ForeignerForeigner - Часть 1-2

Label:Домашняя Коллекция – none, Навигатор – none
2 x CDr, CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release, MP3, 192 kbps
Style:Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Arena Rock, AOR


1977 - Foreigner
1-1ForeignerFeels Like The First Time
1-2ForeignerCold As Ice
1-5ForeignerThe Damage Is Done
1-6ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home
1-7ForeignerWoman Oh Woman
1-8ForeignerAt War With The World
1-9ForeignerFool For You Anyway
1-10ForeignerI Need You
1-11ForeignerFeels Like The First Time (Demo)
1-12ForeignerWoman Oh Woman (Demo)
1-13ForeignerAt War With The World (Demo)
1-14ForeignerTake Me To Your Leader (Demo)
1978 - Double Vision
1-15ForeignerHot Blooded
1-16ForeignerBlue Morning, Blue Day
1-17ForeignerYou're All I Am
1-18ForeignerBack Where You Belong
1-19ForeignerLove Has Taken Its Toll
1-20ForeignerDouble Vision
1-22ForeignerI Have Waited So Long
1-23ForeignerLonely Children
1-25ForeignerHot Blooded (Live)
1-26ForeignerLove Maker (Live)
1979 - Head Games
1-27ForeignerDirty White Boy
1-28ForeignerLove On The Telephone
1-30ForeignerI'll Get Even With You
1-32ForeignerHead Games
1-33ForeignerThe Modern Day
1-34ForeignerBlinded By Science
1-35ForeignerDo What You Like
1-36ForeignerRev On The Red Line
1981 - 4
1-38ForeignerNight Life
1-39ForeignerJuke Box Hero
1-40ForeignerBreak It Up
1-41ForeignerWaiting For A Girl Like You
1-44ForeignerI'm Gonna Win
1-45ForeignerWoman In Black
1-46ForeignerGirl On The Moon
1-47ForeignerDon't Let Go
1-48ForeignerJuke Box Hero (Nearly Unplugged)
1-49ForeignerWaiting For A Girl Like You (Nearly Unplugged)
1984 - Agent Provocateur
1-50ForeignerTooth And Nail
1-51ForeignerThat Was Yesterday
1-52ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is
1-53ForeignerGrowing Up The Hard Way
1-54ForeignerReaction To Action
1-55ForeignerStranger In My Own House
1-56ForeignerA Love In Vain
1-57ForeignerDown On Love
1-58ForeignerTwo Different Worlds
1-59ForeignerShe's Too Tough
1987 - Inside Information
1-60ForeignerHeart Turns To Stone
1-61ForeignerCan't Wait
1-62ForeignerSay You Will
1-63ForeignerI Don't Want To Live Without You
1-64ForeignerCounting Every Minute
1-65ForeignerInside Information
1-66ForeignerThe Beat Of My Heart
1-67ForeignerFace To Face
1-68ForeignerOut Of The Blue
1-69ForeignerNight To Remember
1991 - Unusual Heat
1-70ForeignerOnly Heaven Knows
1-71ForeignerLowdown And Dirty
1-72ForeignerI'll Fight For You
1-73ForeignerMoment Of Truth
1-74ForeignerMountain Of Love
1-75ForeignerReady For The Rain
1-76ForeignerWhen The Night Comes Down
1-77ForeignerSafe In My Heart
1-78ForeignerNo Hiding Place
1-79ForeignerFlesh Wound
1-80ForeignerUnusual Heat
1994 - Mr. Moonlight
1-81ForeignerWhite Lie
1-83ForeignerUntil The End Of Time
1-84ForeignerAll I Need To Know
1-85ForeignerRunning The Risk
1-86ForeignerReal World
1-87ForeignerBig Dog
1-88ForeignerHole In My Soul
1-89ForeignerI Keep Hoping
1-90ForeignerUnder The Gun
1-91ForeignerHand On My Heart
1995 - Rain (EP)
1-93ForeignerUnder The Gun (U.S. Version)
1-94ForeignerCrash And Burn
1982 - Spys
1-95SPYSDon't Run My Life
1-96SPYSShe Can't Wait
1-97SPYSIce Age
1-99SPYSOver Her
1-101SPYSDon't Say Goodbye
1-102SPYSInto The Night
1-103SPYSHold On (When You Feel You're Falling)
1-104SPYSNo Harm Done
1983 - Behind Enemy Lines
1-105SPYSRescue Me
1-106SPYSMidnight Fantasy
1-107SPYSBehind Enemy Lines
1-108SPYSSheep Don't Talk Back
1-111SPYSRace Against Time
1-112SPYSYounger Days
1-113SPYSCan't Stop Us Now
2009 - Can't Slow Down (2CD Edition)
2-1ForeignerCan't Slow Down
2-2ForeignerHead Games
2-3ForeignerCold As Ice
2-4ForeignerIn Pieces
2-5ForeignerWaiting For A Girl Like You
2-6ForeignerWhen It Comes To Love
2-7ForeignerLiving In A Dream
2-8ForeignerThat Was Yesterday
2-9ForeignerBlue Morning
2-10ForeignerI Can't Give Up
2-11ForeignerDirty White Boy
2-13ForeignerGive Me A Sign
2-15ForeignerFeels Like The First Time
2-16ForeignerI'll Be Home Tonight
2-17ForeignerToo Late
2-19ForeignerJuke Box Hero / Whole Lotta Love
2-21ForeignerAs Long As I Live
2-22ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is
2-23ForeignerAngel Tonight
2-24ForeignerHot Blooded
2-25ForeignerFool For You Anyway
2-26ForeignerAt War With The World (Live Bonus Track)
2-27ForeignerHeadknocker (Live Bonus Track)
Lou Gramm
1987 - Ready Or Not
2-28Lou GrammReady Or Not
2-29Lou GrammHeartache
2-30Lou GrammMidnight Blue
2-31Lou GrammTime
2-32Lou GrammIf I Don't Have You
2-33Lou GrammShe's Got To Know
2-34Lou GrammArrow Thru Your Heart
2-35Lou GrammUntil I Make You Mine
2-36Lou GrammChain Of Love
2-37Lou GrammLover Come Back
1989 - Long Hard Look
2-38Lou GrammAngel With A Dirty Face
2-39Lou GrammJust Between You And Me
2-40Lou GrammBroken Dreams
2-41Lou GrammTrue Blue Love
2-42Lou GrammI'll Come Running
2-43Lou GrammHangin' On My Hip
2-44Lou GrammWarmest Rising Sun
2-45Lou GrammDay One
2-46Lou GrammI'll Know When It's Over
2-47Lou GrammTin Soldier
1997 - Mystic Foreigner
2-48Lou GrammHow Do You Tell Somebody
2-49Lou GrammSociety's Child
2-50Lou GrammI Wish Today Was Yesterday
2-51Lou GrammMy Baby
2-52Lou GrammHeadin' Home
2-53Lou GrammWatch You Walk Away
2-54Lou GrammWon't Somebody Take Her Home
2-55Lou GrammDon't You Know Me My Friend
2-56Lou GrammBetter Know Your Heart
2-57Lou GrammI Can't Make It Alone
2009 - The Lou Gramm Band
2-58Lou GrammBaptized By Fire
2-59Lou GrammMade To Be Broken
2-60Lou GrammWilling To Forgive
2-61Lou GrammThat's The Way God Planned It
2-62Lou Gramm(I Wanna) Testify
2-63Lou GrammSo Great
2-64Lou GrammRedeemer
2-65Lou GrammSingle Vision
2-66Lou GrammRattle Yer Bones
2-67Lou GrammYou Saved Me
2-68Lou GrammIt's Not Too Late
Shadow King:
1991 - Shadow King
2-69Shadow KingWhat Would It Take
2-70Shadow KingAnytime, Anywhere
2-71Shadow KingOnce Upon A Time
2-72Shadow KingDon't Even Know I'm Alive
2-73Shadow KingBoy
2-74Shadow KingI Want You
2-75Shadow KingThis Heart Of Stone
2-76Shadow KingDanger In The Dance Of Love
2-77Shadow KingNo Man's Land
2-78Shadow KingRussia
Mick Jones:
1989 - Mick Jones
2-79Mick Jones (2)Just Wanna Hold
2-80Mick Jones (2)Save Me Tonight
2-81Mick Jones (2)That's The Way My Love Is
2-82Mick Jones (2)The Wrong Side Of The Law
2-83Mick Jones (2)4 Wheels Turnin'
2-84Mick Jones (2)Everything That Comes Around
2-85Mick Jones (2)You Are My Friend
2-86Mick Jones (2)Danielle
2-87Mick Jones (2)Write Tonight
2-88Mick Jones (2)Johnny (Part 1)

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