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The Piano Works = Klavierwerke = Œuvres Pour Piano (Compilation, Reissue) album cover

Chopin*, Vladimir AshkenazyThe Piano Works = Klavierwerke = Œuvres Pour Piano

London Records – 443 738-2, Decca – 478 2282
13 x CD, Compilation, Reissue


24 Preludes, Op.28
Level Up1-1I: C Major0:50
Level Up1-2II: A Minor2:02
Level Up1-3III: G Major1:00
Level Up1-4IV: E Minor2:01
Level Up1-5V: D Major0:36
Level Up1-6VI: B Minor2:03
Level Up1-7VII: A Major0:57
Level Up1-8VIII: F Sharp Minor2:05
Level Up1-9IX: E Major1:20
Level Up1-10X: C Sharp Minor0:30
Level Up1-11XI: B Major0:42
Level Up1-12XII: G Sharp Minor1:13
Level Up1-13XIII: F Sharp Minor3:23
Level Up1-14XIV: E Flat Minor0:39
Level Up1-15XV: D Flat Major "Raindrop"5:16
Level Up1-16XVI: B Flat Minor1:10
Level Up1-17XVII: A Flat Major3:10
Level Up1-18XVIII: F Minor1:05
Level Up1-19XIX: E Flat Major1:25
Level Up1-20XX: C Minor1:38
Level Up1-21XXI: B Flat Major1:46
Level Up1-22XXII: G Minor0:49
Level Up1-23XXIII: F Major1:08
Level Up1-24XXIV: D Minor2:35
1-25Prelude In C Sharp Minor, Op.454:39
1-26Prelude In A Flat Major (1834)0:43
1-27Impromptu In A Flat Major, Op.294:01
1-28Impromptu In F Sharp Major, Op.365:59
1-29Impromptu In G Flat Major, Op.514:34
1-30Fantaisie-Impromptu In C Sharp Minor, Op.664:54
2-1Ballade No.1 In G Minor, Op.239:51
2-2Ballade No.2 In F Major, Op.387:43
2-3Ballade No.3 In A Flat Major, Op.477:33
2-4Ballade No.4 In F Minor, Op.5211:29
2-5Scherzo No.1 In B Minor, Op.209:53
2-6Scherzo No.2 In B Flat Minor, Op.319:53
2-7Scherzo No.3 In C Sharp Minor, Op.396:44
2-8Scherzo No.4 In E Minor, Op.5410:10
3 Nocturnes, Op.9
Level Up3-1I: B Flat Minor5:51
Level Up3-2II: E Flat Major4:03
Level Up3-3III: B Major6:50
3 Nocturnes, Op.15
Level Up3-4I: F Major4:32
Level Up3-5II: F Sharp Major3:47
Level Up3-6III: G Minor3:49
2 Nocturnes, Op.27
Level Up3-7I: C Sharp Minor5:29
Level Up3-8II: D Flat Major5:50
2 Nocturnes, Op.32
Level Up3-9I: B Major5:06
Level Up3-10II: A Flat Major5:43
2 Nocturnes, Op.37
Level Up3-11I: G Minor6:13
Level Up3-12II: G Major5:36
2 Nocturnes, Op.48
Level Up4-1I: C Minor6:31
Level Up4-2II: F Sharp Minor7:32
2 Nocturnes, Op.55
Level Up4-3I: F Minor4:54
Level Up4-4II: E Flat Major5:21
2 Nocturnes, Op.62
Level Up4-5I: B Major7:01
Level Up4-6II: E Major5:57
4-7Nocturne In E Minor, Op.72 No.14:19
4-8Nocturne In C Sharp Minor (1830)4:05
4-9Nocturne In C Minor (1837)3:05
12 Études, Op.10
Level Up5-1I: C Minor2:01
Level Up5-2II: A Minor1:22
Level Up5-3III: E Major4:24
Level Up5-4IV: C Sharp Minor2:06
Level Up5-5V: G Flat Major "Black Key"1:42
Level Up5-6VI: E Flat Minor4:07
Level Up5-7VII: C Major1:31
Level Up5-8VIII: F Major2:23
Level Up5-9IX: F Minor2:24
Level Up5-10X: A Flat Major2:18
Level Up5-11XI: E Flat Major2:30
Level Up5-12XII: C Minor "Revolutionary"2:51
12 Études, Op.25
Level Up5-13I: A Flat Major2:58
Level Up5-14II: F Minor1:53
Level Up5-15III: F Major1:53
Level Up5-16IV: A Minor1:36
Level Up5-17V: E Minor3:38
Level Up5-18VI: G Sharp Minor2:08
Level Up5-19VII: C Sharp Minor5:47
Level Up5-20VIII: D Flat Major1:10
Level Up5-21IX: G Flat Major0:58
Level Up5-22X: B Minor4:47
Level Up5-23XI: A Minor "Winder Wind"3:49
Level Up5-24XII: C Minor2:47
2 Polonaises, Op.26
Level Up6-1I: C Sharp Minor7:38
Level Up6-2II: E Flat Minor7:28
2 Polonaises, Op.40
Level Up6-3I: A Major5:07
Level Up6-4II: C Minor6:49
6-5Polonaise In F Sharp Minor, Op.4410:25
6-6Polonaise In A Flat Major, Op.536:20
6-7Polonaise-Fantaisie In A Flat Major, Op.6114:02
3 Polonaises, Op.71
Level Up7-1I: D Minor5:25
Level Up7-2II: B Flat Major7:13
Level Up7-3III: F Minor7:07
7-4Polonaise In B Flat Minor (1826)4:02
7-5Polonaise In G Flat Major (1829)6:52
7-6Polonaise In G Minor (1817)2:40
7-7Polonaise In B Flat Major (1817)3:06
7-8Polonaise In A Flat Major (1821)4:18
7-9Polonaise In G Sharp Minor (1822)6:24
8-1Waltz In E Flat Major, Op.184:52
3 Waltzes, Op.34
Level Up8-2I: A Flat Major5:02
Level Up8-3II: A Minor4:34
Level Up8-4III: F Major2:06
8-5Waltz In A Flat Major, Op.423:24
3 Waltzes, Op.64
Level Up8-6I: D Flat Major1:51
Level Up8-7II: C Sharp Minor3:27
Level Up8-8III: A Flat Major2:19
2 Waltzes, Op.69
Level Up8-9I: A Flat Major3:59
Level Up8-10II: B Minor3:41
3 Waltzes, Op.70
Level Up8-11I: G Flat Major2:06
Level Up8-12II: F Minor1:44
Level Up8-13III: D Flat Major2:29
8-14Waltz In E Minor (1830)2:38
8-15Waltz In E Major (1829)2:11
8-16Waltz In A Minor (?1843)1:50
8-17Waltz In A Flat Major (1827)2:11
8-18Waltz In E Flat Major ("Sostenuto", 1840)2:18
8-19Waltz In E Flat Major (1829/30)3:03
4 Mazurkas, Op.6
Level Up9-1I: F Sharp Minor3:17
Level Up9-2II: C Sharp Minor2:31
Level Up9-3III: E Major1:39
Level Up9-4IV: E Flat Minor1:02
5 Mazurkas, Op.7
Level Up9-5I: B Flat Minor1:49
Level Up9-6II: A Minor3:17
Level Up9-7III: F Minor2:23
Level Up9-8IV: A Flat Major1:09
Level Up9-9V: C Major0:49
4 Mazurkas, Op.17
Level Up9-10I: B Flat Major1:58
Level Up9-11II: E Minor1:59
Level Up9-12III: A Flat Major4:06
Level Up9-13IV: A Minor4:16
4 Mazurkas, Op.24
Level Up9-14I: G Minor2:50
Level Up9-15II: C Major2:05
Level Up9-16III: A Flat Major1:57
Level Up9-17IV: B Flat Minor4:35
4 Mazurkas, Op.30
Level Up9-18I: C Minor1:33
Level Up9-19II: B Minor1:09
Level Up9-20III: D Flat Major2:39
Level Up9-21IV: C Sharp Minor3:41
4 Mazurkas, Op.33
Level Up9-22I: G Sharp Minor1:27
Level Up9-23II: D Major2:04
Level Up9-24III: C Major1:30
Level Up9-25IV: B Minor4:36
4 Mazurkas, Op.41
Level Up9-26I: C Sharp Minor3:33
Level Up9-27II: E Minor2:22
Level Up9-28III: B Major1:09
Level Up9-29IV: A Flat Major1:58
3 Mazurkas, Op.50
Level Up10-1I: G Major1:52
Level Up10-2II: A Flat Major2:54
Level Up10-3III: C Sharp Minor5:00
3 Mazurkas, Op.56
Level Up10-4I: B Major3:57
Level Up10-5II: C Major1:37
Level Up10-6III: C Minor5:58
3 Mazurkas, Op.59
Level Up10-7I: A Minor4:31
Level Up10-8II: A Flat Major2:33
Level Up10-9III: F Sharp Minor3:16
3 Mazurkas, Op.63
Level Up10-10I: B Major2:02
Level Up10-11II: F Minor2:11
Level Up10-12III: C Sharp Minor2:28
4 Mazurkas, Op.67
Level Up10-13I: G Major1:04
Level Up10-14II: G Minor1:58
Level Up10-15III: C Major1:28
Level Up10-16IV: A Minor2:31
4 Mazurkas, Op.68
Level Up10-17I: C Major1:30
Level Up10-18II: A Minor3:12
Level Up10-19III: F Major1:17
Level Up10-20IV: F Minor
Score Editor [Reconstruction By]J. Ekier*
10-21Mazurka In A Minor ("À Émile Gaillard", 1840)3:09
10-22Mazurka In A Minor ("Notre Temps", 1840)3:16
10-23Mazurka In B Flat Major (1826)1:11
10-24Mazurka In G Minor (1826)1:45
10-25Mazurka In A Flat Major (1834)1:18
10-26Mazurka In C Major (1833)2:23
10-27Mazurka In B Flat Major (For Alexandra Wołowska, 1832)1:04
10-28Mazurka In D Major (1832)1:17
10-29Mazurka In D Major (?1820)1:05
10-30Mazurka In F Minor, Op.68 No.4 (Revised Version)3:30
Piano Sonata No.2 In B Flat Minor, Op.35
Level Up11-1I: Grave — Doppio Movimento7:39
Level Up11-2II: Scherzo6:44
Level Up11-3III: Marche Funèbre9:00
Level Up11-4IV: Finale: Presto1:37
Piano Sonata No.3 In B Minor, Op.58
Level Up11-5I: Allegro Maestoso9:26
Level Up11-6II: Scherzo: Molto Vivace2:42
Level Up11-7III: Largo9:01
Level Up11-8IV: Finale: Presto, Non Tanto5:22
11-9Fantaisie In F Minor, Op.4913:58
Piano Sonata No.1 In C Minor, Op.4
Level Up12-1I: Allegro Maestoso8:47
Level Up12-2II: Minuetto — Trio4:26
Level Up12-3III: Larghetto4:03
Level Up12-4IV: Finale: Presto6:30
12-5Variations Sur Un Air National Allemand (1826)7:37
12-6Rondo In C Minor, Op.17:49
3 Écossaises, Op.72 No.3(2:12)
Level Up12-7.1I: D Major
Level Up12-7.2II: G Major
Level Up12-7.3III: D Flat Major
12-8Rondo "À La Mazur" In F Major, Op.57:29
12-9Marche Funèbre In C Minor, Op.72 No.25:26
12-10Contredanse In G Flat Major (?1827)1:39
12-11Rondo In C Major, Op.738:38
12-12Variations In D Major For Piano Duet (1826)
Piano [With]Vovka Ashkenazy
13-1Variations In A Major ("Souvenir De Paganini", 1829)3:36
13-2Variations Brillantes In B Flat Major, Op.128:11
13-3Rondo In E Flat Major, Op.169:50
13-4Bolero In A Minor, Op.197:17
13-5Cantabile In B Flat Major (1834)1:02
13-6Variation In E Major (From "Hexameron", 1837)1:38
13-7Largo In E Flat Major (?1837)1:59
13-8Allegro De Concert In A Major, Op.4611:37
3 Nouvelles Études (1839)
Level Up13-9I: F Minor1:52
Level Up13-10II: A Flat Major1:32
Level Up13-11III: D Flat Major1:27
13-12Tarantelle In A Flat Major, Op.433:06
13-13Fugue In A Minor (1841-42)2:11
13-14Albumblatt In E Major (1843)1:19
13-15Wiosna (From Op.74 No.2)0:58
2 Bourrées (1846)(1:09)
Level Up13-16.1I: G Minor
Level Up13-16.2II: A Major
13-17Galop Marquis0:44
13-18Berceuse In D Flat Major, Op.575:01
13-19Barcarolle In F Sharp Major, Op.608:49

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Made in the EU

Recorded in London 1974-1984

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 028944373820

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