Van Der Graaf GeneratorThe Aerosol Grey Machine

Label:Mercury (2) – SMCL 20177
Vinyl, LP, Album, Test Pressing, Unofficial Release, White Label
Style:Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock


A1Aerosol Grey Machine0:56
A2Black Smoke Yen1:18
B2Orthenthian St. (Part I)2:23
B3Orthenthian St. (Part II)3:53
B4Running Back6:32
B5Into A Game6:56



Recorded at Trident Studios, London July 31 / August 1, 1969; except "Afterwards", recorded in one afternoon in January 1969 at Marquee Studios, London.

White Label test press in a slick (proof print) cover

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The Aerosol Grey Machine (LP, Album)MercurySR 61238-1US1969
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The Aerosol Grey Machine (LP, Album, Misprint, Promo, Giant Squid Track)MercurySR 61238US1969
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The Aerosol Grey Machine (LP, Album, Promo)MercurySR 61238US1969
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The Aerosol Grey Machine (LP, Album, Mispress, Giant Squid version)MercurySR 61238US1969
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The Aerosol Grey Machine (LP, Album, Reissue)Vertigo, Vertigo6360 510 A, 6360 510 LItaly1974


  • godbluff21's avatar
    Ridiculos, 5 collectors HAVE this copy! Just 1-2 known copies exist))
    • Filteau's avatar
      one of the man your talking about is Peter Hammill
      • jacobsvinylrare's avatar
        • vovapink2's avatar
          the person who owns this vinyl let me ask you. and why there are no matrix numbers on the page of your copy.
          • Therealxxxrecords's avatar
            Edited 4 years ago
            Unfortunately (as is plain to see!) there are a few issues with this LP - both in the pictures, and the release. People are missing the obvious details that make the cover of LP (at least the one in the pictures!) an obvious fake.

            1) The LP in the pictures shows a 'finished' cover and definitely NOT a 'proof' cover. Proof covers are always without exception a flat piece of card and NEVER 'contructed'.
            2) ALL finished Mercury covers from this period had laminated outsides or 'matt' outsides NEVER 'slick' - again without exception - this one (especially with the 2 men holding it) does not.
            3) Fontana / Philips / Mercury etc all used the same cover manufacturers in the UK. We all know about the Roman Blues & Ambrose Slade almost exact fakes - the cover in the picture looks exactly like one of these.
            4) The construction of ALL gatefold Mercury / Philips / Fontana gatefold covers from 1969 (Harsh Reality, Sweet Pain etc) had a flat laminated outside with the unlaminated inside folded under the outside of the cover. The reverse is true here.
            5) The signatures on the inside of the cover are obviously VERY recent - and feature the 3 current bandmembers today. These are NOT 1969 signatures or anywhere near it!
            6) The inside spine is the wrong shape and incorrect.
            7) There is a MULTITUDE of extra copyright etc details (blurred unreadable) on the inside gatefold - something not present on any other 1969 Mercury / Philips / Fontana LP from this period.

            SO BE VERY CERTAIN! The cover in these pictures is a VERY obvious fake. The design / pictures may be originally from a 'lost' proof cover, or indeed, a 'mocked up' cover.

            The 'test pressing' may or may not exist - but the run off details in FULL are badly needed (complete with etchings / stampers etc).

            The Vertigo angle is pure fantasy UNLESS the run off have a crossed out Vertigo matrix - like Dave Kelly and the Nirvana LP. Just about EVERY Rock / Pop LP from this period would have had a collection of people mentioning 'which label shall we put this on' in a board meeting (Fontana / Philips / Mercury / Vertigo) - so this would not qualify. You needed evidence to say it was geniunely made up for Vertigo - not a 'rumour'.

            So in summary - maybe a proof cover once existed or still does! But the cover in these pictures is very VERY obviously a complete and utter fake! Quite possibly the 50th anniversary edition was taken from the geniune proof cover. Or one of these fake covers!

            I am leaning to the conclusion that a white label may well exist. Just like white label copies of Nirvana & Dave Kelly with VERTIGO MATRIXES ONLY do also exist. However the cat number on Mercury is VERY late 1969 (December). Perhaps it was due to be released in competition with 'Wave To Each Other' - which by the late 1969 date of this LP Mercury would have known about. Perhaps Mercury was threatened with legal action. Who knows.

            Either way at best this LP would only have been a 're-issue' anyway - being belated released months after the U.S. issues and for different exploitative reasons.

            So it is clear:-

            1) Cover in these pictures is a fake (construction etc completely wrong)
            2) Proof cover may / may not exist
            3) A picture of the cover front (proof or otherwise) may exist - but the inside is fabricated (certainly some of the text is!).
            4) Proof of test pressing + FULL run offs information is desperately needed + close up pictures of it.

            All these details are extremely obvious to most people who actually own similar covers from this period! And those who are also VERY familiar with similar 'fakes' from this period!!!!!!!
            • cachanoff's avatar
              This pressing is REAL, it does exist, but is very rare. The cover is NOT fake; I've just uploaded the overview of the gatefold cover.
              • GDLrecords's avatar
                This never been released in 1969.
                Cover is 100% fake .


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