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    David RaksinDavid Raksin at M-G-M (1950-1957)

    Label:Film Score Monthly – FSM Vol. 12 No. 2
    Series:Golden Age Classics – FSM Vol. 12 No. 2
    5 x CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
    Genre:Stage & Screen
    Style:Soundtrack, Score


    Across the Wide Missouri (1951)
    1-1Main Title (Film Version)
    1-2Pony Go Where Kamiah Go (Film Version)
    1-3Hunted / Hare And Hounds / Quarry Escapes / Rendezvous
    1-4Looking Glass Arrives / Wolves
    1-5Pony Go Where Kamiah Go (Original Version)
    1-6Kamiah Gets Ready / Where's Freddy
    1-7Now he's Ready / Rendezvous C'est Fini
    1-8Divide / Pass / Valley
    1-10Du Nord, My Brother
    1-11Marauders / Flint Follows
    1-12Bear Ghost Dies
    1-13Printemps Au Cutting Room
    1-14Flint And Kamiah / Journey
    1-15Ironshirt Bites The Dust
    1-16Blackfoot Village / Flint Et Brecan
    1-17Boy / Maybe Next Year - End Title And Cast
    Alternate Score
    1-18Main Title And Foreword (Original Version)
    1-19Creatures Of The Forest
    1-20Quarry Escapes (Revised)
    1-21Pony Go Where Kamiah Go (Intermediate Version)
    1-22Now he's Ready / Rendezvous C'est Fini
    1-24Flint Et Kamiah / Journey
    1-25Final Episode/ End Title And Cast
    1-26Main Title (Intermediate Version)
    Kind Lady (1951)
    2-1Main Title
    2-2Miss Herries And Mr. Elcott
    2-3Cigarette Case
    2-4No Offense, Miss Herries
    2-5Elcott Plays A Plawn
    2-6The Plot Thickens
    2-7Elcott Revealed /Mrs. Edwards
    2-8The Note
    2-9The Portrait
    2-10Foster Again
    2-11Portrait Of Ada / Rose Goes
    2-12Checkmate / End Title And Cast
    The Man With A Cloak (1951)
    2-13Main Title
    2-14About Thevenet
    2-15Tell Me About Paris /Such Single Tasters / Lorna And Madeline
    2-16Madeline And Thevenet
    2-17Suspicion / It Answers All Things
    2-18You Won't Be Lying
    2-19Party Is Over / Stalk For An Idea
    2-20Raven Mad / Dead For a Ducat
    2-21Shadoe Of Doubt
    2-22Ratiocination #1
    2-23Thevenet Is Dead
    2-24Ratiocination #2
    2-25Someone Will And End Title
    Bonus Tracks
    2-26Was There Never A Time
    2-27Madeline And Thevenet (Film Version)
    2-28Someone Will And End Title (Film Version)
    The Girl in White (1952)
    3-1Main Title / The Children
    3-2Dr.Yeomans / The Baby
    3-3Bridge To Cornell / Amyl Nitrate / Cornell Montage
    3-4Medical School Montage
    3-5Ambulance Call
    3-6Night Fire
    3-7Pettycoat Music / Bathtub
    3-9The Mollified Tantrum
    3-10The Beach / The Party
    3-11Coffee Time / Advice To the Lovelorn
    3-12Clinch And End Title / cast Titles
    The Magnificent Yankee (1950)
    3-13Main Title
    3-14Welcome To Washington
    3-16To The Supreme Court / First Secretary Sequence / Secund Secretary Sequence
    3-17Third Secretary Sequence / Walz From Griebene Girl / The Fight For Brandeis
    3-18Holmes And Brandeis / Crocus
    3-19Auld Lang Syne
    3-20Fourth Secretary Sequence
    3-21Farewell / I Am Content
    3-22Day Comes /Holmes Retires
    3-23End And Cast Titles
    3-24Main Title (Original Version)
    The Next Voice You Hear... (1950)
    3-25Main Title
    3-26Gary Gavery Radio Show / Amerikanischer Yotz Musik
    3-27End Title
    Right Cross (1950)
    3-28Main Title (With Sound Effects)
    3-29Bridge B
    3-30End Title And Cast
    Grounds for Marriage (1950)
    3-21The Concertino
    The Vintage (1957)
    4-1Grape Stomp - Main Title
    4-2The Border
    4-3A Friendly Sound
    4-4Easy Brother / My Choice
    4-5My Name Is Lucienne / My Name Is Giancarlo
    4-6Not The same
    4-7Brothers - Sisters
    4-9Something He Loves
    4-10A Strike
    4-11Coq Au Vin
    4-12Not Enough
    4-13The Dogs
    4-14The Sisters / This is Going To hurt
    4-15Looking For This / What Hurts You
    4-16It Didn't Happen
    4-17The Wine Press / The Vintage
    4-18I'll Follow You
    4-19Something To Decide
    4-20Farewell Ernesto
    4-21Not So Far
    Bonus Tracks
    4-22Grape Stomp - Main Title / Figure On A Bridge
    4-23Two Of Us
    4-24Easy Brother / At The River / My Choice
    4-25Brothers - Sisters (Film Version)
    4-26Harvest (Film Version)
    4-27A Strike (Film Version)
    4-28What Hurts You (Film Version)
    4-29Farewell Ernesto (Film Version)
    4-30Theme From The Vintage
    A Lady Without Passport (1950)
    4-31Mr.Gombos Takes A Walk
    4-32Josef And Marianne
    4-33Jungle Part 2
    4-34End Title
    Until They Sail (1957)
    5-1Main Title
    5-2The Ship departs
    5-3Most Quiet Need / Passion Put To Use
    5-4The Gorge Rises
    5-5Bachiana Balloneira
    5-6Danger / Marines Landing
    5-7Wellington / A Mild Ferment
    5-8But Not Now
    5-9Farewell To Mark
    5-10I Wanted To Know / I Wonder
    5-11But If He Doesn't
    5-12Re-Encounter / Until They Sail Fox Trot / Okay, What's Yours ?
    5-13Farewell To Dick
    5-14Ripples In The Sand
    5-15A Little Less Lonely / And Nothing More
    5-16Expeditious Enough
    5-17Banzai / Till Death Do Us In / Postlude
    5-18She's To Good For S.G.
    Bonus Tracks
    5-19Until They Sail (Record Version)
    5-20Until They Sail (Orchestral Demo )
    5-21Until They Sail (Demo)
    Pat And Mike (1952)
    5-22Main Title
    5-23Enter Sneezing / Exit frowning
    5-24On Her Own / Tennis, Anyone / Tennis, Everyone
    5-25Net Ballbusch
    5-26If Only You Were /Happy Hucko / Sweet Clarinade
    5-27Teed Off
    5-28End Title And Cast
    The Reformer and the Redhead (1950)
    5-29Main Title - Revised
    5-30Kathy's Menagerie / Shep, Not herman / herman, Not Shep
    5-31Kathy Appears
    5-32A Little Something Cooking
    5-33All Nations Montage
    5-34Night Smooch
    5-35Band Montage
    5-36The Letters
    5-37End Title And Cast


    Limited to 1500 copies

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode: 638558026229