VariousThe Perfect Country Collection - 25 Original Albums

Label:Sony Music – 88697989692, RCA – 88697989692, Columbia – 88697989692, Epic – 88697989692, Arista Nashville – 88697989692, Legacy – 88697989692, RCA Victor – 88697989692, Sony Music – 88697 98969 2, RCA – 88697 98969 2, Columbia – 88697 98969 2, Epic – 88697 98969 2, Arista Nashville – 88697 98969 2
Series:La Discothèque Idéale / The Perfect Collection
26 x CD, Compilation
Genre:Folk, World, & Country
Style:Bluegrass, Hillbilly, Honky Tonk


1-1Marty RobbinsBig Iron
1-2Marty RobbinsA Hundred And Sixty Acres
1-3Marty RobbinsThey'Re Hanging Me Tonight
1-4Marty RobbinsCool Water
1-5Marty RobbinsBilly The Kid
1-6Marty RobbinsUtah Carol
1-7Marty RobbinsThe Strawberry Roan
1-8Marty RobbinsThe Master'S Call
1-9Marty RobbinsRunning Gun
1-10Marty RobbinsEl Paso
1-11Marty RobbinsIn The Valley
1-12Marty RobbinsThe Little Green Valley
1-13Marty RobbinsThe Hanging Tree
1-14Marty RobbinsSaddle Tramp
1-15Marty RobbinsEl Paso
2-1Flatt & ScruggsGround Speed (78Rpm Version)
2-2Flatt & ScruggsHome Sweet Home
2-3Flatt & ScruggsSally Ann
2-4Flatt & ScruggsLittle Darlin', Pal Of Mine
2-5Flatt & ScruggsReuben
2-6Flatt & ScruggsCripple Creek
2-7Flatt & ScruggsLonesome Road Blues
2-8Flatt & ScruggsJohn Henry
2-9Flatt & ScruggsFire Ball Mail
2-10Flatt & ScruggsSally Goodin
2-11Flatt & ScruggsBugle Call Rag
2-12Flatt & ScruggsCumberland Gap
3-1Johnny CashFolsom Prison Blues (Live)
3-2Johnny CashBusted (Live)
3-3Johnny CashDark As The Dungeon (Live)
3-4Johnny CashI Still Miss Someone (Live / Multichannel / Surround Sound)
3-5Johnny CashCocaine Blues (Live)
3-6Johnny Cash25 Minutes To Go (Live)
3-7Johnny CashOrange Blossom Special (Live)
3-8Johnny CashThe Long Black Veil (Live)
3-9Johnny CashSend A Picture Of Mother (Live)
3-10Johnny CashThe Wall (Live)
3-11Johnny CashDirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog (Live)
3-12Johnny CashFlushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart (Live)
3-13Johnny CashJoe Bean (Live)
3-14Johnny CashJackson (Live)
3-15Johnny CashGive My Love To Rose (Live)
3-16Johnny CashI Got Stripes (Live)
3-17Johnny CashThe Legend Of John Henry'S Hammer (Live)
3-18Johnny CashGreen, Green Grass Of Home (Live)
3-19Johnny CashGreystone Chapel (Live)
4-1Tammy WynetteStand By Your Man
4-2Tammy WynetteIt'S My Way
4-3Tammy WynetteForever Yours
4-4Tammy WynetteI Stayed Long Enough
4-5Tammy WynetteIt Keeps Slipping My Mind
4-6Tammy WynetteMy Arms Stay Open Late
4-7Tammy WynetteI'Ve Learned
4-8Tammy WynetteCry, Cry Again
4-9Tammy WynetteJoey
4-10Tammy WynetteIf I Were A Little Girl
4-11Tammy WynetteDon'T Make Me Go To School
4-12Tammy WynetteI'M Only A Woman
4-13Tammy WynetteThere'S Quite A Difference
5-1Kris KristoffersonBlame It On The Stones
5-2Kris KristoffersonTo Beat The Devil
5-3Kris KristoffersonMe And Bobby Mcgee
5-4Kris KristoffersonBest Of All Possible Worlds
5-5Kris KristoffersonHelp Me Make It Through The Night
5-6Kris KristoffersonThe Law Is For Protection Of The People
5-7Kris KristoffersonCasey'S Last Ride
5-8Kris KristoffersonJust The Other Side Of Nowhere
5-9Kris KristoffersonDarby'S Castle
5-10Kris KristoffersonFor The Good Times
5-11Kris KristoffersonDuvalier'S Dream
5-12Kris KristoffersonSunday Morning Comin' Down
5-13Kris KristoffersonThe Junkie And The Juicehead, Minus Me
5-14Kris KristoffersonShadows Of Her Mind
5-15Kris KristoffersonThe Lady'S Not For Sale
5-16Kris KristoffersonCome Sundown
6-1Lynn AndersonRose Garden (Single Version)
6-2Lynn AndersonFor The Good Times
6-3Lynn AndersonAnother Lonely Night
6-4Lynn AndersonI Don'T Want To Play House
6-5Lynn AndersonSnowbird
6-6Lynn AndersonYour Sweet Love Lifted Me
6-7Lynn AndersonSunday Morning Coming Down
6-8Lynn AndersonI Still Belong To You
6-9Lynn AndersonI Wish I Was A Little Boy Again
6-10Lynn AndersonIt'S Only Make Believe
6-11Lynn AndersonNothing Between Us
7-1Tanya TuckerDelta Dawn
7-2Tanya TuckerNew York City Song
7-3Tanya TuckerSmell The Flowers
7-4Tanya TuckerIf You Touch Me (You'Ve Got To Love Me)
7-5Tanya TuckerHe'S All I Got
7-6Tanya TuckerThe Jamestown Ferry
7-7Tanya TuckerLoving You Could Never Be Better
7-8Tanya TuckerSoul Song
7-9Tanya TuckerLove'S The Answer
7-10Tanya TuckerThe Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A.
7-11Tanya TuckerI'M So Lonesome I Could Cry
8-1Waylon JenningsHonky Tonk Heroes
8-2Waylon JenningsOld Five And Dimers (Like Me)
8-3Waylon JenningsWilly, The Wandering Gypsy And Me
8-4Waylon JenningsLow Down Freedom
8-5Waylon JenningsOmaha
8-6Waylon JenningsYou Ask Me To
8-7Waylon JenningsRide Me Down Easy
8-8Waylon JenningsAin'T No God In Mexico
8-9Waylon JenningsBlack Rose
8-10Waylon JenningsWe Had It All
8-11Waylon JenningsSlow Rollin' Low (Buddha Remastered)
8-12Waylon JenningsYou Ask Me To (Single Version)
9-1Bobby BareLullabys, Legends And Lies
9-2Bobby BarePaul
9-3Bobby BareMarie Lavaux
9-4Bobby BareDaddy What If
9-5Bobby BareThe Wonderful Soup Stone
9-6Bobby BareThe Winner
9-7Bobby BareIn The Hills Of Shiloh
9-8Bobby BareShe'S My Ever Lovin' Machine
9-9Bobby BareThe Mermaid
9-10Bobby BareRest A While
9-11Bobby BareBottomless Well
9-12Bobby BareTrue Story
9-13Bobby BareSure Hit Songwriters Pen
9-14Bobby BareRosalie'S Good Eats Cafe
10-1Bobby BareSylvia'S Mother
10-2Bobby BareSingin' In The Kitchen
10-3Bobby Bare$100,000 In Pennies
10-4Bobby BareAlimony
10-5Bobby BareBack Home In Huntsville Again
10-6Bobby BareBrian Hennessey
10-7Bobby BareToo Many Nights Alone
10-8Bobby BareThis Guitar Is For Sale
10-9Bobby BareRough On The Living
10-10Bobby BareNumbers
10-11Bobby BareTequila Sheila
10-12Bobby BareQualudes Again
10-13Bobby BareFood Blues
10-14Bobby BareThe Jogger
10-15Bobby BareMe And Jimmy Rodgers
10-16Bobby BareTime
11-1Dolly PartonJolene
11-2Dolly PartonWhen Someone Wants To Leave
11-3Dolly PartonRiver Of Happiness
11-4Dolly PartonEarly Morning Breeze
11-5Dolly PartonHighlight Of My Life
11-6Dolly PartonI Will Always Love You (Original Version)
11-7Dolly PartonRandy
11-8Dolly PartonLiving On Memories Of You
11-9Dolly PartonLonely Comin' Down
11-10Dolly PartonIt Must Be You
12-1Willie NelsonTime Of The Preacher
12-2Willie NelsonI Couldn'T Believe It Was True
12-3Willie NelsonTime Of The Preacher Theme
12-4Willie NelsonRed Headed Stranger
12-5Willie NelsonBlue Eyes Crying In The Rain
12-6Willie NelsonRed Headed Stranger
12-7Willie NelsonTime Of The Preacher Theme
12-8Willie NelsonJust As I Am
12-9Willie NelsonDenver
12-10Willie NelsonO'Er The Waves
12-11Willie NelsonDown Yonder
12-12Willie NelsonCan I Sleep In Your Arms
12-13Willie NelsonRemember Me (When The Candle Lights Are Gleaming)
12-14Willie NelsonHands On The Wheel
12-15Willie NelsonBandera
12-16Willie NelsonBach Minuet In G
12-17Willie NelsonI Can'T Help It (If I'M Still In Love With You)
12-18Willie NelsonA Maiden'S Prayer
12-19Willie NelsonBonaparte'S Retreat
13-1George Jones (2)He Stopped Loving Her Today
13-2George Jones (2)I'Ve Aged Twenty Years In Five
13-3George Jones (2)Brother To The Blues
13-4George Jones (2)If Drinkin' Don'T Kill Me (Her Memory Will)
13-5George Jones (2)His Lovin' Her Is Gettin' In My Way
13-6George Jones (2)I'M Not Ready Yet
13-7George Jones (2)I'M The One She Missed Him With Today
13-8George Jones (2)Good Hearted Woman
13-9George Jones (2)A Hard Act To Follow
13-10George Jones (2)Bone Dry
14-1Merle HaggardBig City
14-2Merle HaggardMy Favorite Memory
14-3Merle HaggardGood Old American Guest
14-4Merle HaggardI Think I'M Gonna Live Forever
14-5Merle HaggardThis Song Is Mine
14-6Merle HaggardStop The World And Let Me Off
14-7Merle HaggardAre The Good Times Really Over (I Wish A Buck Was Still Silver)
14-8Merle HaggardTexas Fiddle Song
14-9Merle HaggardYou Don'T Have Very Far To Go
14-10Merle HaggardI Always Get Lucky With You
14-11Merle HaggardCall Me
14-12Merle HaggardI Won'T Give Up My Train
15-1AlabamaMountain Music
15-2AlabamaClose Enough To Perfect
15-3AlabamaWords At Twenty Paces
15-4AlabamaChanges Comin' On
15-5AlabamaGreen River (Live)
15-6AlabamaTake Me Down
15-7AlabamaYou Turn Me On
15-8AlabamaNever Be One
15-9AlabamaLoving You Is Killing Me
15-10AlabamaGonna Have A Party (Live)
16-1The HighwaymenHighwayman
16-2The HighwaymenThe Last Cowboy Song
16-3The HighwaymenJim, I Wore A Tie Today
16-4The HighwaymenBig River
16-5The HighwaymenCommitted To Parkview
16-6The HighwaymenDesperados Waiting For A Train
16-7The HighwaymenDeportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)
16-8The HighwaymenWelfare Line
16-9The HighwaymenAgainst The Wind
16-10The HighwaymenThe Twentieth Century Is Almost Over
17-1Rosanne CashRosie Strike Back
17-2Rosanne CashThe Way We Make A Broken Heart
17-3Rosanne CashIf You Change Your Mind
17-4Rosanne CashThe Real Me
17-5Rosanne CashSomewhere Sometime
17-6Rosanne CashRunaway Train
17-7Rosanne CashTennessee Flat Top Box
17-8Rosanne CashI Don'T Have To Crawl
17-9Rosanne CashGreen, Yellow And Red
17-10Rosanne CashWhy Don'T You Quit Leaving Me Alone
17-11Rosanne Cash707
17-12Rosanne CashRunaway Train (Live)
17-13Rosanne CashGreen, Yellow And Red (Live)
18-1Chet Atkins & Mark KnopflerPoor Boy Blues
18-2Chet Atkins & Mark KnopflerSweet Dreams
18-3Chet Atkins & Mark KnopflerThere'Ll Be Some Changes Made
18-4Chet Atkins & Mark KnopflerJust In Time
18-5Chet Atkins & Mark KnopflerSo Soft, Your Goodbye
18-6Chet Atkins & Mark KnopflerYakety Axe
18-7Chet Atkins & Mark KnopflerTears
18-8Chet Atkins & Mark KnopflerTahitian Skies
18-9Chet Atkins & Mark KnopflerI'Ll See You In My Dreams
18-10Chet Atkins & Mark KnopflerThe Next Time I'M In Town
19-1Alan Jackson (2)Chattahoochee
19-2Alan Jackson (2)She'S Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues)
19-3Alan Jackson (2)Tonight I Climbed The Wall
19-4Alan Jackson (2)I Don'T Need The Booze (To Get A Buzz On)
19-5Alan Jackson (2)(Who Says) You Can'T Have It All
19-6Alan Jackson (2)Up To My Ears In Tears
19-7Alan Jackson (2)Tropical Depression
19-8Alan Jackson (2)She Likes It Too
19-9Alan Jackson (2)If It Ain'T One Thing (It'S You)
19-10Alan Jackson (2)Mercury Blues
20-1Mary Chapin CarpenterThe Hard Way
20-2Mary Chapin CarpenterHe Thinks He'Ll Keep Her
20-3Mary Chapin CarpenterRhythm Of The Blues
20-4Mary Chapin CarpenterI Feel Lucky
20-5Mary Chapin CarpenterThe Bug
20-6Mary Chapin CarpenterNot Too Much To Ask
20-7Mary Chapin CarpenterPassionate Kisses
20-8Mary Chapin CarpenterOnly A Dream
20-9Mary Chapin CarpenterI Am A Town
20-10Mary Chapin CarpenterWalking Through Fire
20-11Mary Chapin CarpenterI Take My Chances
20-12Mary Chapin CarpenterCome On Come On
21-1Martina McBrideHeart Trouble
21-2Martina McBrideMy Baby Loves Me
21-3Martina McBrideThat Wasn'T Me
21-4Martina McBrideIndependence Day
21-5Martina McBrideWhere I Used To Have A Heart
21-6Martina McBrideGoin' To Work
21-7Martina McBrideShe Ain'T Seen Nothing Yet
21-8Martina McBrideLife #9
21-9Martina McBrideStrangers
21-10Martina McBrideAshes
22-1Brooks & DunnOnly In America
22-2Brooks & DunnThe Last Thing I Do (Remix 12/01/2000)
22-3Brooks & DunnThe Long Goodbye
22-4Brooks & DunnGo West
22-5Brooks & DunnMy Heart Is Lost To You (Remix 12/01/2000)
22-6Brooks & DunnGood Girls Go To Heaven
22-7Brooks & DunnWhen She'S Gone, She'S Gone
22-8Brooks & DunnAin'T Nothing 'Bout You
22-9Brooks & DunnUnloved
22-10Brooks & DunnDeny, Deny, Deny
22-11Brooks & DunnLucky Me, Lonely You
22-12Brooks & DunnI Fall
22-13Brooks & DunnEvery River (Remix 12/01/2000)
22-14Brooks & DunnSee Jane Dance (Remix 12/01/2000)
23-1Patty LovelessThe Boys Are Back In Town
23-2Patty LovelessThe Richest Fool Alive
23-3Patty LovelessDaniel Prayed
23-4Patty LovelessSomeone I Used To Know
23-5Patty LovelessOut Of Control Raging Fire
23-6Patty LovelessRise Up Lazarus
23-7Patty LovelessCheap Whiskey
23-8Patty LovelessPretty Little Miss
23-9Patty LovelessI Know You'Re Married (But I Love You Still)
23-10Patty LovelessSorrowful Angels
23-11Patty LovelessSoul Of Constant Sorrow
23-12Patty LovelessYou'Ll Never Leave Harlan Alive
23-13Patty LovelessTwo Coats
23-14Patty LovelessSounds Of Loneliness
24-1Kenny ChesneyYoung
24-2Kenny ChesneyI Remember
24-3Kenny ChesneyA Lot Of Things Different
24-4Kenny ChesneyThe Good Stuff
24-5Kenny ChesneyBig Star
24-6Kenny ChesneyOn The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful
24-7Kenny ChesneyNever Gonna Feel Like That Again
24-8Kenny ChesneyDreams
24-9Kenny ChesneyNo Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems (Re-Tracked / Master Version)
24-10Kenny ChesneyLive Those Songs
24-11Kenny ChesneyOne Step Up
24-12Kenny ChesneyI Can'T Go There (Acoustic Version)
25-1Brad PaisleyMud On The Tires
25-2Brad PaisleyCelebrity
25-3Brad PaisleyAin'T Nothing Like
25-4Brad PaisleyLittle Moments
25-5Brad PaisleyThat'S Love
25-6Brad PaisleySomebody Knows You Now
25-7Brad PaisleyFamous People
25-8Brad PaisleyHold Me In Your Arms (And Let Me Fall)
25-9Brad PaisleyWhiskey Lullaby
25-10Brad PaisleyThe Best Thing That I Had Goin'
25-11Brad PaisleyThe Cigar Song
25-12Brad PaisleyMake A Mistake
25-13Brad PaisleyMake A Mistake With Me (Instrumental)
25-14Brad PaisleyIs It Raining At Your House
25-15Brad PaisleySpaghetti Western Swing
25-16Brad PaisleyFarther Along
25-17Brad PaisleyKung Pao (Hidden Track)
26-1Montgomery GentrySomething To Be Proud Of
26-2Montgomery GentryYou Do Your Thing
26-3Montgomery GentryIf You Ever Stop Loving Me
26-4Montgomery GentryIf It'S The Last Thing I Do
26-5Montgomery GentryShe Loved Me
26-6Montgomery GentryGone
26-7Montgomery GentryAll I Know About Mexico
26-8Montgomery GentryI Got Drunk
26-9Montgomery GentryIt'S All Good
26-10Montgomery GentryI Ain'T Got It All That Bad
26-11Montgomery GentryTalking To My Angel
26-12Montgomery GentryI Never Thought I'D Live This Long

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  • Barcode: 8 86979 89692 5
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  • Label Code: LC02361
  • Label Code: LC 02361
  • Label Code: LC 12723
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  • Mould SID Code (CD26): IFPI 0769




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