Necros (2) - I.Q. 32 mrsdn

July 1, 2018
Does anybody else have a copy of this 7" where the addresses on the insert are blacked out with sharpie?

Necros (2) - I.Q. 32 impulsemanslaughter

September 30, 2018
Yes, same with the insert of my copy (3rd press).

Necros (2) - I.Q. 32 buddysrecords

January 13, 2017
" This isn't very original, it's very D.C. influenced but the Necros really are a great band. They have a lot of energy and have progressed a great deal since the last single. "Race Riot" is one of the best songs of the year by far. "
review from DECLINE OF ART #2, New York 1981.