P.E.A.R.L.Temptation Through Impatience

Label:Falling Ethics – FEXLP001
2 x Vinyl, LP


A2Rules Of Behavior
C1Lack Of Faith
D1Spiritual Pride
D2The Search For Identity

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Temptation Through Impatience (8×File, WAV, Album)Falling EthicsFEXLP001Spain2017



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    About the album itself and the idea behind it (not my words):
    There was a time when to die was something slightly different from what it is today. Back in the last days of the middle age, some hidden monk was concerned about how to die properly, according to the catholic standards of that era, so he wrote a book that was a cornerstone in that period.
    This has been the leitmotiv and inspiration in the concept that drives this album, the Ars Moriendi book from 1415, a book that gave some clues about how to die properly, avoiding lack of faith, despair, impatience, avarice or spiritual pride, all those actually track titles in this compendium.

    Ideology and medieval inspiration set aside, this double pack slays everything in its path. It's eight cuts of speaker rattling, rabid electronics. High grade techno, masterful execution, on a constantly energetic side of the genre.

    Album kicks off with Impatience a short atmospheric drone sets the scene for post industrial mayhem, anchored by a continuous and obsessive metallic sequence laid over a dirty rhythm, working towards an angst fueled finale.
    Rules of Behavior gives a heavy beating with granulating, metallic hits at its beginning, steadily adding more percussive layers and dark, devious pads for an overall no-quails, off kilter techno assault.
    Despair pitches up the tempo, running at an unstoppable pace, tinged with a driving, relentless sequence that, in my ears, defines techno purism. Unhinged mechanical bliss.
    Speculum stacks pillars of tension. A clean, properly executed groove, tough as nails rhythms and just raw techno attitude. It's not about brain surgery here, it's about how powerful the sound is, and how well is sonic might achieved without dabbling in superfluous sound design.
    Lack Of Faith will have you feeling like you've lost all of it once it pulverizes your physical frame. A massive steam locomotive of a tune that fiercely marches on unleashing torrents of aural rust.
    Avarice is everything but, as it exudes syncopation, distortion and slamming percussion drops, contributing an exuberant techno workout worthy of the highest praises. With broken beats, heavy reverberating elements, and haunting background pads, it's a fine industrial burner, with a focus on mood and atmosphere.
    Spiritual Pride is the scorching burner here; laced with a dry, linear sequence, harshly resonating kicks and razor hat action serving up a dance floor incinerating bomb that'll cause havoc on any half decent podium. But that goes for virtually any cut off of this delicious piece of sinister techno music. Savage beats tearing the house down. What techno should be doing in the first place. Ace stuff.
    Closing the travel, The Search For Identity goes underwater, as submerged, cavernous landscapes dominate through a a pulsating sub frequency roaming across the low end, while drones and obscure sound figures captivate the listener and lift them far away from the rather aggressive approach of its predecessors.

    All in all, I'd dare call this his most confident work yet. It is successfully kept under the overstretched techno/industrial/medieval dungeon flagship, while retaining its own idiosyncratic musical "me."
    The album's main advantages are the no-nonsense approach and the decision to shun futile elements many plague their long plays with in these recent times.
    This double pack is devoid of interludes, white noise hisses and three minute abstract outtakes for the sake of experimentalism and artistic credibility. What "Temptation Through Impatience" is however, without doubt, is a might fine exercise in pure, solid, rough techno.
    I saw P.E.A.R.L. live on 11/11/2017 during the Hard Code Weekend in Belgrade, and I can only say that this stuff rips it across the board. There's a lot to enjoy here, especially for lovers of more on-point techno sounds. This man is not kidding around. Great effort, has been in heavy rotation for a while now at my place.


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