Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS as reviewed by JoeBlunker

January 21, 2019
Just copped recently thanks to a lucky restock on Redeye. Tunes are even better than I expected! ALL CAPS seems severely underrated, but I'm glad Prrr gets the attention it deserves. With this, Oyuki EP and Pink Uzi Gang I'm so keen to see what Eva does next. Big ups

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS djdirektinput

May 1, 2018

absolutely abysmal refixes why is this so sought after? mf doom would not be a fan of such an awful edit. all hype.

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS laspher

September 23, 2018
i'd probably say the same thing if I lived with me mam too x

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS Grambo88

June 7, 2018
You don't get it man, and that's okay. Calm down.

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS modano182

May 30, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
Cry me a river - the all caps refix sucks but prrr is a hammer. Also - looking at your comment history, all you do is slag people and records off...if you don't like it then just fuck off.

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS icegrillz

December 22, 2017 restocked a few copies of this gem. be quick!

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS BalterOne

September 2, 2017
ALL CAPS is great but holy fuck does PRRR light up a party. PRRR sits comfortably within dubstep flavours but also 808-rinsed club bangers. Dirty, deep, and accessible. One of the best crossover tunes since Midnight Request Line in my humble and probably wrong opinion.

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS Pistachios

October 10, 2017
ALL CAPS makes we want to go back and listen to madvillainy - don't think the sample is used well here. PRRR on the other hand is just PRRRfection.

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS nzdubplatez

August 26, 2017
Did anyone else have their copy arrive a bit warped?

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS Devonharlan

December 21, 2017
Yes Its not unplayable but definitely noticeable. Goes I'll be spinning this one digital :(

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS frankbuysmusic

November 13, 2017
Mine sat around for a month after shipping, no warping at all

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS spacesleepyhead

September 27, 2017
the quality control seemed to be terrible on this one mine was barely playable

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS Jim_bonez

September 4, 2017
Yeah unfortunately mine was pretty warped which is pretty annoying.

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS BerrikDub

September 2, 2017

yeh, but plays fine!

(Ten word limit or something like that)

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS Vinz_KHF

July 27, 2017
All preorders sold out already ? ( emoji sad soundbwoy)

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS makzim

August 12, 2017

yeah thats true. like the no dread repress. but there never was a repress.

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS Vinz_KHF

August 8, 2017
Thanks bro, but most of the time makes you believe that they will have some copies but it ends up dry

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS makzim

July 27, 2017

Try to preorder at Unearthed and Redeyerecords are sold out already. Good Luck!

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS MeditateOnHate

July 26, 2017

Maybe my favorite release of 2017 as both tunes are ridiculously good. Now i just have to wait to see 2cl pressed in wax. Underground music at its best.

Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS BerrikDub

July 26, 2017

I was hoping that was going to be the flip side!