David Bowie - No Plan EP JohnnyOBoogie

March 30, 2019
Lots of audible static and noises, at first I thought it was my cartridge!

David Bowie - No Plan EP loganryansmith

February 3, 2018
My copy isn't noisy. I didn't notice much surface noise at all, and definitely no clicks/pops. Sounds pretty good to me.

David Bowie - No Plan EP minusthesnake

December 15, 2017
Plagued by distracting hisses and pops throughout. I also own the 3 LP Lazarus Original Cast Recording which has the same music as this for LP3 and it sounds significantly better. I recommend spending a little more to pick that up vs. buying this separately. The cover at is nice, but the sleeve is pretty flimsy and there's nothing inside. A definite cash grab release.

David Bowie - No Plan EP as reviewed by ballptpentheif

August 8, 2017

My copy has some slight surface noise. Nothing too horrible but probably on par with the noise floor of the Blackstar pressings. Essentially occasional tics and a barely audible hiss during quiet portions of the songs. The overall mastering is slightly more compressed than the Blackstar mastering with less noticeable separation and distance between the instruments along with a softened bass tone. There was no warping and the etching marks were perfectly intact. Overall I am pleased with this copy.

David Bowie - No Plan EP eric91478

May 4, 2017
Really disappointed in the sound quality of this EP, especially when you consider how great the full album (BlackStar) sounds. It's a bit muffled and lifeless. Some playback noise as well.

David Bowie - No Plan EP brian.d.cameron

April 26, 2017
For whatever reason, my copy came without a digital download card.

David Bowie - No Plan EP as reviewed by hubi2

April 22, 2017
Hello community,

Yesterday I got my plates on time (2 copies, because collector). To the music itself and the selection and mixing of the pieces I need to say nothing more. For me as always awesome. But unfortunately, the quality of the vinyl leaves something to be desired. Both plates have two strips parallel to the edge, probably from the stenter. Listening is my very easy noise, actually almost not at all disturbing, but what is the actual disturbing factor is the strip on the back. This of course destroys the view of the etching and does not go for a collector at all! I hope only that there are also a few error-free copies! It is also the European pressing! Who knows in which forest it was pressed?

Hallo Gemeinde,

Gestern habe ich pünktlich meine Platten erhalten (2 Exemplare, weil Sammler). Zur Musik selbst und der Auswahl und Abmischung der Stücke brauche ich glaube nichts weiter zu sagen. Für mich wie immer genial. Aber leider lässt die Qualität des Vinyls einige Wünsche offen. Beide Platten haben ca. 1 cm vom Rand parallel zwei Streifen, wahrscheinlich vom Presswerk. Hören tut mein ein ganz leichtes Rauschen, eigentlich fast gar nicht störend, aber was der eigentliche Störfaktor ist, ist der Streifen auf der Rückseite. Dieser zerstört natürlich die Ansicht des Etching und das geht für einen Sammler gar nicht! Ich hoffe nur die es gibt auch ein paar Fehlerfreie Exemplare! Es ist im Übrigen die Europäische Pressung! Wer weiß in welchem Wald die gepresst wurde!