ZZ TopCinco: The First Five LPs

Label:Rhino Records (2) – R1 557605
5 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 Gram
Box Set, Compilation
Style:Blues Rock, Classic Rock


ZZ Top's First Album
A1(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree2:32
A2Brown Sugar5:22
A4Goin Down To Mexico3:26
A5Old Man3:23
B1Neighbor, Neighbor2:18
B2Certified Blues3:25
B3Bedroom Thang4:37
B4Just Got Back From Baby's4:07
B5Backdoor Love Affair3:20
Rio Grande Mud
A2Just Got Paid4:49
A3Mushmouth Shoutin'3:41
A4Ko Ko Blue4:56
B1Apologies To Pearly2:39
B3Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell7:39
B4Whiskey'n Mama3:20
B5Down Brownie2:53
Tres Hombres
A1Waitin' For The Bus2:59
A2Jesus Just Left Chicago3:29
A3Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers3:23
A4Master Of Sparks3:33
A5Hot, Blue And Righteous3:14
B1Move Me On Down The Line2:30
B2Precious And Grace3:09
B3La Grange3:51
B5Have You Heard?3:14
A2Jailhouse Rock1:56
Backdoor Medley
A3aBackdoor Love Affair1:09
A3bMellow Down Easy3:39
A3cBackdoor Love Affair No. 22:04
A3dLong Distance Boogie2:31
B1Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings2:42
B2Blue Jean Blues4:42
B4Mexican Blackbird3:06
B5Heard It On The X2:23
A1It's Only Love4:24
A2Arrested For Driving While Blind3:05
A3El Diablo4:20
A4Snappy Kakkie2:56
A5Enjoy And Get It On3:23
B1Ten Dollar Man3:42
B2Pan Am Highway Blues3:15
B3Avalon Hideaway3:07
B4She's A Heartbreaker3:02
B5Asleep In The Desert3:24

Companies, etc.


  • Lacquer Cut By [Fandango!]KPG*
  • Lacquer Cut By [Tres Hombres; Fandango!]SH*
  • Lacquer Cut By [Tres Hombres]KG*
  • Lacquer Cut By [ZZ Top's First Album; Rio Grande Mud; Tejas]CB*


HQ-180 Premium Vinyl Pressing.

Audio is taken from the original London Masters.

Individual album catalog numbers:
ZZ Top's First Album: R1 3268
Rio Grande Mud: 525347
Tres Hombres: RHI1 274492
Fandango!: R1 306172
Tejas: R1 3272

This Collection ℗ & © 2017 Warner Bros. Records Inc.
A Lone Wolf Production

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 0 81227 94238 0
  • Barcode (String & scanned): 081227942380
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A etching [ZZ Top's First Album]): R1-3268-A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B etching [ZZ Top's First Album]): R1-3268-B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A processing facility etching [ZZ Top's First Album]): 26651.1(3)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B processing facility etching [ZZ Top's First Album]): 26651.2(3)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A & B lacquer cutting engineer initials etching [ZZ Top's First Album]): CB
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A etching [Rio Grande Mud]): R1-525347-A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B etching [Rio Grande Mud]): R1-525347-B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A processing facility etching [Rio Grande Mud]): 19374.1(3)
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B processing facility etching [Rio Grande Mud]): 19236.2(3)
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A lacquer cutting engineer initials etching [Rio Grande Mud]): CB
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A stamp [Tres Hombres]): RHI1-274492 A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B stamp [Tres Hombres]): RHI1-274492 B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A etching [Tres Hombres]): BSK-3270-A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B etching [Tres Hombres]): BSK-3270-B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A processing facility etching [Tres Hombres]): 14659.1(3)
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B processing facility etching [Tres Hombres]): 14659.2(3)
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A & B lacquer cutting engineers' initials @ lacquer cutting facility initials etching [Tres Hombres]): KG & SH @ ATM
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A etching [Fandango!]): 1-306172A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B etching [Fandango!]): 1-306172B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A etching [Fandango!]): B̶S̶K̶ ̶3̶2̶7̶1̶-̶A̶
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B etching [Fandango!]): B̶S̶K̶-̶3̶2̶7̶1̶-̶B̶
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A processing facility etching [Fandango!]): 14660.1(3)
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B processing facility etching [Fandango!]): 14660.2(3)
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A lacquer cutting engineers' initials @ lacquer cutting facility initials etching [Fandango!]): KPG & SH @ ATM
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B lacquer cutting engineer initials @ lacquer cutting facility initials etching [Fandango!]): KPG @ ATM
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A etching [Tejas]): R1-3272-A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B etching [Tejas]): R1-3272-B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A processing facility etching [Tejas]): 26675.1(3)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B processing facility etching [Tejas]): 26675.2(3)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A & B lacquer cutting engineer initials etching [Tejas]): CB

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Cinco: The First Five LPs (LP, Album, Reissue, 180 gram, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 gram, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 gram, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 gram, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 gram, Box Set, Compilation)Warner Bros. Records081227934514Europe2017



  • poison_stone's avatar
    Edited one year ago
    This review is not about the quality of the song writing, the performance, how it was recorded, etc. It's strictly about the quality of the these remaster pressings. The outer box is nothing more than a box to house the records. Very no frills. It would have been great to have a hardcover book with photos and commentary. I guess to keep the original MSRP down, they went simple. The shrink on my box was so tight, it actually pulled the sides inward a little but it did not affect the sleeves inside. The albums were not individually shrink-wrapped, so there was some slight rub on a couple of the sleeves (Fandango and Tres Hombres) just by nature of the shifting around while being handled and shipped. This is minor. I actually used some thin mylar sleeves and managed to get the records back into the box. All the records were heavy (felt like 200 to me) and perfectly flat. The edge of Rio Grand Mud had a couple ears on it but nothing horrible. The labels were all good with exception to a couple that were slightly mis-cut but ultra-minor. Fandango had a slight rub on the spine due to the fact the sleeve was just barely bigger than the others. I am still just amazed how quiet the vinyl is between songs. My Sound Quality Rating (SQR) is 0-5 where 0 is unlistenable and 5 is flawless. I rated each album with an SQR.

    ZZ Top's First Album:

    I immediately noticed that the print and sleeve looks identical to the original, including the insert. I placed this one in an Invest in Vinyl inner sleeve to protect the vinyl and the insert. I was very impressed how clean the vinyl sounded. Not a single pop or crackle until Old Man and it was only evident for a few revolutions. The bass is very deep and rich. The guitar and vocals do sit on top of the mix a bit. The drums and cymbals suffer a little on a few tracks but not all of them. For instance, they sound amazing on Neighbor, Neighbor but they are lost in the mix on Old Man. Bedroom Thang is the highlight on this pressing for no other reason than the clarity and separation is superb. SQR: 4.1

    Rio Grande Mud:

    Again, I have to comment on how incredible the sleeve is. Textured like the original. To my dismay, there was no insert, only the thick mylar inner which I replaced with my own sleeve. After looking at the WB releases, they never had an insert like the early London presses. Right away, the vinyl is super clean with no noise at all; dead quiet until it cuts into the first track. I am still a little taken aback at how great this sounds. The only criticism I have about the mastering is the highs are a bit too sharp in places. For example, the harmonica crushes the rest of the mix in parts like on Ko Ko Blue. A few tracks the guitar highs are also a tad too much. A minor EQ adjustment fixed that. The highlight here is Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell. Everything on this version of this song is absolutely perfect. SQR: 4.3

    Tres Hombres:

    The sleeve, just wow. Heavy gatefold identical to the original down to the insert. I still hate that picture inside the gatefold because it makes me crave nachos. Just like the previous two records, not a single pop or crackle when the needle hits the wax. I did not notice any defects on the entire record. The sound is well-rounded, unlike the first album, the drums seem to be mixed properly throughout the album. I think the vocals may be just a bit quiet in spots but you can still hear them clearly throughout. Unlike Mud, the guitar and the highs are at an appropriate level on this record. No adjustments needed to the EQ at all. The songs pop on here like they do on the CD remaster. Move Me on Down the Line is the winner here as the bass and drums have a killer punch and the guitar cuts through the mix just right. SQR: 4.7


    Probably the lowest quality sleeve in the set but still on-par with the original. This album has always been an anomaly for me since Side A is live and Side B is studio. I wish there was a release of the entire show because they were on fire. However, I'm only reviewing the sound and presentation. For an older live recording, which to the band's admission was raw as it should be, this sounds great. You can clearly hear everything in the live performance. Hats off to the mobile recording folks who captured this. Side B track 1, Everything sounds incredible. Excellent separation. Every instrument is clear. The vocals are a tad hollow but I think that was the intention with the original recording and it's always sounded that way. The bass is really thick and deep and the bass drum thumps with authority. The best sounding track on this album is Blue Jean Blues, just wow. I think I'm more amazed that during the quiet parts of the song, not a single click or pop. Ultra-clear. But honestly, everything on Side B sounds nearly flawless. Side A SQR: 3.9 Side B: SQR 4.5


    Attention to detail on the sleeve is amazing. I had flashbacks to opening the original press for the first time. Just stunning detail. Like all the other records, it's crystal clear with no defects in the sound. The bass is a bit muddled in the mix on the first track but the guitar and drums are really clear and prominent. The cymbals are even clear and bright. The vocals at times seem a little quiet but it's not detrimental to the overall sound. Much like Rio Grand Mud, the harmonica sits a bit on top of the mix. I think the best sounding song on this album is El Diablo because of the grinding bass groove that everything else rides on. Snappy Kakkie has a couple moments where the highs bounce out of the recording and seemed a little out of place with the vocals not being more prominent. Side B may be almost flawless. Every song sounds incredible. I was having a hard time finding stuff to complain about. SQR: 4.7


    I have bought a lot of remasters in the last decade or so and so many times, I'm disappointed by the overall result. This set however is on-par with the Zeppelin Deluxe edition remasters that Page was deeply involved in. I am going to say these are the best sounding versions of all these albums, even better than the remaster CDs. I highly recommend this set for anyone who either is a big fan of the band, or wants to get into ZZ Top for the first time. I don't see how anyone that likes the music could possibly be disappointed in this set. High quality pressings with outstanding remastering. You really can't go wrong.
    • NickB.'s avatar
      Some of the records came in those lame plastic sleeves that looked similar to the ones I’ve seen reviews about on how they damage records, because they off gas some corrosive chemicals. I promptly swapped these out but keep that in mind if you have a sealed set 😬
      • adamrant's avatar
        Edited 2 years ago
        Have to echo the great reviews below. Beautiful pressings. Lovingly recreated album covers and sleeves, including textured cardboard and inserts. Mastering from the original analogue tapes by Kevin Gray, Steve Hoffman and Chris Bellman is flawless. Was lucky to be able to just pick this up at retail at my local Best Buy. It had probably been sitting there since 2017.
        • agb1262's avatar
          This box set is amazing. The sound is great. You can tell the mastering was done by Kevin Grey, Cris Bellman and Steve Hoffman. Pure quality. I wish all reissues were done at this level of quality.
          • metalrob's avatar
            Do anyone know who pressed the EU version of this box?


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