Hal McGeeZen And The Art Of The Tape Recorder

Hal McGee - Zen And The Art Of The Tape Recorder album cover
Label:HalTapes – none
Cassette, Album, C90
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Abstract, Noise, Field Recording, Experimental, Musique Concrète


AZen And The Art Of The Tape Recorder 1
BZen And The Art Of The Tape Recorder 2



Recorded on cassette and microcassette by Hal McGee, September 13-30, 2007 - in Andrew Chadwick's automobile, in Chapel Hill North Carolina, Richmond Virginia, Washington DC, Baltimore Maryland, Charleston South Carolina, Gainesville Florida, Bobby Moseley's automobile, Tallahassee Florida.

<b>KEY WORDS and PHRASES pertinent to Side One of the cassette:</b> dada, fluxus, collage, cut-up, Hal McGee (voice, Sony TCM-200DV cassette and Olympus Pearlcorder S701 microcassette tape recorders, circuit bent Casio SK-1, circuit bent Casio SK-5, circuit bent Casio Rapman, shortwave radio, piano), Andrew Chadwick (voice, car radio, cassette, recording assistance), Chadwick's automobile, noise duck, September 17 2007 performance at Rivers Communications Museum (Charleston, South Carolina), Rick Zender (voice), car radio, Interstate 95, that shit ain't ghetto, clicks, pops, static, tape hiss, extrapolation, auditory hallucination, September 13 2007 performance at Nightlight Bar + Club (Chapel Hill, North Carolina), Grayson Currin (article on McGee in Independent Weekly), Bryce Eiman (Casio SK-5), Scotty Irving, promute, irrationally perceived challenge, Carrburrito's, unwanted sound, system noise, squeaks, crackle, sizzle, hum, auditory illusions, indeterminate questions, King Lear, National Public Radio, Anton Chekhov, September 14 2007 performance at Pom Hole (Richmond, Virginia), M.C. Nazi Dad, pots, pans, flower pot, doors, shoes, acoustic guitar, Jason Leonard's house (Chapel Hill), pointless questions, aggressive driver imaging, Rorschach Audio, capture errors, fricatives, sibilances, fluxatives, rhythmic mechanical noise, air conditioner, Kelly Nourse's apartment (Richmond), washing machine, drinking glass, Kenny Yates, starts, stops, swishes, swooshes, Interstate 85, September 15 2007 performance at Sonic Circuits Festival, The Warehouse (Washington, D.C.), Jeff Surak, Kendra Calhoun (harmonium, voice), Michelle Hindt (voice), Zan Hoffman (voice), beeswax, cassette stays, Jeff Bagato (balloon), temporal masking, that same thing with this, not tethered to a cable, as I'm doing the thing, auditory mirage, sounds that intrigue me, a combination of choice and chance, Keith Childress (microcassette, recording assistance), clothes dryer, Kelly Nourse (voice, telling the story of the origin of the name "Constant Mauk"), Washington emergency vehicles, death metal covers with accordion, smile - you're on tape, a choice that will not be worth remembering, pirate band, oh my, cowboys and clanking robots, exploratory audio, coathanger, The Green Revolution, Atomic Books, No Loitering Within 8000 Miles Of This Sign, West 36th Street (Baltimore, Maryland), the talking machine, description of the preferred embodiment, a new sound identification device, that shit ain't right, centuries after you have crumbled to dust, noise ordinance enforced, despite the early failure of magnetic recording technology, the cassette tape had its origin in utilitarian purposes, reflection, refraction, diffraction, polarization, a weird "k", exacerbating factors, ambiguous audio signals, destruction of time-space...

<b>KEY WORDS and PHRASES pertinent to Side Two of the cassette:</b> dada, fluxus, collage, cut-up, Hal McGee (Sony TCM-200DV cassette and Olympus Pearlcorder S701 microcassette tape recorders, piano, harp, throat, urine), Jesi Langdale (voice, piano, acoustic guitar, shortwave radio, harmonica), 1982 Bar, West University Avenue in Gainesville, Yamaha DGX-500 Portable Grand Piano, Jay Peele (voice, trumpet, circuit bent Casio SK-1, recklessness), you've laughed for an hour?, drugs flow like a river, brainwashed by endless hours of television, Interstate 75, Interstate 10, September 24 2007 performance at The Beta Bar (Tallahassee), auditory mirage, when to be crazy and when to be normal, an enormous collection of tapes, device system noise, Rorschach Audio, bangs, whistles, claps, screams, the instant invention in the open position, auditory hallucination, Christopher Cprek, Blast, SOS (voice, sitar), big balls, Bobby Moseley (voice, keyboard), Bobby Moseley's Honda Element, Aposable Scum, the bullshit Third Eye, "Tampa Tried To Kill Patti Smith", watching, looking, reading, listening, Tallahassee emergency vehicles, the protest concert that we didn't play on the steps of The State Capitol, repeated meme, driving fast is as dangerous as fucking, telephone wires, radio towers, nice field studies skills asshole, are you guys hiring?, they live in fungus, Sunset Journal, our star, you improvise to the sunset, right on Tharpe, that shit ain't ghetto bro, get a good look at this, the cow, are you going to repeat everything I say?, not only that, perspicacious, birds in the wilderness, going to the rock club we're gonna rock it hard, sandwich way, cleverness, forthcoming mist, Irene Moon, a 30 year head start, spandex thong, subhuman primates, a yeasayer!, product by a multinational corporation, stove timer, is this thing on?, test requiring a pause, Rivers Communications Museum (Charleston, South Carolina), Rick Zender (voice), wire, cylinders, Non, Sam Sfirri, Kieran Daly, bounced off the walls and came back, I forgot to turn on Record, windshield fluid pouring from the sky, word association, ketamine, the shaved-off remnants, yeah whatever works for you dude, my mom's dishwasher, real deal homey feel, without larynx or pharynx, mimics your tones, speaks with your voice, Thomas Edison, centuries after you have crumbled to dust, when the going gets odd the weird turn normal, little ballerina, going commando, Andrew Barranca (GayBomb), Ashley (Coonbeef Hash), Rutledge Coffee & Cream, seeds, it's illegal to break the law, the candle burning at both ends, rewind this film and go back, Andrew Chadwick (voice), pumping air with a bellows, September 30 2007 microcassette and cassette feedback performance at Microshow (Gainesville)...



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