Trys Keturiose, Andrius RugysBitela // Bitynėlių garsai

Label:Dangus – DNG 057
2 x CD, Album, Limited Edition
Genre:Folk, World, & Country
Style:Folk, Field Recording


Bitela CD - Bičių Sutartinės // Bee CD - Chants About Bees
1-1Trys KeturioseBite, dabiłėli, dabilio
1-2Trys KeturioseBitela bičiuke, dobilio
1-3Trys KeturioseSkrida bitela
1-4Trys KeturioseSkranc bitela, sadula gadula
1-5Trys KeturioseSkrida bite laukeliu
1-6Trys KeturioseSkrida bite, tatato
1-7Trys KeturioseBitė tarė, dobilio
1-8Trys KeturioseKada buva, kadujo
1-9Trys KeturioseDabiłėl', bitela, dobilio
1-10Trys KeturioseGali lauko liepala
1-11Trys KeturioseO kas ti šilaly trinkėja?
1-12Trys KeturioseUlioja bitela, tatato lylio
1-13Trys KeturioseBitela, bičiuke
1-14Trys KeturioseBic, bitela, dabilia
1-15Trys KeturioseBitełė siaubia in balta dobila
1-16Trys KeturioseVidur girias liepela
1-17Trys KeturioseSkranc, bitela
1-18Trys KeturioseBitins sodų praskrisdamas
1-19Trys KeturioseBitėla bite, dabilia lylia
1-20Trys KeturioseRatui, bitela, ratu, ratujo
1-21Trys KeturioseKa tu, bitela?
1-22Trys KeturioseBiteł', dobiłėliau, dobiliau
1-23Trys KeturioseAšei pasilgau, dobilio
1-24Trys KeturioseBiciute, bicia do
Bitynėlių Garsai // Sounds Of The Bees
2-1Andrius RugysVingio spietukas žiemoja 1
2-2Andrius RugysVingio spietukas žiemoja 2
2-3Andrius RugysVingio spietukas kalėdoja
2-4Andrius RugysRomo Norkūno kelmas senoviškas žiemoja
2-5Andrius RugysJuozo Laivio bitelės prie girdyklos bičių
2-6Andrius RugysSenelio Juozo bityne - kuopimas su dulinimu
2-7Andrius RugysSenelio Juozo bityne - tvarkant avilį pikčiurną, girdisi dulio intarpai
2-8Andrius RugysSenelio Juozo bityne - mikrofonas prie laktos, girdisi tvarkymas ir dulinimas
2-9Andrius RugysVingio spietukas sueidinėja į avilį su daina
2-10Andrius RugysSenelio Juozo bityne - mikrofonas avilyje
2-11Andrius RugysVingio spietukas per akselerometrą ant korio
2-12Andrius RugysSenelio Juozo bityne - korio atakiavimas
2-13Andrius RugysSenelio Juozo bityne - medaus sukimas
2-14Andrius RugysBhakti jogas kartoja Maha Mantrą



Bitela CD - Bičių sutartinės // Bee CD - Chants About Bees
Recorded in the Historical Beekeeping Museum in Stripeikiai, Ignalina District, Lithuania. 2015.06.28, 07.03.

Bitynėlių garsai // Sounds Of The Bees
The Special Part of Trys Keturiose album "Bitela"
Recorded in the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University in Vingis park, Musteika village, Narvaišiai village, by Birštonas town and Naujoji Gokula in Kelmė district, Lithuania.
Recorded by Andrius Rugys.

"Bitela" CD comes in 8 panel digipak, and has catalog number DNG 056
"Bitynėlių garsai" CD comes in cardboard envelope, and has catalog number DNG 057. It is sold only together with "Bitela" CD, and is limited to 200 copies.

The hive recordings' titles of CD "Sounds Of The Bees" in English:
1. ..... Vingis swarm hibernates 1 [Botanical Garden of Vilnius University in Vingis Park]
2. ..... Vingis swarm hibernates 2 [Botanical Garden of Vilnius University in Vingis Park]
3. ..... Vingis swarm on Christmas [Botanical Garden of Vilnius University in Vingis Park]
4. ..... Romas Norkūnas’ ancient stump hibernates [Musteika Village]
5. ..... The bees of Juozas Laivys at the bee watering-place [Narvaišiai Village]
6. ..... In the apiary of grandpa Juozas – harvesting honey with a smoker [near Birštonas]
7. ..... In the apiary of grandpa Juozas – work on a vicious hive with interludes of a smoker [near Birštonas]
8. ..... In the apiary of grandpa Juozas – microphone at the hive entrance; sounds of work on a hive and smoking
9. ..... Vingis swarm entering the hive with a song [Botanical Garden of Vilnius University in Vingis Park]
10. ... In the apiary of grandpa Juozas – microphone inside the hive [near Birštonas]
11. ... Vingis swarm through an accelerometer on a honey-comb [Botanical Garden of Vilnius University in Vingis Park]
12. ... In the apiary of grandpa Juozas – removing of honeycomb caps [near Birštonas]
13. ... In the apiary of grandpa Juozas – spinning of honey [near Birštonas]
14. ... Bhakti yogi repeats Maha Mantra [Naujoji Gokula, Kelmė District]


This release is an audio journey to an apiary. We start with the bees sleeping during Christmas and visit the primeval hive made from a hollowed stump. Then we hear the watering-place of the bees in spring and find ourselves in a flowering garden where honey is harvested with the legendary sounds of smoking the bees. We rest by the hive entrance where the bees are constantly buzzing as if in some busy spaceport. Other bees keep watch ready to fend off any intruders. Inside the hive we inspect the spatial consonance where thousands of workers flutter their wings and quiver the air. With the help of ultrasensitive microphone accelerometers (recording from 5 Hz) we are hearing the vibration of the honeycomb. Here the bees do all kinds of work – arrange the wax, pour the honey, compress the ambrosia, raise the larvae, and apply propolis to the edges. Finally we hear people managing the gathered nectar – they remove the cappings and spin the comb in an extractor to drain the honey. In the escaping track You will observe how the sound of bhakti yogi repeating Maha Mantra is close to the bees sound during Christmas.

Andrius Rugys, the ititiator of the project: "I came to know the bees while serving at my grandfather’s apiary. I got even closer to them when I encountered a swarm straight in the Old Town of Vilnius. I had a small beehive built for it in the Vilnius Botanical Garden, Vingis Park. There are lots of sounds from there in this record. I sincerely hope that this collection will – at least for a moment – reveal the dance of the bees for You."

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4 770319 525568
  • Matrix / Runout: 17-06/7588-0011
  • Matrix / Runout: 17-07/7588-0012



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