 37
MP3 2-35Jeff & Jane Hudson*Information
MP3 2-36The Fast SetKing Of The Rumbling Spires
MP3 2-37Thomas LeerKings Of Sham
MP3 2-38KosmonautentraumKosmonautentraum 6
MP3 2-39Fifteen MinutesLast Chance For You
MP3 2-40Vivien GoldmanLaunderette
MP3 2-41Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle*Lesezirkel Melodie
MP3 2-42Gifted Children*Lichtenstein Girl
MP3 2-43KebabLife Is A Joke
MP3 2-44Paul HaigMad Horses
MP3 2-45Mekanik KommandoMicrobes
MP3 2-46Hermann KoppMondo Zombie
MP3 2-47Ike YardMotiv
MP3 2-48Metro Pakt*Neue Straßen
MP3 2-49Lene LovichNew Toy
MP3 2-50Kirlian CameraNews
MP3 2-51Gina XNo GDM (Edit)
MP3 2-52Kevin HarrisonPeople In Space
MP3 2-53Jeanette Und Das Land ZPoupee De Circe, Poupee De Con
MP3 2-54Freddy And The Fruitloops*Right & Wrong
MP3 2-55Fingerprintz (2)Shadowed
MP3 2-56Husker Du*Statues
MP3 2-57Maximum JoyStrech (Edit)
MP3 2-58Fleshtones*The Dreg
MP3 2-59Medium MediumThe Glitterhouse
MP3 2-60Five Or SixThe Trial
MP3 2-61Los MicrowavesTime To Get Up
MP3 2-62Icicle WorksWhen Winter Lasted Forever (Edit)
MP3 2-63Kim Gordon & Miranda*Working Youth
MP3 2-64George Harrassment*Yoghurt
MP3 2-65Ippu-DoMission Impossible Theme
MP3 2-66Mecano (2)Robbespierre's Re-Marx
MP3 2-67Forty Five Grave*45 Grave
Briefcase Part 3
MP3 3-1Our Daughter's WeddingAirlines
MP3 3-2Red KrayolaAn Old Man's Dream
MP3 3-3Snowy RedBaby Tonight
MP3 3-4The MetronomesBallad Of The Metronome
MP3 3-5The Room (3)Bated Breath
MP3 3-6Modern EnglishBlack Houses
MP3 3-7Oingo BoingoCapitalism
MP3 3-8Spanish Dogs*Cleveland
MP3 3-9My CaptainsConverse
MP3 3-10SplodgenessaboundsCowpunk Medlum
MP3 3-11Ski PatrolCut
MP3 3-12The PoliceDarkness
MP3 3-13MnemonistsDigesting War
MP3 3-14Second LayerDistortion (Edit)
MP3 3-15Minny PopsDolphin's Spurt
MP3 3-16PyrolatorElefantendisco
MP3 3-17Modern EonEuthentics
MP3 3-18Scars (2)Everywhere I Go
MP3 3-19Palais Shaunburg*Gluecklich Wie Nie
MP3 3-20The Misfits*Halloween
MP3 3-21Passage*Hip Rebels
MP3 3-22Colin PotterI Am Your Shadow
MP3 3-23Rational YouthI Want To See The Light
MP3 3-24Splitter (3)Ich Fress Dir Aus Der Hand
MP3 3-25Poison GirlsIdeologically Unsound
MP3 3-26Pel MelIpanema Mon Amour
MP3 3-27Steve Parker*Keys And Colleges
MP3 3-28Naked LunchLa Femme
MP3 3-29Neu ElectrikkLust Of Berlin
MP3 3-30Normal BrainM.U.S.I.C.
MP3 3-31Rally GoMass Brew Action
MP3 3-32ModerneMercenaire Solitaire
MP3 3-33Polyphonic SizeMothers Little Helper
MP3 3-34Mr Science*Mr. Science
MP3 3-35Names*Music For Someone
MP3 3-36Plain CharactersO
MP3 3-37Post Raisin BandPink Lincoln
MP3 3-38Red Cross*Puss 'N' Boots
MP3 3-39PolyrockRain
MP3 3-40Red AsphaltRed Asphalt
MP3 3-41Mythos (4)Robot Secret Agents
MP3 3-42SlugfuckersSchizo Revolution
MP3 3-43Matthais Schuster*Schlaglichter
MP3 3-44Iggy PopSea Of Love
MP3 3-45Scientists*She Said She Loves Me
MP3 3-46Lee RanaldoShift
MP3 3-47Monique ExperienceSomeone's In The Bathroom
MP3 3-48Slow Children (2)Spring In Fialta
MP3 3-49Minimal CompactStatik Dancin
MP3 3-50No MoreSuicide Commando
MP3 3-51Rudimentary PeniTeenage Time Killer
MP3 3-52Penguin Cafe OrchestraTelephone And Rubber Band
MP3 3-53Monochrome Set*Ten Don'ts For Honeymooners
MP3 3-54Thurston MooreThe Fucking Youth Of Today
MP3 3-55Simple MindsTheme For Great Cities (Edit)
MP3 3-56Plus InstrumentsThings
MP3 3-57Spandau BalletTo Cut A Long Story Short (Edit)
MP3 3-58Irmin Schmidt & Bruno SpoerriToy Planet (Edit)
MP3 3-59Native Hipsters*Tropical Fish In The Sink
MP3 3-60PulpTurkey Mambo Momma (Peel Session)
MP3 3-61NasmakVaseline Des Artistes
MP3 3-62R. Steven Moore*What Are You Looking At
MP3 3-63Mo-DettesHeartbeat (Peel)
MP3 3-64Plimsouls*Mini-Skirt Minnie
MP3 3-65The Reflections (3)4 Countries
Briefcase Part 4
MP3 4-1Two By Fours*Another 8 Hours
MP3 4-2Sudenten Geche*Are Kiss
MP3 4-3Wanderers*Beyond The Law
MP3 4-4The TimesBiff! Bang! Pow!
MP3 4-5Urban VerbsBusiness And The Rational Mind
MP3 4-6Swamp ChildrenCall Me Honey
MP3 4-7Suburban LawnsComputer Date
MP3 4-8Wall Of VoodooCrack The Bell
MP3 4-9Tronics (2)Cruisin
MP3 4-10Zounds (2)Demystification
MP3 4-11The TanzdieleDie Lachenden Idioten
MP3 4-12Student NurseDiscover Your Feet
MP3 4-13Bruce TovskyDub Bums
MP3 4-14Theoretical GirlsElectronic Angie (Studio)
MP3 4-15Via Veneto (2)Empty (Edit)
MP3 4-16Terraplanes*Evil Going On
MP3 4-17Techno TwinsFalling In Love Again
MP3 4-18Wild West (2)Fierce Atoms
MP3 4-19Swell MapsForest Fire
MP3 4-20TelexHaven't We Met Somewhere Before
MP3 4-21Wobble*, Czukay* & Liebezeit*How Much Are They
MP3 4-22Alan VegaI Believe
MP3 4-23UrinalsI Hate
MP3 4-24Teenage FilmstarsI Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape
MP3 4-25TSOL*I'm Tired Of Life
MP3 4-26The VaporsJimmie Jones (Single Version)
MP3 4-27Surplus StockLet's Kill Each Other
MP3 4-28Vital Disorder*Let's Talk About Prams
MP3 4-29Maureen Tucker*Louie Louie
MP3 4-30Tall DwarfsLuck Of Loveliness
MP3 4-31VisageMind Of A Toy
MP3 4-32Stranger StationMinutes To Silence
MP3 4-33Theatre Of HateMy Own Invention
MP3 4-34Walter Steding & The Dragon People*New Day
MP3 4-35XpozezNew Law
MP3 4-36Walking Floors*No Next Time
MP3 4-37UB40One In Ten
MP3 4-38Van Kaye & IgnitOpera Of Worms
MP3 4-39The Subway Sect*Parallel Lines
MP3 4-40StarterPart Of You
MP3 4-41Thompson TwinsPolitics
MP3 4-42The Past Seven DaysRaindance (Edit)
MP3 4-43Those Little AliensSentimental
MP3 4-44Schaltkreis WassermannSex Ist Out, Ich Bin Geklont
MP3 4-45Telefones*Solid Ground
MP3 4-46Yukihiro TakahashiSomething In The Air
MP3 4-47The Tenants (5)Submind
MP3 4-48Triffids*This Boy
MP3 4-49WorldbackwardsTurning Yellow
MP3 4-50The TheUntitled
MP3 4-51WeltklangVeb Heimat


'1981' was the undertaking that started ‘Musicophilia.’

Track CD1-9 correct title is Howl! Caged Bird
Track CD5-13 correct title is New Routine / Suicide
Track MP3 1-4 correct title is 000010
Track MP3 1-48 correct title is Substance M.
Track MP3 2-1 correct title is A Gift Of Tears
Track MP3 2-57 correct title is Stretch (Edit)
Track MP3 4-2 correct title is Are Kisses Out Of Fashion



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