VariousCajun Early Recordings (Important Swamp Hits Remastered)

Various - Cajun Early Recordings (Important Swamp Hits Remastered) album cover
Label:JSP Records – JSP7726
4 x CD, Compilation
Genre:Folk, World, & Country


1-1Joe Falcon*, Cleoma* & Ophy BreauxLafayette
1-2Joe Falcon*, Cleoma* & Ophy BreauxThe Waltz That Carried Me To My Grave
1-3Joe Falcon*, Cleoma* & Ophy BreauxPoche Town
1-4Joe Falcon*, Cleoma* & Ophy BreauxWhen I Left Home For Texas
1-5Joe Falcon*, Cleoma* & Ophy BreauxOssen One Step
1-6Joe Falcon*, Cleoma* & Ophy BreauxShe Has Forgotten Me
1-7Joe Falcon*, Cleoma* & Ophy BreauxTo Love And To Lose
1-8Joe Falcon*, Cleoma* & Ophy BreauxAcadian One Step
1-9Joe* & Cleoma FalconLa Fille Oncle Elair
1-10Joe* & Cleoma FalconIls La Volet Mon Tracas
1-11Joe* & Cleoma FalconLa Valse De Madam Sosten
1-12Joe* & Cleoma FalconLa Valse J'Aime
1-13Joe* & Cleoma FalconEn Route Chez Moi
1-14Joe* & Cleoma FalconMon Vieux D'Autrefois
1-15Joe* & Cleoma FalconPauvre Garcon
1-16Joe* & Cleoma FalconRaise Your Window
1-17Leo Soileau & Mayuse LafleurBasile
1-18Leo Soileau & Mayuse LafleurMama Where You At
1-19Leo Soileau & Mayuse LafleurLes Valse Criminale
1-20Leo Soileau & Mayuse LafleurTon Pere A Mit D'Eor
1-21Dennis McGhee* & Sady CourvilleMadame Young Donnez Moi Votre Jolie
1-22Dennis McGhee* & Sady CourvilleMon Chere Bebe Creole
1-23Dennis McGhee* & Sady CourvilleMyself
1-24Dennis McGhee* & Sady CourvilleVous Avez Donne Votre Parole
1-25Amede Ardoin* & Dennis McGhee*Taunt Aline
1-26Amede Ardoin* & Dennis McGhee*Two Step De Mama
2-1Cleoma Breaux & Joe Falcon*La Valse De Marie Bulle
2-2Cleoma Breaux & Joe Falcon*La Vieux Soullard Et Sa Femme
2-3Cleoma Breaux, Joe Falcon* & Ophy BreauxPrenez Courage
2-4Cleoma Breaux, Joe Falcon* & Ophy BreauxC'est Si Triste Sans Lui
2-5Cleoma BreauxMon Coeur T'Appele
2-6Cleoma Breaux & Joe Falcon*Raise My WIndow High
2-7Cleoma Breaux & Joe Falcon*Ma Valse Prefere
2-8Cleoma Breaux & Joe Falcon*La Valse Crowley
2-9Cleoma Breaux & Joe Falcon*Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
2-10Cleoma Breaux & Joe Falcon*It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
2-11Cleoma Breaux & Joe Falcon*Lulu's Back In Town
2-12Amedee*, Ophy* & Cleoma BreauxMa Blonde Est Partie
2-13Amedee*, Ophy* & Cleoma BreauxVas Y Carrement
2-14Amedee*, Ophy* & Cleoma BreauxLes Tracas Du Hobo
2-15Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxLe Blues Du Petit Chien
2-16Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxOne Step A Marie
2-17Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxLa Valse Du Vieux Temps
2-18Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxTiger Rag Blues
2-19Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxValse D'Auguste Breaux
2-20Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxMazurka De La Louisiane
2-21Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxFais Do Do Negre
2-22Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxT'As Vole Mon Chapeau
2-23Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxHome Sweet Home
2-24Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxLe Valse D'Utah
2-25Amedee*, Ophy* & Clifford BreauxLe One Step A Martin
3-1Leo Soileau & Moise RobinMa Cherie 'Tite Fille
3-2Leo Soileau & Moise RobinEasy Rider Blues
3-3Leo Soileau & Moise RobinJe Veux Marier
3-4Leo Soileau & Moise RobinDemain C'Est Pas Dimanche
3-5Leo* & Alius SoileauAllons Boire Un Coup
3-6Leo* & Alius SoileauTrois Jours Apres Ma Mort
3-7Leo Soileau & His Three AcesLe Gran Mamou
3-8Leo Soileau & His Three AcesSi Vous Voudrais Ame
3-9Leo Soileau & His Three AcesPetit Ou Gros
3-10Leo Soileau & His Four Aces*Le Blues De La Louisiane
3-11Leo Soileau & His Four Aces*Quand Je Suis Bleu
3-12Leo Soileau & His Four Aces*Atrape Moi Je Tombe
3-13Leo Soileau's Rhythm BoysLa Bonne Valse
3-14Leo Soileau's Rhythm BoysLe Blues De Port Arthur
3-15Leo Soileau's Rhythm BoysPromets Moi
3-16Leo Soileau's Rhythm BoysMa Jolie Petite Fille
3-17Leo Soileau's Rhythm BoysIn Your Heart You Love Another
3-18Leo Soileau's Rhythm BoysValse D'Amour
3-19Leo Soileau's Rhythm BoysEmbrace Moi Encore
3-20Leo Soileau's Rhythm BoysPersonne N'Aime Pas
3-21Lawrence WalkerLa Breakdown La Louisiane
3-22Lawrence WalkerLa Vie Malheureuse
3-23Lawrence Walker & Elton WalkerAlberta
3-24Lawrence Walker & Elton WalkerWhats The Matter Now
3-25Tony Alleman & Lawrence WalkerLa Femme Qui Jouvait Les Cartes
3-26Tony Alleman & Lawrence WalkerMon Dernier Bonsoir
4-1Hackberry RamblersTickle Her
4-2Hackberry RamblersCrowley Waltz
4-3Hackberry RamblersYou've Got To Hi-De-Hi
4-4Hackberry RamblersHackberry Trot
4-5Hackberry RamblersJolie Blonde
4-6Hackberry RamblersJ'Ai Passe Devonde Ta Porte
4-7Hackberry RamblersMermentau Stomp
4-8Hackberry RamblersVinton High Society
4-9Hackberry RamblersJolie Petit Fille
4-10Hackberry RamblersLouisiana Breakdown
4-11Hackberry RamblersCajun Crawl
4-12Hackberry RamblersMa Chere Belle
4-13Hackberry RamblersDarbone's Breakdown
4-14Hackberry RamblersWondering
4-15Hackberry RamblersDissatisfied
4-16Hackberry RamblersQuitter la Maison
4-17Hackberry RamblersPas Allez Vite
4-18Hackberry RamblersOh Josephine, My Josephine
4-19Hackberry RamblersEh La Bas
4-20Hackberry RamblersFaux Pas Tu Bray Cherie
4-21Hackberry RamblersDans Le Grand Bois
4-22Hackberry RamblersUne Pias Ici Une Pias La Bas
4-23Hackberry RamblersLa Valse De La Prison
4-24Hackberry RamblersFrench Two Step
4-25Hackberry RamblersOne Sweet Letter

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