Robert Hood - Moveable Parts Chapter 1 nuggetreggae

September 4, 2011
One of my copies of this has Side A label on both sides of the record, but the record is actually correct, just the wrong labels.....

Robert Hood - Moveable Parts Chapter 1 as reviewed by harderwax

June 16, 2005
edited over 13 years ago

I can remember the very first time I heard this record standing in Fat Cat in London. The hard-hitting 909, then comes the metallic percussion (that sounds to me like knives being sharpened) followed by an engaging bassline that almost sounds out of time. An immediate purchase, a treasured piece of vinyl.
The same record left an equally deep impression on me when I heard it played at Lost by Jeff Mills. The crowd cheered when the hihat kicked in! I realised that this record was truly in another league.

Robert Hood - Moveable Parts Chapter 1 marc23133

October 19, 2010
this record is a neglected killer, way superior to minimal nation, one of my all-time favourites; there's a bit where it sounds like a dentist drill comes in.............