Various54 Electroacoustic Miniatures = 54 Hλεκτροακουστικές Mινιατούρες

Label:HELMCA – HEM001
2 x CD, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Stereo
File, FLAC, Compilation, Stereo
Style:Abstract, Musique Concrète, Experimental


1-1Michael AdamisPiece 12:05
1-2Dimitris KamarotosWhat I Think Of U2:42
1-3Anastasios KokkinidisNo Studs3:25
1-4Apostolos LoufopoulosGhost4:01
1-5Orestis KaramanlisStressed Dust2:58
1-6Stelios GiannoulakisThe Door Study3:59
1-7Panayiotis Velianitis*Sirius3:12
1-8Tim WardA Small Enclosed Landscape2:18
1-9Dimitris Karageorgos*Time Life3:12
1-10Lambros PigounisLa Fente4:00
1-11Costis DrygianakisPreamble3:49
1-12Dionisis Athinaios*Dreaming4:36
1-13Akis Daoutis*Future Song1:58
1-14Stelios ZoumadakisOtan Petheni Vasilias2:08
1-15Christos ZachosXorki2:05
1-16Andreas MonopolisOverload3:59
1-17Andreas MniestrisStones, Bricks, Tiles...3:59
1-18Manolis ManousakisNo Truth True Lies2:00
1-19Georgia SpiropoulosBrut-I4:13
1-20Tasos StamouSanta2:45
1-21Markos LekkasNotturno 20104:04
1-22Giorgos StefanouMorfima & Tomi3:20
1-23Marinos KoutsomichalisMiniature3:16
1-24Sotiris LaskarisAudimal1:51
1-25Spyros PolychronopoulosTwo Lonely3:36
2-1Panayiotis KokorasTones Of Hesitation0:46
2-2Vassilis RoupasWoolgathering2:59
2-3Katerina TzedakiThe Other Island3:33
2-4Nikolas ValsamakisTheorie Du Contexte3:32
2-5Gabriel NegrinNostalgia2:22
2-6Andreas DiktiopoulosNarration2:01
2-7Nickos HarizanosThe Sleepwalker And His Poems3:34
2-8George TousisSound’s Crisis - Part II3:40
2-9Tychonas MichailidisBurning Voice3:31
2-10Konstantinos KarathanasisPastorale4:00
2-11Thanassis EpitideiosTransit2:07
2-12Philippos TheocharidisDebris3:14
2-13Ioannis KalantzisAdes2:38
2-14Lefteris PapadimitriouMutating Plant2:30
2-15Nikos StavropoulosNyctinasty3:55
2-16Yiorgis Sakellariou‘3:59’3:59
2-17Giorgos StefatosIntera1:00
2-18Greg Grigoropoulos*Encre Noir3:15
2-19Phivos-Angelos KolliasAnother Construction Of Reality4:34
2-20Kostas MoschosSoundscape 13:10
2-21Anargyros Deniosos8-25calBinF_Retro_7K1:15
2-22Vassilios KokkasA Glimpse In The Algorithm Of Love2:14
2-23Aki PasoulasSeawater1:00
2-24Theodore LotisLe Grain D’Annete3:30
2-25Sofoklis Arvanitis*Miniature2:22
2-26Dimitris BakasBecoming1:17
2-27Leda EfstratiouMicrometer0:43
2-28Aris DelitheosClamataksik2:47
2-29Panos AmelidesForward-Stop-Rewind-Stop1:54



A few words about this edition - Katerina Tzedaki
The idea of producing a CD with music composed by members of the Hellenic Electroaoustic Music Composers’ Association, was in the air for years. Many times this topic had been dis- cussed by the Board of Directors or by the Association’s General Assembly. Around 2010 the Board of Directors, decided to propose a type of edition, which could include compositions of all members willing to contribute. The miniature form seemed to be the most viable possibility. The composers were instructed to create a composition unfolding in ‘the shortest possible length of time’. We thought that this guideline would be a kind of invitation to create self-contained and brief musical works, representative of each composer’s musical aesthetics. Today, four years later, we are fortunate to have completed this edition. This long listening ‘journey’ of compressed and ex- panded time, includes 54 works by 54 composers of three generations. Enjoy the listening!



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