Audio Soul Project - Tectonic Blur EP as reviewed by kool_fraser

June 15, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
Chug-a-lug Chi-town tech house from the one like Mazi. Three tracks of killer stuff here. Let me start from the top. The B-side begins with "Private Utility," a looped up, quite fast-paced club track which is quite nice. Then onto the second track on the B-side "Delicious & Derelict," where Mazi slows the tempo and gets a nice druggy yet still funky tech groove goin on, complete with spacey echoes and looped up, ala Moodymann, female vocal snippets. But the real crowning jewel of this EP is the A-side, "Moving Paradigm." Its a massive, trucking track that urges one to get the f*** out of its way! Cool synth-perc intro that drops into big beats, and then the main synth, which, I might add are very, very trippy, slowly come through until it reaches its peak volume, thereupon dropping into a breakdown. Then the beats get stripped away and all we are left with is the disturbingly tripped out synth that makes you feel like you're on Mars. Then silence.....BOOOOOM the beat drops back in with a descending filter designed to totally ruin your mind. From here the track slowly tapers off. Next to his mix of Mushrooms defintely one of the best ASP tunes ever made.

Audio Soul Project - Tectonic Blur EP Ultraba

April 13, 2014
Agree dude, "Moving Paradigm" is that massive track you mean !