Thin Lizzy - Collected singlesammler

July 12, 2018
Hi all,

my copy has record one gold and record two silver vinyl. Anybody else? Or all 2 x silver?



Thin Lizzy - Collected as reviewed by CNTRL_SCRUTINIZER

March 21, 2018
Finally received my copy today...I ordered this record a year But it finally showed up! And it was worth the wait. I concur with another reviewer re: the cover, it looks like it was maybe trapped in the plastic too long. It kinda adds to the "worn" charm though. No matter...this record sounds phenomenal. MOV hits it out of the park again. So glad I snagged a copy. \m/(>.<)\m/

Thin Lizzy - Collected leebekben

March 19, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
Finally received my copy today after well over a year of having it on pre-order. The silver lettering on Thin Lizzy has stuck to the plastic sleeve and consequently some of the silver has lifted off, on one hand I'm disappointed but on the other it kind of fits the look of the album cover...Vinyl sounds phenomenal..

Thin Lizzy - Collected steen.bugtrup

January 18, 2018

Got this answer from MOV when i asked for a new release date : We will announce it again when we are sure of the date…..

Thin Lizzy - Collected Lindiana

September 29, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
I received a reply from Music on Vinyl that it's still unsure whether/when this album gets a full official release (for now it's also deleted from their website, just like the 10cc version).

The copies which were sold in England and Italy earlier this year, shouldn't have been released already...

Thin Lizzy - Collected galwaydave

November 24, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
I was wondering why I couldn't find another copy of this.
I preordered on and it arrived months ago.

Thin Lizzy - Collected fvanderstel

October 19, 2017
Music on Vinyl must stopped from the agent of Thin Lizzy to release this album. Now its another company thats going to release this album.

Thin Lizzy - Collected GPA4.0

October 13, 2017
Just ot my note that release moved to 12/15..per Amazon (vinyl)