ComtronFollow The Money

Comtron - Follow The Money album cover
Label:Rush Hour (4) – RH105CD
2 x CD, Album, Digipak
Style:Techno, Electro


1-1Greed & Finance2:42
1-2What We Sell3:04
1-4Material World4:52
1-6Mission Statement4:39
1-7No Sabbatical4:25
1-8Evil Machine4:19
1-9Evil O.S.5:08
1-10The Joke Is On You0:43
1-11Bad Business6:05
1-12Worst Business2:33
1-13Buy & Hold2:00
1-15Heart Of China \ Follow The Money Part 36:58
2-01Follow The Money Mix45:12



10th Anniversary of Rush Hour. Double CD release - CD1 contains tracks 1 -16, last track 15 includes a silence from 1:57 to 2:54 on the CD, where track 16 'Follow The Money pt 3' begins (though #16 is listed on the CD cover). CD2 contains a 'Follow The Money' mix.

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
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Follow The Money (2×CDr, Album, Promo)Rush Hour (4)RH 105 CDNetherlands2006
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Follow The Money (CD, Album, CD, Mixed)Rush Hour (4), Underground Gallery ProductionsUGCD-RH002Japan2007
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Follow The Money (2×CD, Album, Promo)Rush Hour (4)RH105CDNetherlands2007
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Follow The Money (17×File, AIFF, Album, Partially Mixed)Rush Hour (4)RH105CDNetherlands2007


  • calipheron's avatar
    Edited 12 years ago
    "Evil O.S." is a hacker's anthem! This fantastic double album is chock full of memorable melodies, arpeggios, and electro rhythms. Unlike many overhyped electro producers, Comtron actually write memorable little riffs with - admittedly overused - standard electro synth sounds, so even if their audio palette isn't anything particularly new (lots of vocals though, processed and otherwise), they make up for it with lots of memorable tracks.

    What We Sell has one of those dirty, massive bass/low-mid synth leads and it's used to great effect set to some cool vocoded vocals. Profit has an addictive shuffled rhythm that runs along with some soft sweeping pads and a repeated key motif. Bad Business has a hint of Japanese video game soundtracks to it - I'm reminded of Gunstar Heroes - perhaps because of its key, but certainly because of its "descending" main synth riff. It's a slower number, with less of the clattering hi-hats, the drums are more pared down, set to some more soft pads and a lovely chunky bassline.

    That's another lesson electro producers should learn: this is a DIVERSE album. Comtron aren't afraid to explore different tempos and moods than "generic elitist space electro". Take note of the varied track times, too. Some tracks are simple ideas that make their point and end, others develop further, but NONE of these tunes outstay their welcome.

    There are many, MANY highlights on this album, but as I said Evil O.S. has to be the pick: Combine the "we're takin' over" lyrics with the thick, heavy bass stabs and the mushy rhodes-emulating synth part and an incessant drum rhythm (naggin' snares!), and it makes for instant win on many levels.

    Just buy this thing already, willya?



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