Makcim & Levi* - On A Springroll EP dazepl

March 9, 2018

I feel like sharing my side of the story of “On a Spring Roll”.

15th April 2016 - Mandar plays a b2b2b set on Mixmag Lab and of course, I watch this live. At first I did not focus on this track, but then after replaying the session several time, it hit me. Wtf is this ?! In the mean time, I found few other tunes and answered to track ID questions there. After few months of diggin’, I finally come across an online mix: Makcim @ VBX 3 Years, where the author plays this tune and answers to a track ID and that it is forthcoming. At this stage, I know the title and share it on Youtbue (Ania P.) under the Mandar set and on Resident Advisor (D_A_Z_E) under the Lazare Hoche podcast. I also googled it many times to find a video clip Makcim posted showing him playing A1 in Hoppetosse on 4th November 2015. Damn! Is that track really this old?

Before going on and behaving like a freakin’ stalker by poking Makcim and Levi on facebook and sending them dozen of questions on release dates and label etc, I bumped into a Meoko interview with Malin Genie, where the Oscillat founder mentions he is cooperating with the duo and plans to release their work on Oscillat (30th May 2016) . The last mix I found the track in, before it was published on presale was Nova Mix Club by Lazare Hoche on Mixcloud from 2-3 years ago. Whilst still hunting down this track and being so damn obsessed with it, I tried to hit up the authors to ask about release date. In mid October 2016, I am advised by one of them it’s March 2017!! Yey! Can you believe that? Seriously Juno distribution!? I really don’t know who’s fault was it as for the delay, but I was waiting patiently for the Mandar album and just knew that OSC011 will include On a Spring Roll.

Needles to say, as I am fed up with waiting, on 10th August 2017 presale is up online and my faith in this tune is reborn. Aaaanyhow, the release date is postponed over and over again… mother of God. As soon as I started to hear other DJ’s like Javier Carballo or Bolumar playing it in their sets, I knew the promo is out there and it is getting close to be out.

Now, when I am holding the wax in my hand, I feel one heck of relief. I consider this opener as a unique composition. The bassline is funky, the mix is genuine – its sound like the tune is divided in two parts. And the cosmic background sounds are so organic and mental! Percussion makes it classic and the crowd noises and drops make it a banger. The wait is over. Peace out! No1 fan.

Makcim & Levi* - On A Springroll EP ritterkai

August 28, 2018

Now that is what i call dedication my friend .

Makcim & Levi* - On A Springroll EP mattyd1

April 10, 2018
Wow! Glad you managed to get it in the end. Enjoy