Aaron Dilloway - The Gag File Mrmilano

April 4, 2018
OMG what a piece of junk... what a waste of wax..

Aaron Dilloway - The Gag File nyydla

July 21, 2020
I'm curious, did you dislike the pressing or the actual music? I don't know why someone would buy this if they weren't into it

Aaron Dilloway - The Gag File foundfindfinding

June 23, 2019
Dude this is some janky, disturbing, crack pot golden trash, sir.

Aaron Dilloway - The Gag File Lautreamont

September 22, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
Disagree. This is actually pretty creative with some interesting soundscapes. If you don't like this compositional style I can understand why you don't like it personally but that doesn't make it junk. I consider junk music to be music that is formulaic created with the primary intention of mass consumption and making money.

Aaron Dilloway - The Gag File DeepThoughtsJP

June 16, 2018
this album rules bro. listen to the locked groove at the end of the A side for 24 hours and then you will know