VariousGood Vibrations

Label:Yggdrasil Records – YGGCD005
3 x CD, Compilation
Style:Experimental, Downtempo, Psy-Trance


CD 1
1-1MolokowBlue Moon7:34
1-2StorskogenLiten Grej 5:33
1-3RatatoskrHaluuserorganiske Sorte Hull 8:40
1-4Ghostscent & InzectDue To Dew 5:15
1-5Sonix MadnezzMoving On (Instrumental) 4:22
1-6Six Fingered PeopleFine As A Frog's Hair 4:16
1-7NGE Duo*According To The Accordion6:34
1-8PallidaLe Mécanique Du L'e´Rotique 9:04
1-9Unknown CauseProper Chemistry 7:30
1-10KurbeatsJossie The Traitor 10:19
1-11KaabelFuture Weather Conditions 9:14
CD 2
2-1PurosurpoTripsense 3:33
2-2InzectDropsy 7:22
2-3ZoologFlat Earth 7:05
2-4Hutti* & Uttu (2)Midnight Moose 7:21
2-5Tåkelur*Yggdra Spa Og Velvære 7:02
2-6Loke (2)The Humming Hymn7:25
2-7NoizeBug*Get Down N’ Get Bizzy! 9:30
2-8Freeform SyndicateGeronimo 7:34
2-9FragletrolletOrigins 10:41
2-10Hutti* & Uttu (2)The Crack Of Thunder 8:55
CD 3
3-1DerangoWe Are All Mad Here (Inzect Remix)
3-2Hutti* & Uttu (2)The Dude In Orbit 8:11
3-3Hallucinogenic HorsesMr.Ed7:56
3-4Hutti HeitaChapora Agora 8:42
3-5Loke (2)Jack In The Box7:24
3-6Hallucinogenic HorsesOpen Sourcerer 5:45
3-7ProcsFladderosofen 6:47
3-8Freeform SyndicateSpaghetti Freakout 9:08
3-9Freeform SyndicateTwilight Turkeys 7:12
3-10Freeform Syndicate & Friends (150)Slipp Høna Løs 8:11

Companies, etc.




  • BlueTarpMonsta's avatar
    im sure this will be a treasure some surprised there are still copies of this!!! go grab it now that u can!!!!!
    • FourthWorld's avatar
      Happy to see other people appreciating this "hidden gem". I wouldn't own a physical copy (but surely a digital one) if I didn't receive it as a gift from a friend who was involved. But this really is a beautiful work of art. Amazing music all the way through, with the Hutti Heita/Loke sound being the red thread over the trance CDs, and the packaging is just beautiful and of very high quality. I love the photo collage and the "thanks" list, where many of my friends (musicians and non-musicians) are mentioned. I don't know Frode, who runs Yggdrasil, personally, but "joined the caravan" around the Open Source party in 2010 (?). There are few things in life topping a night deep into the Swedish/Norwegian woods, next to a hidden lake, a big bonfire, among a couple of hundred freaks spacing out to music like this. No lasers, no plastics, no perfume, just organic beauty for all senses under the stars.

      This is an essential work for anyone involved in the authentic Scandinavian psychedelic scene in between 2000-2020. A collectors item to show your grandchilden in 2070.
      • BlueTarpMonsta's avatar
        this is defo a collectors item...excellent music all three discs, a perfectly well made 3way Digipack with a case and some cool stickerz....i love Yggdrassil
        • dhollmusik's avatar
          one of the best forest-psy comps ever released: excellent value, variation and quality control. This was the last physical release from a lot of their peers they've moved to digital-only releases. But there's something special about having a physical copy: hopefully they'll be enough of a CD-renaissance to get these labels back to releasing CD's.


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