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    VariousSounds Of The Caribbean Islands - Calypso - The Authentic Sound From Trinidad & Tobago - A History 1912 - 1962

    Label:The Intense Media – 600311
    10 x CD, Compilation


    CD-1 Calypso Highlights & Rarities 1962
    1-1Lord MelodyWau Wau4:32
    1-2Harry BelafonteZombie Jamboree3:39
    1-3Viper*Dog Better Than Man3:05
    1-4Lord MelodyBlackbird3:05
    1-5Lord KitchenerLove In The Cemetery3:28
    1-6Carlos Malcolm And His Afro-Jamaican RhythmsElena2:19
    1-7Lord MelodyGeorgie Porgie2:53
    1-8Harry BelafonteDid You Hear About Jerry2:09
    1-9Young GrowlerPussy Galore2:30
    1-10Lord MelodyBong, Bong, Bong3:51
    1-11Count Zebra & The SeasidersCat-O-Nine2:05
    1-12Lord MelodyDonkey Race3:07
    1-13Lord HummingbirdTeenage Bossa Nova Girl2:43
    1-14Harry BelafonteTongue Tie Baby3:58
    1-15King Fighter Sherlan Wilson*He No Dead Yet3:21
    1-16Lord MelodyThe Seagull And The Mule2:54
    1-17Lord KitchenerJamaican Woman2:27
    1-18Lord MelodyMelo's Twist3:42
    1-19Harry BelafonteI'm On My Way To Saturday2:49
    1-20Wrangler (2)Bongo Man2:48
    CD-2 Calypso Highlights & Rarities 1960 / 1961
    2-1The IslandersWhen The Yankees Are Gone3:10
    2-2Harry BelafonteSweetheart From Venezuela3:34
    2-3Mighty DouglaExchange No Robbery4:09
    2-4Lord KitchenerRomeo3:15
    2-5The IslandersLie Stone Dead In The Market2:02
    2-6Harry BelafonteGo Down Emanuel Road3:11
    2-7Charlie Binger & His QuartetJamaica Is The Place To Go2:51
    2-8Wrangler (2)Neighbour Jaqueline3:07
    2-9The IslandersThe Donkey Song2:48
    2-10Harry BelafonteGloria3:14
    2-11Lord MelodyBelmont4:18
    2-12The IslandersMary Walk2:50
    2-13Harry BelafonteThese Are The Tmes3:18
    2-14The IslandersTomorrow Man2:17
    2-15Mighty SparrowTeresa4:47
    2-16Harry BelafonteJump In The Line3:43
    2-17Charlie Binger & His QuartetCountry Gal2:29
    2-18Harry BelafonteKingston Market3:19
    2-19 Lord MelodyAlexander The Murderer3:27
    2-20Harry BelafonteAngelina3:58
    CD-3 Calypso Highlights & Rarities 1958 / 1959
    3-1The Wrigglers*Mary Ann2:39
    3-2Count LasherTalking Parrot2:57
    3-3Lord KitchenerBlack Pudding2:35
    3-4Mighty TerrorCalypso War2:13
    3-5Brownie*Bed Bug Song2:23
    3-6The Wrigglers*Biggest Maracas2:01
    3-7Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean KnightsThe Water Gobbler3:10
    3-8Cyril Diaz Orchestra*Voodoo3:52
    3-9Lord KitchenerDrink-A-Rum2:44
    3-10Azzie LawrenceWest Indians In England2:14
    3-11Mighty SparrowReply To Melody3:54
    3-12Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean KnightsAfrica. Here I Come2:57
    3-13MightyTerror & His Calypsonians*Heading North2:53
    3-14Lord KitchenerWoman's Figure3:11
    3-15Lord Flea & His CalypsoniansMagic Composer2:18
    3-16Hubert PorterOld Lady You Mashed Me Too2:51
    3-17Count Lasher's SevenBreadfruit Season3:07
    3-18The Wrigglers*Limbo2:10
    3-19Lord KitchenerMy Wife's Nightie2:35
    3-20Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians*Little Jeeannie2:58
    CD-4 Calypso Highlights & Rarities 1957 / 1958
    4-1Lord KitchenerMarjorie's Flirtation3:36
    4-2Mighty SparrowNo More Rocking And Rollin5:16
    4-3Lance HaywardMontego Bay2:37
    4-4Mighty TerrorTV Calypso2:57
    4-5Lord KitchenerNosey Mother - In Law2:38
    4-6Mighty SparrowRussian Satellite5:03
    4-7Lord InvaderSteel Band War3:27
    4-8Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean KnightsLift The Iron Curtain2:37
    4-9The Talbot Brothers Of Bermuda*Out' A Me2:32
    4-10Mighty SparrowShort Little Shorts5:48
    4-11Lord KitchenerRhumba Anna3:12
    4-12Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean KnightsBelinda2:48
    4-13Mighty TerrorJamaica Girl2:41
    4-14The Talbot Brothers Of Bermuda*Old Time Cat O'Nine3:07
    4-15Mighty SparrowMad Bomber3:54
    4-16The Wrigglers*Don't Touch Me Tomato3:15
    4-17Lord InvaderLabor Day Carnival (Jum In The Line)2:00
    4-18Mighty SparrowNo, Doctor, No3:01
    4-19John "Buddy" Williams Band*Gee Bongo Lay3:19
    4-20Lord FleaOut De Fire2:13
    CD-5 Calypso Highlights & Rarities 1957
    5-1Harry BelafonteCocoanut Woman3:18
    5-2Robert MitchumMama Look At Boo Boo2:57
    5-3Beauty (4) & The Brute Force Steel Band*Fire Down Below2:21
    5-4Lord Flea & His CalypsoniansThe Naughty Little Flea2:40
    5-5Young TigerTrinidad2:38
    5-6Harry BelafonteHaiti Cherie3:19
    5-7Enid Mosier And Her Trinidad Steel BandBoys Days3:07
    5-8Hubert Smith And His Coral IslandersGreen Ticket2:28
    5-9Lord MelodyCreature From The Black Lagoon3:23
    5-10Harry BelafonteScratch, Scratch2:45
    5-11Ben BowersDonkey City2:19
    5-12Robert MitchumJean And Dinah2:44
    5-13Hubert Smith And His Coral IslandersCollege Holiday2:42
    5-14Harry BelafonteCordelia Brown2:56
    5-15Lord Flea & His CalypsoniansShake, Shake Senora2:25
    5-16Josephine PremiceChicken Gumbo1:36
    5-17Harry BelafonteAngelique-O2:43
    5-18Lord FleaDonkey Bray (The Jack Ass Song)2:16
    5-19Laurel AitkenNebuchadnezzar2:36
    5-20Harry BelafonteIsland In The Sun2:49
    CD-6 Calypso Highlights & Rarities 1956
    6-1Harry BelafonteMatilda3:15
    6-2Eric HaydenGive Her The Numer One2:40
    6-3The Wrigglers*Linstead Market / Day-O3:01
    6-4Mighty TerrorPatricia Gone With Milicent2:54
    6-5Harry BelafonteDay-O [Banana Boat Song]3:06
    6-6Al Harris And His Calypso BandLandlady3:10
    6-7Lord FleaSolas Market / Water Come From Me Eyes3:19
    6-8Harry BelafonteWill His Love Be Like His Rum2:34
    6-9Timothy (2)Bulldog Don't Bite Me2:09
    6-10Mighty TerrorWomen Police In England2:44
    6-11Al Harris And His Calypso BandTaxi2:42
    6-12Harry BelafonteMan Smart Woman Smarter3:36
    6-13Reuben McCoy & The Hamiltonians*Calypso Twist2:35
    6-14Lord MelodyLife In Brazil3:11
    6-15Harry BelafonteJumps Down, Spin Around2:00
    6-16The Roaring Lion*Kalenda March3:01
    6-17Harry BelafonteCome Back Liza3:07
    6-18Young TigerShe Like It, He Like It2:57
    6-19MightyTerror & His Calypsonians*Chinese Children2:37
    6-20Harry BelafonteJamaica Farewell3:05
    CD-7 Authentic Rare Calypso-Songs From The Early Years 1954-1955
    7-1Young TigerCalypso Be-Bop2:58
    7-2Lord KitchenerKitch In The Jungle3:17
    7-3Hubert Porter & The Tower IslandersBargie3:15
    7-4The CharmerFemale Boxer2:28
    7-5Lord MelodyCan Can2:55
    7-6The Roaring Lion*Trinidad The Land Of Calypso2:43
    7-7Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians*No Carnival In Britain3:02
    7-8Lord Flea & The Blue Mountain CaroleersIrene & Yo' Fr'En3:20
    7-9The Roaring Lion*Wash Your Hands2:53
    7-10Count Lasher's SevenMango Time2:56
    7-11Lord KitchenerIs Trouble2:51
    7-12Louise BennettDay Dah Light1:27
    7-13Harry BelafonteThe Drummer And The Cook2:07
    7-14The Island ChampionsMy Advice To Men2:18
    7-15The CharmerIs He Is Or Is She 2:27
    7-16Harry BelafonteLord Randall4:13
    7-17The Sparrow*Brown Skin Girl2:25
    7-18The Island ChampionsRiver Den Come Down2:30
    7-19Harry BelafonteMan Piaba3:32
    7-20Louise BennettHosanna0:54
    CD-8 Authentic Rare Calypso-Songs From The Early Years 1951-1953
    8-1Lloyd ThomasCold In De Winter2:54
    8-2The Sparrow*Hol' Em Joe [My Donkey Want Water]2:20
    8-3Hubert PorterIron Bar/Mas Charley Bell [Jamaica Farewell]2:52
    8-4Duke Of Iron*Last Train3:05
    8-5Hubert PorterNot Me [Man Smart, Woman Smamrter2:56
    8-6Edric Connor & The Caribbeans (2)Day Dah Light [Banana Loader's Song]2:00
    8-7Ben Bowers & The Baba Motta Orchestra*Brown Skin Girl2:07
    8-8Lord Fly & The Dan Williams Orchestra*Donkey City2:53
    8-9Harold Richardson & The TicklersDon't Fence Her In3:20
    8-10Boysie Grant & The Reynolds Calypso Clippers*Noisy Spring3:13
    8-11Count LasherIsland Gal Sally3:09
    8-12Cecil Knott And His Joybell OrchestraBanana2:25
    8-13Chin's Calypso SextetWoman Style2:33
    8-14Count LasherCalypso Cha Cha3:00
    8-15Duke Of Iron*Parakeets3:03
    8-16Lord KitchenerKitch's Bebop Calypso2:37
    8-17Lord Messam & His CalypsoniansTake Her To Jamaica3:09
    8-18Lord KitchenerKitch [Small Comb, Scrathch Me Head]3:11
    8-19Blind Blake (2)A Conch Ain't Got Bo Bone2:32
    8-20Lord Kitchener Food From The West Indies2:45
    CD-9 Authentic Rare Calypso-Songs From The Early Years 1912-1951
    9-1Lord Lion*Tick Tick2:53
    9-2Lord BeginnerJohn Goddard2:54
    9-3Lord KitchenerLondon Is The Place For Me2:37
    9-4The Duke Of IronBig Bamboo2:42
    9-5Lord BeginnerVictory Test Match2:55
    9-6Lord KitchenerThe Underground Train2:50
    9-7Edmondo Ros & His Orchestra*Chocolate Whiskey And Vanilla Ginn2:24
    9-8Armando Castro & Joe Davis (4)Mary Ann2:37
    9-9Sir LancelotOld Lady With A Rolling Pin2:45
    9-10The Duke Of IronCalypsonian Invasion3:22
    9-11Lord InvaderRum And Coca Cola2:30
    9-12Sir LancelotThe Century Of The Common Man1:51
    9-13The Roaring Lion*Mary Ann2:32
    9-14Sir LancelotScandal In The Family3:01
    9-15King RadioMatilda2:42
    9-16Wilmoth HoudiniHe Had It Coming2:45
    9-17The Atilla* & The Lion (2)Guests Of Rudy Vallee2:49
    9-18Atilla The HunRoosevelt In Trinidad2:30
    9-19The CaresserEdward The VIII3:03
    9-20Hubert R. Charles*Marry An Ugly Woman2:58
    Bonus Tracks [Very Rare]
    9-21Lovey's Trinidad String BandManuelita3:09
    9-22Julian WhiteroseIron Duke In The Land2:37
    CD-10 Calypso Goes Jazz - Pop - C&W - Folk
    10-1The Andrews SistersRum And Coca Cola3:07
    10-2Ella FitzgeraldStone Cold Dead In The Market2:41
    10-3June ChristyHis Feet Are Too Big For The Bed2:13
    10-4Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five*Run Joe3:21
    10-5Nat "King" Cole*Calypso Blues2:59
    10-6Eartha KittSomebody Bad Stole The Wedding Bell2:45
    10-7Louis ArmstrongHigh Society Calypso2:13
    10-8Johnnie & Jack*The Banana Boat Song2:13
    10-9Fred AstaireCalypso Hooray2:09
    10-10Hank SnowCalypso Sweetheart2:20
    10-11Ray JohnsonCalypso Joe2:33
    10-12The Brothers FourYellow Bird2:24
    10-13Mike Pedicin QuintetCalypso Rock2:39
    10-14The Four AcesBahama Mama2:59
    10-15The TarriersThe Banana Boat Song2:54
    10-16Nat "King" Cole*When Rock And Roll Come To Trinidad2:20
    10-17The Deep River Boys*Calypso Rock And Roll2:23
    10-18The Mills BrothersIn De Banana Tree2:31
    10-19Rusty DraperLet's Go Calypso2:20
    10-20Terry Gilkyson And The Easy RidersMarianne2:23

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    • Barcode: 4053796003119
    • Label Code: LC12281
    • Matrix / Runout: 600311 CD01
    • Matrix / Runout: 600311 CD02
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    Toppatopsounds's profile picture
    202 tunes, you may ignore the Belafonte mainstream and you'll still have great great value for your moonie.
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    Very good compilation for Calypso Lovers & unbeatable price. Even good sound quality.