Public Relations* - Wakhif as reviewed by BomberOne

May 28, 2004
Public Relations was very representative of the influence of New wave, Synth Pop and EBM on the beginnings of Techno. They were obviously trying to produce a club music inspired by Blanc Mange, and, well, it was quite working ! A great proof that Techno wasn't (only) invented in Detroit, but do owes a LOT to the Belgian musical melting pot.<BR>
While this one was released, the Belgian scene was still mostly New Beat or Acid New beat, and this record was among the best ones. It had this synth feel, and some inspired new wave vocals, quite different of most silly lyrics usual in New Beat (think about D-bop, or Clouseau samples!!) <BR>
The most interesting tracks are on the B-side, and this New Beat Mind explanation was a great hit, while Whackif was soon forgotten.<BR>

Public Relations* - Wakhif gerasoulis94

May 25, 2011
Actually, Techno is not a Detroit creation. There is plenty of German and Belgian "Techno" that pre-dates Detroit. ZYX's sublabel Technodrome International (created in 1987) alone predates the detroit scene by a full year which started in 1988.