Braxton Holmes - 12 Inches Of Pleasure as reviewed by MaximeD

September 2, 2017

Incredible quality for this 4 Tracks EP
25 years after always a pleasure to listen and mix

Braxton Holmes - 12 Inches Of Pleasure blizwookie

May 23, 2016
will this ever get reissued? it doesn't get much better than this

Braxton Holmes - 12 Inches Of Pleasure aka_dmsr

November 9, 2014

Absolute masterpiece. I will never sell it.

Braxton Holmes - 12 Inches Of Pleasure sfere71

September 21, 2013

-Yeah ! Best deep house release by Ron & Braxton..advancing years more and more the value grows !!

Braxton Holmes - 12 Inches Of Pleasure as reviewed by fluxragg

April 16, 2008
edited over 8 years ago

So what was Ron Trent doing between 'Altered States' and all those house monoliths on KMS and Prescription? Quite a lot, actually, but this explains what he was feeling, early 90s! Unbelievable EP, on a level with Kerri Chandler's 'Atmosphere' and FK's 'FK-EP' for one of the best house EPs ever, imo. Ron's Foreplay is total deep bliss, heard Theo Parrish play this on Plastic People's sound system late 07, it sounded incredible. Intercourse is another bomb, the piano's are amazing. The Climax is a trancey epic. Will be expensive but totally worth it!!

Braxton Holmes - 12 Inches Of Pleasure as reviewed by Qpchan

January 15, 2008
edited over 6 years ago

With this 4 tracker, you have here what's probably some of the finest instrumental deep house ever created.
A1 "Ron's Foreplay" is the better known track out of this EP (the most played out, and recently compiled by the french man with fine taste, DJ Deep). The track is just perfection and will be loved by both techno and house lover..It's got that little moody "Detroit" touch..Ron Trent at it's best!
A2 "Braxton's Foreplay" is a variation on the same theme, similar & different at the same time, a bit more beaty.
B side is as lovely, 2 more instrumentals that complete what can well be the best value EP from 1992.
12 inches of audio pleasure 4 sure !

Braxton Holmes - 12 Inches Of Pleasure childrentalking

October 15, 2010
the pressing on this record is absolutely fine... sounds great.

Braxton Holmes - 12 Inches Of Pleasure as reviewed by djptr

June 5, 2003
edited over 4 years ago

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best deephouse records éver produced!.
4 brilliant composed ecstatic trax, every track is unique in style, tho all share a similar shy theme which ties the album together. It's like one long story about making luv..hence the titles: Ron's Foreplay, Braxton's Foreplay, Intercourse and the Climax.
Produced in 1992 for Clubhouse records this 12 sets the mood for later beauties on Prescription and
Balance records...
Ron's pumpin his best classic..!