Pearl Jam - Ten aphexacid

April 18, 2019
Does anyone have a definite answer on the mastering of this release? I will say it sounds amazing.

Pearl Jam - Ten vinyl-79

May 7, 2019
It's the best sounding pressing no doubt... hence the pricing for this !

Pearl Jam - Ten FatWreckChords

November 23, 2018
One of the best sounding 90's pressings I own, a cut above the CD

Pearl Jam - Ten wayiroll

November 21, 2016
You know what's great about PJ fans? They don't complain about the price of the original press. It's the original copy of an important record to the history of Planet Earth. It should be priced accordingly.

Pearl Jam - Ten Mattatall

March 2, 2018
Pearl Jam- 'radio friendly anthems'??? That's because you have only listened to the songs on the radio, try listening to an entire album.

Pearl Jam - Ten macohen808

June 24, 2017
Commercially important as it ushered in a new radio format and was a high water mark for what a commercially labeled "grunge band could make. Culturally embarrassing. They only stuck with the so called genre as long as they could cash in. In the eighties Pearl Jam wasn't listening to Black Flag, English Punk, or the Pixies as Kurt Cobain was; no, they were more Stones or Soon if Brothers, unaware of dal cutting edge music. Pearl Jam crafted radio friendly anthems that meatheads could sing along to. Middle of the road and culturally a little blip.

Pearl Jam - Ten wayiroll

May 12, 2017
Interesting theory - I've never A/B'd the CD to the record so I can't argue. I doubt the record was cut from the CD master though - you're gonna need proof on that one. I've never heard any digital artifacts on the cymbals on the LP. If MFSL did a 45RPM reissue I'd buy that also. Part of the value of the OG press is the fact it is OG. Just like a vintage #1 comic book.

Pearl Jam - Ten burketop

March 3, 2017
It's the original copy but it's still very likely cut from the CD master...nothing about this release sonically is worth paying for it over the original excellent non-loudness wars-ruined CD. The newer vinyl isn't any better. Hopefully someday Sony will allow someone like Audio Fidelity to do an analog>DSD direct mastering for SACD release or allow MFSL/ORG Music/Analogue Productions/Analog Spark/etc to cut a 2LP 45rpm all analogue edition. The latter I'd gladly pay $55 list price for. This album deserves it.

Pearl Jam - Ten tomboheikkila

November 5, 2016
i have a copy where the matrix runout is AL-47857-2A-REV. trying to find out if is an original

Pearl Jam - Ten GoModern

September 11, 2016
Wow, just scanned my copy and found it to be one of these first pressings!

Pearl Jam - Ten Irreversible90

November 4, 2016
Lucky bastard. Treat that record with lots of love and care.

Pearl Jam - Ten robz2000

April 6, 2016
i think this is in error? first US press was in 1994 -> https://www.discogs.com/Pearl-Jam-Ten/release/1084282 if not please note how it is different than the 1994 release if you have it.

Pearl Jam - Ten MarquisSmith

October 22, 2011
Did this actually get released in 1991? I think it was import only and not pressed on US wax until Vs. came out.

Pearl Jam - Ten rose1978

November 21, 2016
I agree with you. I think it came out after 1994 & i had bought it sealed in my hometown. I think e.g. that greek pressing is an earlier pressing than this USA's original. But believe me that the sound & the cover-inner are parts of an original mid 90's lp. I know & i recognize easily those beautiful lps. No more comments about its music. Shame on everyone who spends time about vinyl releases, remasters or reissues & never gave attention to the music of this PEARL!

Pearl Jam - Ten kumarp

April 2, 2014
Ha! Good investment!

Pearl Jam - Ten capcomfan83

March 27, 2013
Yep cause i bought it around the time it was released and the vinyl was 9.99 and the cd was 15.99 i got the vinyl cause it was cheaper