Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying as reviewed by MrMel

November 10, 2018

Great sounding audio, just like the cd version. Nice center labels on the vinyl and the artwork looks great having been resized from the original cd size for the vinyl version

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying matleon

June 12, 2018
I have this exact one and the front cover is quite alright, no misprint at all.

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying thesyspit

July 1, 2017
edited about 1 year ago

The cover artwork is not misprinted, this is the original artwork from 1990 some elements were added and removed for the 1998 remastered version on CD such as the writing on the plaque and the gravedigger. I think the decision to go back to the original was made for authenticity reasons as they stated they would be exact replicas of the original covers. This album marked a return to shorter songs and a rawer less polished sound with no epics sadly the songs simply were not good enough as a whole. The promise of Tailgunner is wasted by a chorus lacking inspiration, the best thing on here is the cool refrain of the title Track which follows the blueprint of Remember Tomorrow sadly the song is ruined by a chaotic change of pace which lacks the usual maiden discipline and melody - the album doesn't recover after this - the only highlights are some of Dave Murrays brilliant melodic solos and couple of rasping Janick Gers solos on Bring Your Daughter and The Assassin which highlight his full on aggressive and some what unorthodox playing style. The quality of this album can usually be reflected in the fact that most of the songs have not been played since the album tour - the only song that has had a recent outing was Bring Your Daughter during maidens in between album tours. Most people will remember Bring Your Daughter going to number one in January 1991 as a result of a clever trick to release some 7 formats of the single.

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying Dernt

March 18, 2019

I'm interested to know what you have found out about this. I have a CD release with no "double plaque" but my reissue Parlaphone vinyl does have the "misprint".

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying Dernt

March 18, 2019
edited 2 months ago

You are partially correct concerning the artwork. The original artwork showed Eddie reaching from the tomb and grabbing the gravedigger by the throat. However, there was no writing on the plaque. Upon the CD release, due to its graphic nature, they removed the gravedigger and added the words, "After the daylight, the night of pain, that is not dead, which can rise again" to the plaque. At some point, they removed the words but kept the edited image for CD releases. On the vinyl reissues, they brought the gravedigger back but not the words on the plaque. They super-imposed the blank plaque over the worded one but misaligned it shows two upper right corners.

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying ralfwalter

October 15, 2017
I just verified today that it IS a misprint. I've been buying these because I have been after a press that does not have the gnarly drop outs. I noticed the artwork on my 2 copies that I bought (on ebay) have the 'misprint' and pretty much assume they are all this way. Nope. Today I bought my third copy from a store and it does not have the 'misprint'. All 3 pressing are the same (same barcode and everything) but this one I got today does not have the weirdness in the artwork. So I am wondering if the misprints are early prints or if they are later runs. I'll also need to compare the run-out numbers to see if the vinyl pressings are of different runs too (for the 2 I still have including the new one which lacks the misprint).

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying PowerslaveM

August 13, 2017
I wouldn't call it a missprint, but it clearly has a bad photoshop work...
Just look at the top of the metal plate, on the tombstone, and you can clearly see a repetition line. Imagine two part scan where lines don't match.

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying sudeep.menon

June 21, 2017

Average sonics. Nothing to be too excited about other than the fact that the pressing is nice and clean....

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying as reviewed by harrymerkin

June 2, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
Sounds ok, but JESUS that front cover...what a sh*t show!, there is a section where the metal plate joins onto Eddie's grave and it has been very badly photoshopped/clone stamped to fit the cover. Awful.