Drexciya - The Journey Home laluna

January 28, 2016
somewhere in my collection i have a spare cover for this,if anyones after one.let me know

Drexciya - The Journey Home Asim0v

March 28, 2016
yes please! is it the white one? ive only got a plain black sleeve

Drexciya - The Journey Home as reviewed by Thunderloops

October 28, 2015

Possibly my favourite of all the Drexciya records, and the easiest to get. Moody and smooth, Journey Home is a great piece of middle mood bouncey electronica, while Black Sea is very classic Drexciyan intensity. Across 4 tracks it really sums the variety of Drexciyan expression and is a great intro to the band.

Drexciya - The Journey Home 9093

January 23, 2015
Ron Hardy?
I'm sure..but call a pedant.
Wrong City saan.

Drexciya - The Journey Home norepetitivebeats

April 26, 2015
Ron Hardy was from Chicago, saan.

Drexciya - The Journey Home 9093

January 23, 2015
Re below.
303's? Where?
Some people ought to refrain from touching things that look like they say qwerty.

Anyways, when I get on desert island on r4 black sea is in there.

Drexciya - The Journey Home as reviewed by theskyisfalling

January 10, 2015
You can buy the 4 volume Clone reissues that feature the 4 tracks from this ep for about £15 a pop, or you could just spend that £60 on this. Or be greedy and get'em all.

Drexciya - The Journey Home reverberation

February 12, 2014
edited over 5 years ago
A lot of people talk about how the electronic rawness was born in Chicago. due to limited funds by artists like Phuture and Ron Hardy who had to use scrappy mixers and cheap karaoke machine called TB-303, but a lot of people do not discuss about how Drexciya took that rawness into a different completely imaginative direction.

The Drex crew hit the jackpot with this EP, it fits like fingers to glove to the "freakiness" and the "weirdness" Warp records presented in those current times. "Darthouven Fish Men" is a dirty melody which sounds like a computer malfunction repeatedly hitting an error, it is jumpy and crunchy with scattered envelops all around.

"Black Sea" is a deep journey into Detroit's famous Packard Automotive Plant rave scene which was flourishing in the 90's, it is trance before trance was gentrified. the thing so unique about Drexicya is that they used distortion but it never sounded bad quality distortion, it was a matter of science for James & Gerald - how can we make heavily distorted and compressed sounds without making them sound bad?

"Hydro Theory" is the treasure here, that breathing heavily sound in the background is probably timed frame to the recognizable Drexciya, anybody who bootlegs that aquarium deep sea sound will get his ass whooped instantly thinking he is playing a Drex track.

"Journey Home" offers a more instrumental side to things with a light funky attitude. its an alien keyboard with a humorist twist, known legacy of this moniker.

Drexciya - The Journey Home SoloStrike

February 5, 2011
Love this record. Need a spare sleeve for mine, if anyone has one for sale then shout me!

Drexciya - The Journey Home as reviewed by perla

December 17, 2008
Okay, this is one of the best electronic music 12" ever. Quite an strong statement! On the one hand, black sea is a techno slap in your face, a tour the force, what a track! You play this in front of a crowd and you got it all. Extremely strong track, perfectly crafted and with superb sound design and production. It sounds full but not crowded with sounds, the mix is quite dirty in the good sense of the word. Just brilliant!
On the other hand, you have the journey home, emotional, intelligent and one of those tracks that make sense of the tittle, it really feels like in a long journey going back to your home or safe place.
What else can you ask for a 12"?

Drexciya - The Journey Home as reviewed by Alain_Patrick

September 21, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
The sweetest treasures, the widest soundwaves traverse the World, from Detroit to London. The emotiveness envolved on the sweet line of synth chords, the modulated 303 loops, spacey effects and elegant beats makes us think it is possible to explain an oeuvre such as “Black Sea”. It isn’t, just because of the misteries that lie within this masterpiece that simply cannot be identified. This tune fits perfectly to the intense listener, the ones that absolutely will not accept the cheesy musical production lines or anything that do not relate the music itself with the most pure state of art. For some specialists, this is the nicest techno track ever, despite being made by the drexciyan super heroes of the electro sounds. Considered a rather a Weird And Radical Project, it was released by one of the most serious labels of electronic music: WARP.

Drexciya - The Journey Home as reviewed by Andy-ed

March 5, 2004

It's a masterpiece and should be tracked down at all costs.
Very slick production and cannot be faulted on any level.
Still demands mega bucks and rightly so.. Very soulful, Emotive music that takes you to another level (Cue shockwave !) - -