Various - Q/R spekulasje

November 3, 2017

Anyone else has a copie that contains on each side an extra track in the beginning, and where the extra track on the B-side has been made unlistenable through a scratch from beginning to the end ?

Various - Q/R lucaschiavoni

May 20, 2019
Just noticed this comment. Thanks for flagging it - I was nearly complaining with the person who sold me the record, clearly it's meant to be like that instead! Unbelievable - but very original indeed. And after all, the scratches are too perfect to be accidental. It's like four cuts marking 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. At first look they seem to be light scratches, but they result in audible noise. On my copy they cause no skipping though, so the track is kind of playable start to finish with the added sound of the four cuts!

Various - Q/R JDB

April 22, 2019
From the insert: "Please, don't be afraid of the first track you can't play, it's a pressing mistake and was not supposed to be on the record. This side contains only 3 tracks. If you want to know what track is it, I can give you some informations. "I Don't Want To Be" was composed in 1984 by Y Create, a collective project founded by Hessel Veldman, Netherlands based. It was originally released on Exart label."

Various - Q/R m1tchg

August 17, 2018
My B1 is messed up, too. spekulasje, I also have the extra A1 track, before "Rug." Anyone know what track that is? So great!

Various - Q/R nogasface

April 18, 2018
I have 2 copies and both have the scratch on B1

Various - Q/R somethingcold

April 4, 2018
Mine also is unplayable on B1 because of this. Ugh. It's really annoying...

Various - Q/R esporadico

January 7, 2018
my copy suffers from the same defect too...
I wouldn't risk buying the same record again.
Instead I 'd go for that compilation
which contains the aforementioned song by Y Create.

Various - Q/R TrevorYoung

November 8, 2017
It appears that's the way at least some of them are according to this:

The scratch/click is present in the sample here too so I assume this isn't just yours.

(fyi the extra on the b-side is Y Create - I Don't Want To Be)

Various - Q/R AuggyBee

September 21, 2017

Again a strange, nightmarish adventure from the label ... Surfing here on the darkest side of electronic music with his most largest wave-heavy aspects. It includes modern tracks from unknown producers and less known tracks from the past including remastered versions of -

Chen Yi - Rug (Originally composed in 1982 and released on 90% Wasser, 2005)

The Blizzard Sow - Elastic Rick (Released as a CD version on Cynfeirdd, 2004)

19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma - Singapūras Vējš
(Composed in 1988, extract from the band compilation, self-titled, released by the latvian multi-instrumentalist Ingus Baušķenieks, author of 10 albums involved into folk, new wave, avantgarde music, very melodious and dreamy works)

"It was pressed in only 250 copies because the factory have broke half of the stock due to a machine problem. I also destroyed 30 copies." told the guy who sold me the copy (giving me as gift a test press of this 12") ... He was a bit weird, dressed in black, a bit hyperactive and travelling with a black suitcase full of vinyls ... So ... I doubt his mind is clear, hope there is more copies as it's such a beautiful fifth release from Mélodies Souterraines label.

Let's dance !

Various - Q/R as reviewed by freresoleil

July 31, 2017

Pouaaaaaaaaaaa maybe the best record 2017, i'm very proud to have this one !!!
Weird music for weird people, Highly recommended!!

Various - Q/R musicforfreepeople

July 29, 2017
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!!!!!!!!!!!! A painting from mister A. Blokdijk as vinyl cover, not TOO LATE !!!!! *ù*%*%ùù*ùéù"%2éù%22%ù Ok, won't speak about the vinyl, but about the illustration -

For people who don't know the story, Anthony Blokdijk was practicing (teenage years) essentially drums in many groups based in Den Haag as Des Duyvels Doedelsack or 418 but he also composed many electronic pieces later, under the Salò Mentale name. Collaborating with many artists from same city., he founded the collective STICHTING MALDOROR along Erik Lindner & Ruud Vermeer. A project permitting to release both music, books, movies ... Anthony was using art under all forms possible, at his deepest and mostly strangest aspects. For tape releases, he founded Cunker Records, where people like Unit Moebius, Syncom Data, Karlow K appeared, it's still (except 4 KK) friends from the artist. This painting the label uses as cover is extract from a 2015 book "BLAUW" , regrouping works from 1992 - 1993. No more infos about ... But you can grab this book, search it and find it. More recently, Syncom Data label repressed some old compositions (SD32 / "Golden Twilight" EP) , Mélodies Souterraines "S/T" vinyl includes a 1995 track called "Women's Liberation Day" , Netherlands "Rubber" label released "De Fietsenmaker" in 2015. In 2017, Anthony has teamed up with Alex Andropoulos (Drums) , Styliana Apostolou (Vocals) and Jan Duivenvoorden (Synths & effects) to record (always in The Hague) an album called "RRV1" , a new musical approach but still focused on industrial and primitives impulsions.

Various - Q/R 020pisti

September 18, 2017
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Why does everything always make sense. Curious about who you are.