VariousState Of The Union 2.001

Various - State Of The Union 2.001 album cover
Label:Electronic Music Foundation – EMF CD 028
3 x CD, Album, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Non-Music, Classical
Style:Spoken Word, Free Jazz, Modern Classical, Avantgarde, Contemporary, Experimental


1-1Adriana Sa*About Sensorship1:02
1-2Alfred 23 Harth*Yogurt Karaoque Park-11:01
1-3Alan LichtGoon1:00
1-4Allen KaatzDub Mix #21:01
1-5Alma Carey-ZúñigaWith Respect To Areo Pagitica0:47
1-6Alvin CurranERAT VERBUM John1:00
1-7Angela Babin / Lori BingelNaked Dancing Everywhere0:53
1-8Annie GosfieldManual Labour Pains0:59
1-9Atau TanakaMosurge1:01
1-10Becca SchackThe Spell1:07
1-11Ben Boone / James MileyDrunken Bastards #20:51
1-12Benjamin ChadabeMinutes...1:05
1-13Ben Rubin + Mark HansenYahoo / Bounce0:58
1-14Black SifichiState Of Things / Barbie And Her Perilous Anatomy0:59
1-15Blaise SiwulaOne Message1:01
1-16Blake Hargreaves / Liam ThurstonCheck The Checky-Specs, Rock The Telebocket0:41
1-17Bob HolmanShredded Peace1:05
1-18Bruce Bennett (5)Speaking In Tongues0:58
1-19Carl StoneV20:57
1-20C.D.*Adelante De Su Presencia0:58
1-21Charles K. NoyesA Minute In The Life0:45
1-22Chop Shop (3)No Title1:01
1-23Chris HackettESL For Machines1:01
1-24Christian MarclayFree Jazz Shrunk0:33
1-25Chris MannDouble Standard1:00
1-26Chris RaelShake Off That Coma0:59
1-27Chris VineState Of The A-Bloc1:00
1-28Cook & SwensonAmerica Inc.0:43
1-29Dael OrlandersmithMy Riff0:38
1-30D'DivazAn Excerpt From "Dark Eyes"0:21
1-31Dafna Naphtali1 Min Bounce1:00
1-32Daniel MatejSHARP (on B-A-C-H)0:45
1-33Dave Soldier* / Richard LairSwing, Swing, Swing0:59
1-34David FirstJingle1:00
1-35David FultonSOTU 20001:02
1-36David GansPat Bucancer0:34
1-37David GreenbergerThe Apes Lecture0:51
1-38David Taylor (7)Ode To Danny Kaye0:59
1-39David WatsonI Call You My Base 1:001:00
1-40Deaf MuteLathe0:58
1-41Debra DeSalvoTomkins Square Park1:04
1-42Doug HendersonZippo1:00
1-43Donald KnaackAbracadabra1:02
1-44Don RitterGet1:01
1-46Duck BakerRag Me Don't Gag Me0:50
1-47Elio MartuscielloZanara Tigre1:00
1-48Emily XYZ / Virgil MoorefieldSeparation Of Church And State1:05
1-49Eric MingusHold On0:54
1-50Eric RosenzveigA Cop For Every 183 Citizens1:01
1-51Eric ShanfieldSong3.mp31:03
1-52Eszter BalintShe's Drowning0:58
1-53Eyeball 9000Song3.mp31:03
1-56FoetusQuality Control0:58
2-1Frank RothkammSine 0 To 121:00
2-2Fred FrithSunshine State1:04
2-3Freight Elevator Quartet*Mediate1:14
2-4GenKen Montgomery*Blossoming1:05
2-5Gert Jan Prins*Ja0:37
2-6Hans TammenThree Channel Guitar0:55
2-7Harriet TubmanBlossoming1:05
2-8Harry SmithState1:02
2-9Henry KaiserSee No Evil0:57
2-11Ikue MoriIf...0:45
2-12Jack WomackNixon In New Orleans1:03
2-13Jacob BurckhardtTomorrow0:50
2-14Jad FairPaper And Pen0:51
2-15Jean Marc Montera*Ouverte Au Vent1:00
2-16Jeffrey FordThe Invisible Man's Time Machine1:00
2-17Jenn ReevesThe Money0:58
2-18Joel ChadabeMinutes...1:00
2-19Joey BaronHoly Crow0:54
2-20John DuncanOpen...0:33
2-21John HudakFireworks1:00
2-22Johnny ReinhardOn Ogur1:05
2-23Jonathan BeplerSmall Harness0:28
2-24Jon RoseUSTrash20001:00
2-25Jorge Mancini / Andrea FasaniSample - SOTU 2000 / Come To The Origin II1:01
2-26Judy Nylon / Brian FosterL-I-A-R1:04
2-27Kasper Toeplitz*No Scale1:10
2-28Katie O'LooneyExploitration1:00
2-29Kato HidekiNo Tongue Blues0:46
2-30Kazuhisa Uchihashi*Music For States Of Union1:02
2-31Keisuke OkiTokyo Propaganda1:10
2-32Koji AsanoA Cold Summer0:59
2-33Lauren WeingerPlace Study #9: Marquette Grain Elevator1:01
2-34Leon GruenbaumDesperate Hearts0:59
2-35Ligeti* / Ritchford*Parker's Box1:01
2-37Lo GalluccioAll The Pretty Horses/Let Em Think My Wings Iz Broke1:08
2-38Loren Mazzacane ConnorsAnnabel Lee1:02
2-39Love ToddDangerous0:46
2-40Lost SatellitesElectric Effervescence1:00
2-41Luca FormentiniVuoto0:58
2-42Luciano MargoraniVendetta!0:59
2-43Manu SauvageSpeach To The Muted1:15
2-44Marc BehrensReal Player Fucked My Netscape Settings1:00
2-45Marc C (2)The Orbit Room1:01
2-46Marc RibotSpace Walk1:02
2-47Marke PiacekRainy0:39
2-48Marianne Nowotny*Corridors0:56
2-49Marie GoyetteShort-Cut Borodin0:41
2-50Mark DagleyChinch Bug Blues #21:02
2-51Mark Howell / Tom Hamilton (3)Smudge On The Radar Screen0:57
2-52Mark TrayleGoldTø 2ø30:59
2-53Martha MookeState Of The Underground0:59
2-54Matt RogalskyKoll Kash1:00
2-55Matthew ShippNotes Cry Out1:01
2-56Merry Fortune With Fat (2)Who Is It That Calls Subtelty Perverse?1:02
2-57MerzbowCannon Balls0:53
2-58Michael J. Schumacher*Sounds End1:00
2-59Mike Cooper / Max NaglThe Singing Bridge In Rabat1:01
3-1Misha Feigin / Steve Good (3)A Chinese Clicking Duck Music In 5 Parts1:00
3-2Murat Nehmet-NejatA Screw Into The Universe0:33
3-3Ned RothenbergHigh Jump0:59
3-4Nicolas CollinsPuck0:55
3-5Nicolas DiasE-Solitude0:57
3-6Nicolas MazetTurbulence1:00
3-7Norman YamadaCoin Toss0:52
3-9ObliqueDouble Tongued1:01
3-10Office Productsy1:00
3-11Ori Kaplan, Geoff Mann (2)Is Jerusalame?1:02
3-12PAK (3)One Minute Political Song0:59
3-13Particle Data GroupInterdependence0:53
3-14Pete Missing*Digital Out1:01
3-15Phill NiblockAomori Water1:00
3-16Phillip Johnston's Transparent QuartetTa-da0:48
3-17Piero ChianuraKHISS1:00
3-18Public WorksHoping It's A Dream0:59
3-19QPEIn Signed Out0:59
3-20Queen EstherGot To Get Back0:46
3-21Raging PeasantsHarry+Albert1:03
3-22ReproRappers199.9 Mhz1:02
3-23Roberto ZorziStai Zitto!0:58
3-24Roger KleierSoft Money, Hard Time0:55
3-25Satoko FujiiSigh0:41
3-26Saturnalia (2)Fre Actions0:53
3-27D.J. Spazecrafte One*34th Ave.1:01
3-28Stefan Poetzsch4 Channels Viola0:52
3-29Stefano BassaneseIl Flo Interdentale0:44
3-30Stephen Pope*Four Magic Sentences1:00
3-31Stephen VitielloCaught In The Headlights Of The Beverly Hillbillies1:00
3-32Steve DalachinskyEmpire / The Wind0:49
3-33Steve GoldbergerLe Temps Ensuite0:52
3-34Steve PiccoloThe Expedition1:00
3-35Tape Beatles*Broken Broadcast1:00
3-36Ted ReichmanGaida Dilemma0:58
3-38The FitzbergsFishy Go Swim Swim1:00
3-39Thomas DimuzioTurnkey1:00
3-40Tom DevaneyThis Guy Walking In My Head1:00
3-41Tony DanielEpitaph0:59
3-42Toni Drove With Paul GelusoAttention1:00
3-43Tracie MorrisDjele1:03
3-44Ut GretCrease The Sky1:00
3-45Viv Corringham* / Gareth WilliamsSafety Or Happiness0:56
3-46Vivian SistersFreckle People1:00
3-47Voice CrackShock_Hack1:00
3-48Wanda PhippsDesire1:00
3-49We*Gerbil Wheel0:59
3-50Wendy Atlas OxenhornLoverman0:52
3-51White OutBuzz Saw Trapped In A Perfumery Of Shrugs1:03
3-52ZammutoCircle Of Fits1:00
3-53Zeena ParkinsJ Cushions E0:57
3-54Z'evYou Never Know1:03
3-55Zbigniew KarkowskiAmazonas1:02
3-56Zoot Horn RolloSolo Below0:49



Assembeled and mastered at Studio zOaR NYC.
171 Artists in Word and Sound
STATE OF THE UNION has been an ongoing
project since the zOaR Records release of 1982.
Concret, abstract, enraged, objective,
caustic, soulful, sardonic, provocative-
all unfiltered, all clear.

Issued in a four-leaf folded digi-pac case.
All profits for this album go to The National Coalition Against Censorship

State Of The Union (releases)
State Of The Union, ZOAR 10 (LP) - 1982
State Of The Union, Arrest Records, AR 003 (CD) - 1992
State Of The Union, MuWorks Records, MUW 1016 (CD) - 1993
State Of The Union, Atavistic, ALP69CD (2xCD) - 1996
State Of The Union 2.001, Electronic Music Foundation, EMF CD 028 (3xCD) - 2001
The Arrest Records release includes the original 1982 tracks plus 1992 recordings. The Atavistic release includes the previous 1982/1992 recordings, plus new tracks. The EMF release contains all previously unissued material.




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