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    The Complete Novus & Columbia Recordings Of Henry Threadgill & Air (Compilation) album cover

    Henry Threadgill & Air (4)The Complete Novus & Columbia Recordings Of Henry Threadgill & Air

    Label:Mosaic Records (2) – MD8-247
    8 x CD, Compilation
    Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Style:Post Bop, Avant-garde Jazz


    1-1Air (4)Card Two: The Jick Or Mandrill's Cosmic Ass7:29
    1-2Air (4)Card Five: Open Air Suit10:18
    1-3Air (4)Card Four: Straight White Royal Flush...786:14
    1-4Air (4)Card One: Cutten (2 Knuckles, 2 Widows, 2 Tricks)/3 X 115:30
    1-5Air (4)Let's All Go Down To The Footwash10:25
    1-6Air (4)Abra13:00
    2-1Air (4)Suisse Air15:23
    2-2Air (4)The Ragtime Dance9:19
    2-3Air (4)Buddy Bolden's Blues9:28
    2-4Air (4)King Porter Stomp3:48
    2-5Air (4)Paille Street2:19
    2-6Air (4)Weeping Willow Rag11:36
    3-1Henry ThreadgillSir Simpleton6:28
    3-2Henry ThreadgillCelebration13:30
    3-3Henry ThreadgillAir Song10:22
    3-4Henry ThreadgillFe Fi Fo Fum13:03
    3-5Henry ThreadgillLuap Nosebor11:34
    3-6Henry ThreadgillSalut To The Enema Bandit10:21
    3-7Henry ThreadgillMelin6:29
    4-1Henry ThreadgillBermuda Blues9:27
    4-2Henry Threadgill SextettSilver And Gold Baby, Silver And Gold5:44
    4-3Henry Threadgill SextettTheme From Thomas Cole6:40
    4-4Henry Threadgill SextettGood Times6:35
    4-5Henry Threadgill SextettTo Be Announced6:29
    4-6Henry Threadgill SextettPaille Street4:26
    4-7Henry Threadgill SextettThose Who Eat Cookies6:19
    4-8Henry Threadgill SextettI Can't Wait 'Till I Get Home4:08
    4-9Henry Threadgill SextettBlack Hands Bejewelled7:05
    4-10Henry Threadgill SextettSpotted Dick Is Pudding8:54
    5-1Henry Threadgill SextettLet Me Look Down Your Throat Or Say Ah7:12
    5-2Henry Threadgill SextettMy Rock8:11
    5-3Henry Threadgill SextettHall (Dedicated To Muhal Richard Abrams)4:15
    5-4Henry Threadgill SextettAward The Squadtett7:02
    5-5Henry Threadgill SextettOff The Rag12:42
    5-6Henry Threadgill SextettThe Devil Is On The Loose And Dancin' With A Monkey
    5-7Henry Threadgill SextettGift5:44
    5-8Henry Threadgill SextettSweet Holy Rag13:23
    6-1Henry ThreadgillCome Carry The Day6:16
    6-2Henry ThreadgillGrowing A Big Banana3:30
    6-3Henry ThreadgillVivjanrondirski5:55
    6-4Henry ThreadgillBetween Orchids Lillies Blind Eyes And Cricket7:48
    6-5Henry ThreadgillHyla Crucifer...Silence Of6:11
    6-6Henry ThreadgillJenkins Boys Again, Wish Somebody Die, It's Hot7:40
    7-1Henry ThreadgillNoisy Flowers6:42
    7-2Henry ThreadgillLike It Feels11:17
    7-3Henry ThreadgillOfficial Silence8:54
    7-4Henry ThreadgillRefined Poverty9:04
    7-5Henry ThreadgillMake Hot And Give7:56
    7-6Henry ThreadgillThe Mockingbird Sin12:13
    7-7Henry ThreadgillDirty In The Right Places8:11
    8-1Henry Threadgill & Make A Move100 Year Old Game10:55
    8-2Henry Threadgill & Make A MoveLaughing Club5:00
    8-3Henry Threadgill & Make A MoveWhere's Your Cup?11:15
    8-4Henry Threadgill & Make A MoveAnd This13:40
    8-5Henry Threadgill & Make A MoveFeels Like It6:39
    8-6Henry Threadgill & Make A MoveThe Flew9:50
    8-7Henry Threadgill & Make A MoveGo To Far8:56


    This Box-Set is limited to 5,000 albums. It comes with a LP sized booklet with extensive session details and photos.


    1928khst's profile picture
    Where are all these boxes ? Edition of 5000 sold out ? Never ever.
    A horror, to put a hand on one of those editions outside of the US.
    Back in the 80´s, most stuff, regardless how small the label was, was in stock in every bigger store in Germany.
    Not seldom you could pick out your copy out of 5 to 10 stock copies. Glory days.