Dead Artist Syndrome ‎– Prints Of Darkness

Blonde Vinyl Records ‎– BVCD3352
CD, Album


1 Christmas 3:36
2 Amy 3:40
3 Dancing Without Touching 3:25
4 Vision 3:35
5 Hope 4:34
6 Dance With Me 4:03
7 Think Of Me 3:15
8 Red 3:39
9 Reach 3:30




Executive Producer THOM ROY

Recorded at Neverland Studios and Whitefield Studios (R.I.P.) GYM NICHOLSON and OJO TAYLOR appear courtesy of UNDERCOVER and BROKEN RECORDS MICHAEL SAURERBREY and MICHAEL GERARD KNOTT appear courtesy of L.S.U. and BlONDE VINYL RECORDS

1991 Blonde Vinyl Records, 31441 Santa Margarita Pkwy., STE 101, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 Distributed by Spectra, 486 McNally Drive, Nashville, TN 37211

I would like to thank the following people for their help, support, and kindness

Thom Roy (just get it done) Undercover, L.S.U., Neverland Studios (Derri Daugherty and Dave Hackbarth), Mike Saurerbrey (let's swamp), Scott Macklin (is that a take), Dennis Murphy and Tom Gordon (of 2 road crew, Gym Nicholson (Brian you generalize everything), Ojo Taylor (IT'LL GET DONE), Brian and Camille Miller, Mark Balou, Arty Glackin, Chris Young, Daniel "Gonzo" Roy (for loaning me your dad), Buzz Bolton, Brent Jeffers, Jeff Sheets, Chris Harvey, Paula Caton (LOVE ALWAYS WHEREVER YOU ARE), Caey Dore (penguins?), Amy Kee (melt, melt, melt), Vicki M. (dancing without touching), Sim and Julie Wilson, Annica Svensson, Gary and Susan, Bradford J. and Homes of Bones, Mike Delaney, JOHN 3:16 (ENOUGH SAID), Donavan Moore, John Candy, Bill Freeman, Brian Doige, Kevin and Denise Annis (stand?), Timothy Wu and Darin Beaman, Michael Knott (you're special), Merry and Melody Music, Kevin Allison, Kris Paxton, Don Carrol, Peter DeVries, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Healy, Dave Rolph, Gail Limbeck, Debbie Nicholson (1965-1989), Richard Miller. G.H.S.,L.R.W.D. Love and Rockets, Brian Ferry, Ian Hunter, Boy's Club, The Choir, and D.A.(most of them through the speakers), Y.F.C. of O.C. (11-05-76), T.S. Eliot, Tony Campolo, Teilhard De Chardin (for their writings), The Wittenberg Door (for their rantings), Chris Wimber, Buckeye Dan Michaels, Charles Gates, and anyone still reading.
May all your hopes and dreams come true.
To Thomas and Doreen Healy with love.
Brian Healy, April 1990.

Acts 10:34

Hope, Vision, Dancing Without Touching and Amy: Recorded by Scott Macklin at Whitefield Studios Reach, Red, Think Of Me, Dance With Me, and Christmas: Recorded by Ojo Taylor, Dave Hackbarth and Brad Jeffers at Neverland Studios. Mixed by Ojo Taylor, Thom Roy, and Brian Healy at Neverland Studios.
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Type by Mercy


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All songs P and C 1990 Blatant Christian Music A.S.C.A.P. unless otherwise noted. Red Blatant Christian Music and B-1 Music.

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D.A.S. is represented exclusively by:
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Without the following people this project would not have been possible. Thank you for making my dream come true. THOM ROY, GYM NICHOLSON, OJO TAYLOR, MIKE SAURERBREY, DERRI DAUGHERTY, SCOTT MACKLIN

Originally released in 1990. Re-issued in 2003 as a 13th Anniversary Edition with three bonus songs ("Surrender", "Rich Girl" and "Christmas [live with 77's]" on the label BCM Music.