Foo Fighters - Songs From The Laundry Room D1221

May 4, 2017
This is a repress for what is being called "RSD Vinyl Club". It is a series of former RSD exclusives now being re-released throughout the year and sold at select record stores and on recordstoreday.com


Foo Fighters - Songs From The Laundry Room MrTorso

April 30, 2017
Where is actual documentation that this was repressed for RSD 2017?? These started showing up again in some stores in MARCH well before Record Store Day. I bought a copy in Boston March 30th. still has the white RSD sticker with the 2015 date on it. They got over 30 of them in at that time. Not left overs from RSD 2015. I believe Sony found some extra stock and sent them out .

Foo Fighters - Songs From The Laundry Room timaroosky

August 28, 2017
The "repress" coincided with RSD 2017, but it wasn't an official RSD 2017 release. No other information was ever made available. It's possible that there were extra stock from the 4000 pressed and sent out. There's no difference between this release and the 2015 release.

Foo Fighters - Songs From The Laundry Room HCmetalguy

May 13, 2017
I just picked this up this weekend and can't find a differentiating factor between what I picked up and the 2015 release or even the European release here. All three should probably be merged? I didn't get mine with the RSD sticker. Guess it's a replacement sleeve I guess. I don't care for resale purposes because I'm a collector. I just like to know exactly what I have.

Foo Fighters - Songs From The Laundry Room Koneyak

May 2, 2017
Def not an rsd release. From 2017 at least. This will gwt merged Id assume.